Saphira Tuffery: Founder,

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My name is Saphira, I was born and raised in New Zealand and am currently based in Los Angeles. I grew up in a household of alternative eating, I begrudgingly had my  flaxseed oil in the morning, plant based milks on my porridge and foods like tofu for dinner. I never fully appreciated nor understood the healthy options my parents were into until the age of 23 when my Modelling career was in full swing. This is when I slowly started piecing together the connection between what we put in our bodies and how we look, feel and function on a daily basis. This is really what kick started my journey into leading my own healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Coming into my twenties, I got into some pretty bad eating habits (McDonalds on a Sunday morning after a big night out, bacon and sour cream sandwiches or snicker bars after lunch when I needed a pick me up.) the food that I was eating was killing me, literally. I was suffering from gastrointestinal issues and food intolerances that only seemed to be getting worse. I had to find an alternative and I had to do it in a way where I wouldn't feel like I was on a diet or being deprived of the normality of life. The idea of maintaining a diet in my twenties just wasn't appealing to me. So I spent a good part of the last decade educating myself on how to live symptom free, through good REAL food, no complicated counting of calories, macros or fat content.

This website spawned from an itching need to share my knowledge on health and inspiration in the kitchen with anyone that seeks education or just a little guidance on leading a more wholesome life. The name “Peanut Head” isn't because I like Peanuts or Peanut Butter (cos I don't really) it started off as an endearing nickname from my husband, due to my unusually small sized head and is now a name that I hold dear to me through my love of him. My focus is on allergen friendly plant based food, free from dairy, refined sugar, fructose, gluten and soy. Whether you have food allergies or are just trying to lead a healthier life, this is where I share with you all of my kitchen creations that passed the initial husband tick of approval.

What do I do best?

Let’s just say I'm the fixer in my house. I’m very good at just figuring things out on my own. Im self taught in everything. Whether it be food photography, photoshop, final cut pro or indesign, fixing technological glitches on our TV, designing my own website, assembling Ikea furniture (we all know how hard that can be) changing a bike tyre and everything in between. My husband calls me the swiss army knife of wives.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I think my work ethic is my best quality. I just straight up love to work and find myself always working on something new, This way I feel like I'm constantly growing, bettering myself and broadening my knowledge.

What are my aspirations?

Personally I aspire to be content, but not complacent. To live in the now, plan for the future and learn from the past.

Business wise I aspire to always be my own boss running a successful food business. Whether that be a catering company, a plant based dessert bar or my own cooking show, I want to excel in this field and inspire others to do the same.

My Biggest Success?

Looking back on the past 10 years of my life I feel my biggest success was traveling the world as a full time model. Im sure not many people can say they’ve done that. Although that is somewhat in the past I will always be proud of that part of my life.

My Most Challenging Moment?

My most challenging moment to date would definitely be living away from my now husband. We were abruptly torn apart at the early stages of our relationship, I spent 1 1/2 years trying to get back to the US to legally stay here so we could be together. The time difference, distance apart (I was in Australia at this time), and uncertainty of our future was one of the hardest moments in my life.  

My Motto?

In the words of Nike - ‘Just Do It’  whenever I'm contemplating whether or not to go for that bike ride, attend that fitness class, start a creative project, write that blog post. I often just say those 3 words to myself and get on with it!

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My parents - hands down are the most knowledgable, kind and wise people I know. Together they are a power house of information my Mom is a naturopath/astrologist and my Dad is a homeopath and the smartest person I know. So whenever I need health advise, life advise or just to vent they’re always there for me.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

My home country New Zealand is my fav place to visit, especially over Christmas which is their Summer. It’s always nice to go back to my roots once a year. I also love love love Ubud, Bali. The people there are so genuine, they radiate positive energy, the food is next level delicious , a lot of plant based cafes/restaurants, the scenery is tranquil (think jungle looking over rice fields, waterfalls, beaches)  Ubud will always hold a special place in my heart.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My DSLR and laptop, I couldn't live without these 2 items. They come with me everywhere I go, and have all kinds of sticky fingerprints and food crumbs all over them from when I do my food photography. (haha) Oh and I couldn't live without my Vitamix! This was the best investment I could've made for the kitchen.

My Current Passions?

I dabble in quite a few things. I enjoy being creative, so whether that be in the kitchen conjuring up a new healthy way to make brownies, photographing people or food, editing images and video, or just keeping active through cycling (which I'm obsessed with right now)