Bernadette Soler: Founder, Doll Yoga Wear, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher & Seichim Master

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Bernadette is a yoga teacher, energy worker, and the creator of the chic and versatile yoga clothing line, Doll Yoga Wear. After spending four years in the corporate world, she felt completely pulled in the direction of the yoga and wellness industry, and embarked on her journey to pursue that. Bernadette first trained with Natasha Rizopoulos through YogaWorks in 2011 and 2012, and began her advanced yoga teacher training path in the Viniyoga tradition in early 2016 with Gary Kraftsow. Her goal is to help people live a balanced lifestyle and move in the direction of their highest potential through the teachings of yoga.  Through Doll Yoga Wear, she hopes to inspire women to live in the moment, be comfortable and confident on and off the mat, and always remember that their hint of sparkle represents how truly unique they are!

What do I do best?

I maintain a really positive attitude and have a lot of enthusiasm. I think this has worked miracles for me in the workplace and beyond!

What makes me the best version of myself?

Staying consistent with taking care of myself and using the tools I have to reduce stress and promote well-being. When I slack on making healthy choices and keeping my yoga practice consistent, my body tells me immediately!

What are my aspirations?

Personal: I want to help as many people as possible through yoga. I so believe that most of us live way below our highest potential (for our bodies, minds, emotions, relationships, spirituality, nearly every aspect of our lives) so my goal is to keep moving toward that in my own life, and help others to move toward their highest potential too. I would love to define an end goal to this, but I truly believe it’s a journey. My next step in this direction is getting certified as a yoga therapist with the American Viniyoga Institute. I can’t WAIT to help myself and others deeply through the practice of yoga (to include the poses, breathing, meditation, chanting, mantra, visualization, study of ancient texts, the list goes on…)

Business: Where do I possibly start? Doll Yoga Wear has been such a blessing, and I’m excited to say that we are currently transitioning from a line of yoga clothing to a full-blown wellness hub. My intent is to create online yoga programs and provide reliable information for anyone looking to make positive change in their lives through wellness. Pretty soon, whether you’re looking for REALLY cute yoga pants, an asana video or downloadable meditation, or tips on how to transition through the seasons using Ayurvedic principles, we’ll be your one-stop shop! In the long-term, my goal has always been to open a tea café (likely attached to a yoga studio!)

My Biggest Success?

Getting my 500-hour certification with the American Viniyoga Institute. Talk about complete transformation! I feel so empowered with the knowledge I’ve gained.

My Most Challenging Moment?

I recently had a major life transition that was way more challenging for me than I anticipated! Within a year, I left my corporate job in Boston and moved to North Carolina, completely changed career paths into yoga teaching and the wellness industry, started my company, Doll Yoga Wear, and became a military spouse (way different than civilian life!). I felt so out of my comfort zone for an extended period of time, but with consistent efforts and using the tools I’ve gained through yoga and reiki, came back to myself and truly believe that transition was the beginning of living my best life. I feel armed and ready for anything else that should come my way!

My Motto?

“Yes to life” – my husband and I live by this. We are always encouraging each other to pursue our dreams and we make a point to achieve our goals as individuals and as a couple.

“Do I make myself a blessing to everyone I meet?” – This is a Brandi Carlisle lyric from her song “That Wasn’t Me” and it hit so hard for me that I incorporated it into my yoga practice and teaching. I repeat this daily in hopes that it will be so ingrained in my cells that I truly live life making myself a blessing to others.  

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My husband, Dave, is my favorite person AND my role model! He always goes after his dreams, and encourages me to do the same. He maintains a positive outlook and stays calm even during stressful or trying times. His work ethic and integrity inspire me daily. He’s totally my hero!

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I love to travel within the US and beyond, my husband and I definitely have the wander bug! However, I’ve also made sure to turn our apartment into such a joyful and positive place that I am always happy and relaxed in our home. Plus, we live by the beach, so you just can’t beat being able to go down to the water for some fresh air.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I love Banyan Botanicals – their body oils, soaps, and herbs are staples for me! I also swear by my tongue cleaner (I can’t go away without it!) I’ve recently started using doTerra essential oils, which I’m loving.  My favorite tea is Plantation Peach from the Charleston Tea Plantation. I use Spotify daily, and of course my favorite yoga clothes are Dolls!  

My Current Passions?

Aside from all things yoga, I love music and singing. I deeply miss my Boston a cappella group, Sweet Caroline (hi girls!). I love going to concerts. At home, I love to cook! I even enjoy the clean-up process!