Jessi Albin: Master Fitness & Pilates Trainer, Nutritionist & Blogger

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Jessi FIT Pilates is an Online & San Francisco based Pilates, Wellness, Company that specializes in woman warriors wanting to look, feel and perform with vibrancy. Founder Jessi Albin is a Master Fitness & Pilates Trainer, Nutritionist, Blogger, and an ABSolute pilates Goddess! She is best known for her ability to motivate everyone. Using her knowledge of movement combined with her playful demeanor, colorful cues and an absolute zest for helping students reach their full potential. She has 20,000 hours of experience and she’s here to help YOU Strengthen, Stretch and Smile!  She just launched her online studio and she resides in Oakland California.

What do I do best?

I am a big believer in turning thoughts into actions. I get really fired up about turning dreams into realities.  In reality it boils down to hard work and choosing the right path. I can be stubborn and I make mistakes but I think I do a good job learning from all those awful decisions I may have made.  I am not afraid to change my course if things aren't working out, and flexibility can be a huge asset in my field!

Also, I try to inject a positive or more colorful light in all people and all situations. I’ve been known to wear really bright colorful outfits, even when I lived in my native NYC- I always stood out in the sea of black. I am all about making people smile and wearing colorful clothes seems to help with that.   

What makes me the best version of myself?

Resilience. The ability to shake shit off. I try to keep learning, growing and most importantly to keep trying in the face of every obstacle thrown in my way.

I’m eager to tackle the next step to move forward, even if that means do-overs, or redrawing the blueprints.  

And I try to help people the best I can by being empathetic to their paths.

Having a daily gratitude practice as helped my mind immensely and having a daily stretching habits have cured my body too!

What are my aspirations?

a. To be as happy as possible, and some of this relies on taking responsibility for my own happiness.  Some of it relies on freeing myself from negative thoughts, which requires the 3 ps of patience persistence and practice.

b. To create long lasting health transformations through fitness and Pilates to as many people as possible. I get really fired up about how much misinformation is directed at women from mainstream media. I want to empower women to achieve lasting wellness through exploring the mind and body connection AND by having fun.  I think working out should be something you enjoy and never a punishment. In the Pilates world so many teachers are so serious, you can see it in social media. They have perfect form and a perfectly long face. I’ve made it my mission to always smile - both in my classes and on my videos! Strengthen Stretch and Smile :)

My Biggest Success?

My ability to empathize. It is one trait that I have that has helped me tremendously- both personally and professionally. I desire to know what makes people tick. I will always try to put myself in their shoes.  People often come to me for relationship advice. As a trainer this helps me figure out what my clients may need that day.

And marrying my husband is up there- he's my biggest cheerleader.

My Most Challenging Moment?

9/11/01. I worked for a fashion backpack company on 34th street. When the planes hit we were told to leave and go home. I was standing on 5th avenue when the towers fell. I cannot find the words to describe how black the smoke was. My life flashed before my eyes. That was the day I decided to go full time with my fitness passions. I had been moonlighting as a personal trainer and I quit the fashion gig in October.  Fashion can be an unethical business. I saw and still see Fitness, Wellness, and Pilates as a conscious career choice where I contribute positively to the world.  I have never looked back.  

My Motto?

Do or do not there is no try- Yoda, and Just Keep Moving!  

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Madonna and Keith Richards.

I have watched them both since childhood.  I have dressed up like her for many Halloweens.  

They have both overcome so much in their personal and professional lives.  

They paved the way for many other pop stars to achieve success WITHOUT the scrutiny they have faced at different times in their careers.

They. Do. Not. Stop. They are unstoppable forces of nature.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

All B’s here!- Bangkok, Black Rock City, the Bay Area and of course my hometown Brooklyn

My Favorite Products/Objects?

1.     LEGGINGS.  The more colorful the better!

2.    My iPhone 7 plus

3. Trader Joe’s is my favorite store. I always have a great experience in their stores and the prices are right.  Not everything is super healthy but if you can avoid the cookie isle the coffee is fab. I love the Organic French Roast

My Current Passions?

I am an avid fire dancer!  It is something I learned to do several years ago when I moved to the west coast.  If you don’t know what this is, it falls under what’s called “flow arts”, we set props on fire (I prefer fire fans or fire staff) and dance with them.  It’s a hobby for me and Yes it’s both scary and fun. But it’s so much about controlling your emotions and being prepared with the right gear.