Olivia Cohen: Co-Founder, ThatVeganLifeDoe.com

My NativeAdVantage:


Olivia Cohen is a twin and co-founder of www.thatveganlifedoe.com. Welcome to the vegan wonderland of Olivia and Isabella. It’s our world and you suckas are just living in it! Just kidding, we all know the vegan diet is about sharing our planet and having equality and compassion for all…but at least on this page, it’s our world and you guys are just living in it! So basically we are embarrassingly huge foodies that live in NYC but go to school in LA and spend every waking moment shoveling vegan food into our mouths when we aren’t busy pretending to be normal. We travel a lot as well, so we review restaurants all over the country (And globe) and invite you all to join us on our delicious vegan adventure we call THATVEGANLIFEDOE.

What do I do best?

I am extremely good with time management and respecting other people’s time as well. Whether it comes to scheduling our blog posts on our vegan blog (thatveganlifedoe.com), instagram posts on our instagram (@thatveganlifedoe), or simply reaching out to companies and brands like your own looking to collaborate, I try my best to manage my time so that I can give my all to every single task at hand. Everyone’s lives are busy and no one’s life is busier than the next. It is all about prioritizing.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Other than my time management skills, the most important quality that has gotten me to where I am today is my genuine care for those around me. That selfless care is what led my twin sister and I to the vegan lifestyle and it is also what what lead us to creating a blog that would help other vegans struggling to adapt to the diet/lifestyle as well. I have a lot of compassion in my heart and try my best to make everyone around me (including animals!) feel more seen and heard. Like karma, the more you genuinely care for others and put that love in the universe, the more that love will be returned.   

What are my aspirations?

Because I am currently pursuing a BFA at the Cinema School at the University of Southern California, my goal is to write screenplays/ create content that will speak to my generation and will hopefully change the way we view certain taboo topics such as: veganism, mental illness, or even something as simple as the misunderstood dynamic of twins. At the end of the day, I just hope to use my voice to give a voice to the voiceless and, as cheesy as it sounds, make the world a better, more compassionate place.

My Biggest Success?

I think my biggest success was either getting into the Writing for Screen and Television major at USC or going vegan and through my journey, inspiring others (aka my friends and family) to go vegan as well. Something my sister and I pride ourselves on is that we are extremely passionate and once we care about something, we do not abandon it. Going vegan was only a mere spark of an idea six years ago and now we have a thriving vegan blog, vegan instagram, and have inspired so many others to follow our footsteps, despite people thinking veganism was just a phase. Likewise with screenwriting and acting, growing up people thought my sister and I just liked film as a hobby and no one took it seriously. However, the more we worked on our passion, the more people came to realize that not only were we talented, but also serious about film and I think getting in the USC Film School really helped people understand that.

My Most Challenging Moment?

The most challenging moment in my life was battling depression. It was hard for me at the time to admit that I needed help and that there might have been something wrong with me, as well as overcoming the stigma of taking medication. It was a dark and severely lonely time in my life, but it was also a time in my life where I confronted many of the issues I had been shoving under the rug for quite some time, as well as a time in my life where I realized how many people cared about me and how strong and resilient I actually was. A year later, on meds and seeing a therapist, I can look back on the last year and feel proud of how far I’ve come and proud of the new me that rose from the ashes. I can also speak about my experience with mental illness without shame because getting help and needing help are nothing to be embarrassed about. The more openly we talk about issues like these, more open people, who are struggling with mental illness, will be to reaching out for help.

My Motto?

My motto is actually taken from the most recent film adaption of Cinderella but it is, “Have courage and be kind.” I think too often little boys are told to have courage, but are never told to have compassion and care for those around them. In the same vein, young girls are raised to be kind and compassionate, but are never taught to have courage and stand up for themselves. I think raising the next generation, both boys and girls, and teaching them to have courage and be kind could really make an impact on raising strong, but gentle human beings.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

In the film industry, I can really admire women who write their way into the industry or start their own careers such as Lena Dunham and Tina Fey. It takes a lot of courage for a woman to march into the industry and not only demand that they be seen, but also that their unique voices be heard.  

In terms of veganism, I love the “Hot For Food” YouTube channel run by Lauren Toyota, another talented woman who took her career into her own hands and I find that so inspiring.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I would say my favorite place to be is anywhere when I’m with people I love. Whether that be sitting in bed with my best friends, drinking tea at my grandma’s house, or even just running around at an amusement park with my sisters, I think it’s more about who you are with, not where you are. But to answer the question more directly, I love Paris.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

To stick to the theme of veganism, I absolutely love the animal-testing-free curl styling cream “Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls.” As someone who is half Puerto Rican and has very curly hair, this has been the only product that has not only tamed my hair, but also made me proud of being different and having curls (as I get compliments on them daily since using the product hehe).

My Current Passions?

Veganism, socially aware film and TV, feminism, and food!! I love food. Vegan food, of course.