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CARRIE L'ESPERANCE is a multi-platform freelance artisan who contributes to the world as an artist, writer and advocate for the environment and caring for the Earth. Carrie works as a professional photo stylist, certified Iridologist, and certified Permaculture designer who offers seasonal retreats at a rustic nature preserve and farm in northern California. THE AUTHOR of two beloved books published by Inner Traditions * Bear & Company, 'The Ancient Cookfire' 1998 released in 2002 as 'The Seasonal Detox Diet', and 'Soul Breathing' (2016), Carrie has spent more than 35 years as an independent researcher studying the healing systems of the world’s cultures. Carrie has also written articles for Yoga Journal, Integrative Health and other publications as a travel and food writer, and ghostwriter.  Since 1998, Carrie has contributed to many television and radio programs and may be contacted for writing assignments, speaking engagements and appearances on the subjects of her books at

What do I do best?

Creativity has been the foundation for the most fulfilling aspects of living my life. I have always been artistic and draw from it's nurturing qualities to support all areas of my life.  

What makes me the best version of myself?

Integrating body, mind and Spirit makes me the best version of myself. In my 20's I felt a strong intuitive urge to detox my body even though it was not yet part of American culture. I learned that all world healing systems throughout history employs herbs, and certain foods to detox the body as a form of preventative medicine. I know that today, at age 60 I would not enjoy good health if I did not take responsibility for my own health early on.

What are my aspirations?

My aspirations are to continue to cultivate self-mastery and unravel the mystery of myself. This allows me to tap into a power that is beyond the false ego. All great powers in life have polarity. We struggle with understanding who we really are when don't understand the difference between the false ego that is subject to free will and the pure ego that is pure Universal consciousness or intelligence. My books are designed to empower people and give them tools to understand the multidimensional experience of how consciousness is molded into being through freewill.  

My Biggest Success?

When my first book ''The Seasonal Detox Diet' originally titled The Ancient Cookfire' was released in 1998 it was ahead of it's time. The style of this book was widely imitated which helped to ignite the billion dollar detox movement that we have today. My second book 'Soul Breathing' Spiritual Light and the Art of Self Mastery released in 2016 by Inner Traditions* Bear & Company is a sequel for the first book and shines a light on what is really happening in the world today, why it is happening and what we must do about it if we wish to preserve life on Earth.  

My Most Challenging Moment?

My most challenging moment revealed itself as being a challenge for all of Humanity. It involves the fact that we live on a resource laden jewel of a planet rich in Biodiversity that is rare in the Universe. However, this is not a mainstream topic of discussion, although there is a dire need for it to be. I do delve deeply into this topic in the last chapter of 'Soul Breathing' called 'The New Cosmology”.

My Motto?

When I catch myself thinking negative thoughts I say silently to myself, “That was an imperfect thought that I send to Spirit to be purified and returned to me in perfection, for all is perfection.” This is a way of tapping into the deeper Wisdom of the Soul and using it to guide the surface mind and the intellect in all aspects of living. The Advanced Masters have always taught that suffering begins when we lose our connection to the Divine.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

I am inspired by all people who draw from the higher creative frequencies and bring these into expression through the mind and the body. This is the way that all great things are achieved in the world: Music, Art, Science, Literature and the biocompatible inventions that assist us. I am a fan of the work of Marshall Vian Summers, a modern day spiritual leader who offers his award winning works through The New Knowledge Library in Boulder Colorado and The Allies of Humanity .org.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I am fascinated by the rich cultures of Africa and the European Countries. The Tropical Islands are also wonderful for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling and riding bikes! I love any place that has excellent cheese, olives and herbs.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I make most of the products that I use myself with natural ingredients like good quality essential oils, coconut and jojoba oils, apple cider vinegar and honey. It does not have to be expensive or complicated. Nature gives us everything we need. Most manufactured products are laden with chemicals and can be quite toxic. I use the mineral called Shungite to help protect my environment from the dissonant left torsion fields of microwave technologies that are incompatible with life.

My Current Passions?

Humanity stands at a critical threshold unlike any other in history. We no longer have a great deal of time. My passion is to make good things happen in the world by helping people to wake-up, and offer tools for empowerment.