Erin Wathen: Holistic Health Coach & Food Abuse Counselor

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Erin Wathen is a Holistic Health Coach and Food Abuse Counselor. Originally from the West Coast, graduating from the University of Oregon and then Hawaii Pacific University for Graduate School, Erin worked in Human Resources in NYC for many years. After her daughter was born and a move to the suburbs in 2006, she decided to transform her lifelong passion for Health and Fitness into the start of a new career. Erin started teaching group fitness, eventually becoming certified in 5 different types of exercise. After years of struggling with her own eating disorders and body image issues, Erin started to take nutrition seriously. In her quest to learn how to properly nourish her body, Erin became a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan and a Food Abuse Counselor through the NBCRB based out of Iceland. Erin just finished her first book on Women and Sugar which will be published later this year.

What do I do best?

I can distinctly remember what it is what like to be at other places in my life and when I interact with others, I can meet them where they are at. I know what it felt like when I could not get a handle on my sugar addiction, and how stinking annoying it was for some thin woman to tell me what to do.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I recently read Grit by Angela Duckworth and I saw so much of myself in her words. I have not always been the smartest person in the room, or the one with the most advantages to the casual observer, but I am tenacious as hell and I might be down but I am never out. Five or so years ago, I auditioned for a national spin chain, and it did not go well. I had been taking their classes for months, and I really wanted to be one of their teachers. I was not picked. The hiring manager was very clear on why I was not selected and I was bummed, I am not going pretend I wasn’t. However, the next day, when I was teaching at my local spin class, to a group of people who already loved my class, I did incorporate some of what she has said in, and you know what, she was right. It would have been really easy for me to go negative or to write her off. There was a lesson in the failure, and I didn't see it then, and I sure did not want failure, but let’s face it, there was an opportunity in the failure if i let go of my hurt ego.

What are my aspirations?

Personal- To be the best version of myself I can be, and to be real. As a woman these things are not often found at the same time. There is this template many of us were brought up with and the media doesn't help. Women are supposed to be mega fit and the best Moms who volunteer at school and have tons of meaningful friendships and make Pinterest worthy cakes for our kids, never miss a lacrosse game, have an amazing rewarding career and be a super sexy wife. I do not know many real women who have 1/2 of this at the same time much less all of it, and those that appear like they do, just get to know them and you will quickly find out appearances are deceiving. I have a constant struggle with the template version of me and the real me. The real me, acts as if she doesn't care about these superficial things, society be damned. “Who cares if I am not volunteering at school anymore? I did that stuff for 8 years and now it is someone else’s turn! I only have to answer to myself and I should go meditate and it will all be fine.” Somewhere between the template version and real me inhaling the good and exhaling the bad, is where I aspire to be. I do want to be fit and healthy, be involved in my kids life, have female friendships from back in the day and be open to new friends, I can never make a Pinterest cake, but I know where to buy them from a great little place in Cos Cob, I try my best for all the lacrosse games but if I can’t make it I make sure my husband or a close family friend is, I am working like hell to have an amazing career and you will have to ask my husband if I am sexy or not.

My Biggest Success?

My Mind immediately goes to my two amazing children. I always wanted to be a mother from the time I was a little kid. I loved babies and wanted to babysit starting at 12. I wasn't a big fan of the sleep deprivation part, or potty training, that is for sure.

Excluding the making baby stuff, I would say throwing my complete self into in the Wellness world in my 40s. I could have stayed in my protective suburban Mom shell teaching classes here and there or gone back to the field I have a Masters in. I was passionate about Nutrition and health, so I learned more and just started working 110% at everything. I didn't even know what I wanted to be, or what my goal was, I just wanted to get working. I knew I had to do a few things. I had to learn about social media since I knew nothing about it other than it wasn’t Facebook. I knew I needed a website, and I remembered GoDaddy from the Super Bowl ads.

My Most Challenging Moment?

I guestblogged about a very hard time which changed my life. I sent it in and then shut the laptop really quickly so I couldn't take it back. That blog got me into Nutrition Coaching, which lead me into Food Addiction Counseling and then helped me get my book deal. The blog post wasn’t comfortable and not everyone in my life was super happy with me initially. The experience taught me to stop keeping everything to myself, falsely believing all of my friends are too busy to hear me out. I was going through some serious stuff and my community wanted to help, if only I would have let them. It gave others permission to tell me their stories or to share the challenges they had been going through which they were ashamed of and needed support.

At the time, I felt a weird sense of pride that no one knew what I was going through because I was so good at pretending everything was fine, looking back at it, that was my armor. I was hiding in my lululemons at pickup with my giant sunglasses on hoping no one asked me anything too serious or else I might crack into a million pieces.

My Motto?

Do or Do not, there is no Try- Yoda

You've got to get obsessed and stay obsessed.-John Irving

It's never too late, never too late to start over, never too late to be happy- Jane Fonda

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Personal- my Grandmother, Marcus Mariotta, and my 11th grade US History teacher

Business- Bethenny Frankel, Oprah Winfrey and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Autzen Stadium at the University of Oregon on a Fall Saturday, the surf break in Santa Theresa, Costa Rica, the lobby of Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World, and watching the sunset with my kids in Captiva, Florida.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Iphone, portable food scale, my Vitamix, Poland Spring Sparkling Water

My Current Passions?

Learning to Surf! Even though I grew up in California and went to grad school in Hawaii, I didn't  really love it until I was 40 on a girls trip with my daughter to Fort Lauderdale 18 months ago.I am making up for lost time. I am constantly scheming to get to breaks as often as I can for someone based in the NYC area. I keep looking for Wellness conferences or retreats in Costa Rica or Bali to get in some waves. If you know of any, IM me!! I will even go to Long Island if it isn’t too cold.