Luz Garcia: 1500 hour registered Yoga Alliance teacher, fitness model, & wellness entrepreneur

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Luz Garcia is a 1500 hour registered Yoga Alliance teacher, fitness model, wellness entrepreneur and leads yoga and detox retreats in Costa Rica, Bali, Machu Picchu, Thailand, and across the globe. Luz has been featured as the cover model on the Summer 2017 Yoga Guide Magazine and has worked with talented photographers such as John Stuart, Brian Crawford and Renee Choi. She is a certified colon hydrotherapist by the Yoga Barn Detox Department in Bali, reflexologist, and retreat ambassador for the travel company Under30Experiences. Luz teaches yoga, mindfulness, and detox techniques, while traveling the world and experiencing local cultures with her students which is what makes her retreats so unique.  

What do I do best?

I genuinely care for people.  I’m sweet and loving and like to hold space for others.  Years ago, I was a people pleaser and it was difficult for me to set healthy boundaries.  With a lot of mindful work, that has changed. Now, I spend my energy and time caring for people and things that really matter and doing work I love. 

What makes me the best version of myself? 

I’ve always felt protected by a higher power.  No matter how bad things can be, I always have faith something really good is right around the corner.  This belief helps me keep going and never give up.  It makes me a warrior.

What are my inspirations? 

I want to keep evolving as a badass, independent woman, and create the best yoga, mindfulness, and detox retreats in the world.  I want to be a vessel of light to help others heal from whatever is holding them back from becoming the truest and best version of themselves.

My most challenging moment? 

Getting divorced and leaving behind a comfortable but empty life in New York. I battled with deep depression and anxiety, had no other option but to leave my adorable dog behind while trying to start my life from scratch in a foreign country.  I had no idea how I was going to make it happen.

My biggest success? 

Taking the leap of faith and moving to Costa Rica to start living a meaningful life... a life that I ALWAYS wanted, surrounded by nature, with a business that makes a positive impact on others and fulfills my mission and dharma as a healer. 

My motto?

Show up and let the magic happen!!!

Favorite people?

My grandmother Rosario. She was the most loving and caring person I have ever met.  She was always there for me and in service of others.  And of course my boyfriend Mateo for being such an inspiration and supportive in what I do.  

My favorite places and destinations?

I love the energy of islands.  Kawaii and, Bali are my favorite so far. The sky feels so close that you could touch the stars.  

My favorite product or object?

I love the coconut or vanilla body scrub from 100% Pure, my Teeki Yoga Pants made from recycled plastic bottles, and my Havaiana Flip Flops that I wear every day.  

My current passions?

Planning my own yoga, mindfulness, and detox retreats and growing my business.  I love to make what seems impossible, possible and real.

You can get Luz’s yoga and detox tips for free by following her on Instagram and join her on her newest yoga retreat to Machu Picchu.