Sara Quiriconi: Founder & creator, Live Free Yoga & the Live Free Revolutionary Lifestyle

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Founder and creator of Live Free Yoga and the Live Free Revolutionary Lifestyle, Sara Quiriconi is a 14-year cancer survivor who fell in love with yoga for its self-healing properties and has been practicing yoga since 2008. A warrior, healer, creator, and determined soul, Sara travels the world leading empowering classes, workshops, retreats, and developing online content to inspire others to live a life of choice, freedom and intention. Graduating with honors and a BFA in Boston, Sara became immersed in the corporate world and succeeded in Art Direction and Graphic Design for the first eight years of her adult life. However, her immense passion to heal your self through fitness, healthy eating, and exploring the world led her to leave the corporate world in 2013 to commit to educating others on the benefits of well-being and traveling.

After years of struggling with Eating Disorders and alcohol addiction, Sara’s determined to share the message of Living Free. Through empowered choices and actions, to LIVE FREE is to never settle, and to embody a determined mindset, warrior spirit, and passionate heart raising you to become the highest level and most evolved (and ever-evolving) version of you.

What do I do best?

Sharing a sense of lightness, and leaving people to think, yet feel at ease. I can go from the darkest, deepest topic in a conversation and then follow it up with a joke in a class or workshop, so the deep message gets across, yet doesn’t leave a heavy energy. I’m all about energies, feelings, and emotions when it comes to environments and relationships, so how you CHOOSE to create your personal environment, in turn, becomes your life.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Determination, a warrior spirit, and a big heart. There are dark moments in anyone’s life. Humans have hardships, some greater than others, but we all go through sh*t in life. No one goes through life unscathed, it’s just varying degrees for the lessons we’re here on this earth, in this life, to learn. In many of my darkest moments, the smallest light has guided me towards greater heights and clearer directions. With any “deconstruction” phase, there follows a construction phase. What we decide to building that constructive phase will project and determine our own futures. But, you need determination to get you through those darker moments, a warrior spirit to never settle and fight for what you desire, and a big heart to connect with others, to work from a place of good intention and passion, and offer the best version of you to those around you.

What are my aspirations?

Land a TV Network or channel to share truthful, honest, travel and well-being content to educate and inspire ways to be healthy, happy, and share some of that lightness the world needs more of. Finish, publish and tour to share my upcoming book and set of yoga series for ways to heal your own body (physically and mentally). Own a home in Aruba with my husband with an ocean view. Last, leave a legacy of “living free” long past my last breath on this earth to continue helping others to never settle and to work for what you want most in life.

My Biggest Success?

Developing a healthy relationship with food again, after 14 years struggling with anorexia and bulimia. 14 (and counting) years cancer free. Having the courage to leave very “comfortable” places in my life, including moving to another state, divorcing, not having things completely figured out, but taking the leap anyway following my intuition and heart to now be happier and healthier than I ever have been.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Ah, these never end! It’s the moments between transitions, when you have idea how the future will unfold exactly, yet turning back is not even a considerable option. Same goes in the yoga pose transitions, where you just need to trust, believe, and breath it will all work out the ways it’s supposed to (easier said than done, right!?).

My Motto?

Even in the darkest moments, seek to find the light. The lightness can guide you, fulfill you, and set you free.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My mother, who always instilled in me you never have to settle for a life you were given and to be a fighter for what you desire.

My father, who has shown me that you can embody strength in every aspect, yet be a soft, loving and child-like soul on the inside.

My husband, who has taught me unconditional, unquestionable love and was the first to offer me space to begin to love my self again.

My brother, who taught me you don’t need to fight every battle, and that often times, fewer words can be more powerful and impactful than an entire paragraph to express a point.

My grandfather, who passed many years ago, but proved that you don’t need a formal education to create a life you want, and that passion holds greater power than a degree ever will (besides, these days, we have google and youtube for just about anything, haha).

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I’m easy: I love cities and I love beaches! Boston, New York, Miami, Tulum, Aruba, Turks & Caicos, Cayman Islands, Madrid, Florence, Fiji, and Santorini (so far!).

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My eyes, which allow me to see and interpret.

My mind, which gives me the tools to create, comprehend, design, and process to share and inspire others.

Our family of Apple, Adobe Suite and Lumix Camera collection my husband and I have that provide us the creative tools we need to film, create, and share our passions.

Tropical fruits found from around the world (I seriously could not live a life without fruits, I love them so much!)

Spotify playlists (or music in general) — it inspires and moves me emotionally and physically

Columbian Coffee - nuf said here.

My personal library of books at home (thank you, AmazonPrime for that one) - when Hurricane Irma was set to hit Miami Beach head-on at a Category 5 and we booked the first flight we could out of Miami, I was more saddened about the thought of losing my library than any of my clothes or shoes. Something about the physical feeling of opening up a page, to see what inspiration may pop out, it’s magical to me. And, crazy or not, the right word or quote typically pops out just in the moment I need it.

My global entry card, because for the amount of times I travel in and out of the country, this baby is a TIME and LIFEsaver!

My citizenship by birthright as an American citizen. Traveling to so many other countries, I’m blessed to have the opportunities and freedom offered to me to live and share the life I lead.

My Current Passions?

Filling my passport with stamps from around the world filming, documenting and sharing with the world to live a life of inspired and awakened well-being with my husband and co-creator, Javier. Writing my first book “Living {Cancer} Free” that is half biographical and half self-help to guide people to let go of “cancerous” influences in our lives, be it a physical disease, a bad relationship,  an unfulfilling job, or limiting mindset. Launching a series of Self-Healing and Yoga Videos to (yes this is the title) Unf*ck Your Body, pulling from my experience and education in yoga, meditation, myofascial exercises, physical therapy and fitness journey.