Jaimee Phelps: Diamond Beach Body Coach

My NativeAdVantage:


My name is Jaimee Phelps and I am 24. I live in Colorado but am currently traveling around the USA! I am a cosmetologist by trade but I followed my passion and became an online coach in 2015. I am single and have no kids, just a niece and nephew who I absolutely adore. I am super outgoing, love new adventures and love to laugh! I have struggled with obesity since the age of 3. I've been wearing plus size clothes since 1st grade.  I was always super active and tried to not let my weight be a burden in life. As much as I tried to keep up with others and live a "normal" life, I struggled. I struggled with body image issues, self respect, self confidence and understanding my self worth.
In 2014 I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer after a long 8 months of watching him suffer.

He was so healthy and active and then suddenly so sick; while there I was going through life unhappy and depressed. I decided that I was going to be thankful that I was not sick and do my best to become a healthy version of myself making better choices for my future well being. In June of 2015 I decided to change my life. Not just focus on losing weight but I knew there was more to life than living in a small rural town. I knew happiness was out there and I was willing to sacrifice my comfort zone to find it. I started working out again, finding a new relationship with food but most importantly working on self love. I started sharing my story because I knew there were others out there who were facing struggles in some of the areas I was and wanted them to know they are not alone. I was determined to be more health conscious and love myself more!

Everyday I show up on social media (Get fit with Jaim- like page on FB), IG (jaimee_sue) and my personal page. I share my highs, I share my lows, I am vulnerable, honest and open. This helps to keep me accountable. I want others out there to realize that size is not a boundary for reaching one's potential. I believe God made us each unique for a reason and His work is to be respected and adored! I want more people to realize their worth. I want them to understand they are beautiful and worthy of living life with a smile on their face. I want to show people what it is like to follow their dreams and not to just "settle". I am willing to share every aspect of my life to show others I am no more special or talented than they are and encourage them to do what's right for their life and not wait! My life has changed in so many ways in the past few years. At the age of 24, I can honestly say I'm living out my dreams.... one of them being able to be a part of amazing opportunities like this to share my story!

What do I do best?

I use setbacks in my life to power up my determination and push to exceed expectations. I have built enough courage to face my fears. When I want something I put my heart and soul into it and I don't back down.  

What makes me the best version of myself?

When I am transparent, honest, and open about my struggles I'm showing up as the real me. When I am on-point with my daily workouts, following a healthy diet, drinking a dense superfood shake and filling my mind with positive thoughts, that's when I'm at my best.

What are my aspirations?

My biggest aspiration in life is to live a healthy lifestyle and encourage others to do the same. Supporting others in their fitness journey and seeing them achieve their goals is truly something that brings me the joy.

My biggest success?

I would say that my biggest accomplishment is that I have faced my challenges head-on and I have used them to motivate me; not only to lose weight but also to get healthy. I have used major life events that could have broken me to fuel my passion to help others.

My most challenging moment?

I will never forget April 29, 2014. That is the day my dad passed away and the day my life forever changed. It really rocked my world, I spent the next year being sad, depressed and very overweight. In May of 2015, I decided I needed to make a change, I needed to fight and take my life back. My dad didn’t have a choice, but I did and I wasn’t going to sit around and watch this life pass me by any longer. I used my resources to my advantage and I started my lifelong journey to a healthier and happier life.

My motto?

My favorite quote of all time is, “What if I fall? Oh, but my darlin' what if you fly?” (Erin Hanson) I have learned to face my fears & chase after my dreams no matter what. When I fall, I pick myself back up and use that experience to soar higher.

My favorite people / role models?

There are many people in my life who have become mentors and role models. My biggest cheerleader was my dad. He is my greatest inspiration. He has taught me through example to never give up. I am also grateful for my family, friends, business partners, followers and super trainers (Autumn Calabrese & Chris Downing) for encouraging and supporting me through my journey.

My favorite places / destinations?

My favorite places are where I am surrounded by warm white sand, the clear ocean and beautiful sunsets. My dream is to, one day, live RIGHT ON the beach in the Clearwater/Tampa Bay area.

My favorite products / objects?

My favorite products are Shakeology & Beachbody On Demand (BOD). They have changed my life. Drinking Shakeology and using the workout library on BOD has been essential in my successful fitness journey.

My current passions?

I am passionate about helping others. Whether individually or in group settings, it makes my heart happy. I am loving the opportunity to share my story on stage, but I will always cherish the times I'm able to connect one-on-one with others and support them through their fitness journey. Developing personal relationships with others who struggle in similar areas, drives me to keep using the gifts God has given me.