Miananda Maitreya Shekinah: Founder, Flower of Life Multidimensional Healing

My NativeAdVantage:


Miananda Maitreya Shekinah is a Celestial Being, brought into body directly from SOURCE. Miananda has come to heal, lead, unite, liberate, and inspire "The Ascension" and graduation of human kind. She heals by co-creating miracles through Source, removing suffering and activating LOVE through the High Heart. During her 6 day coma and Death Initiation at 33 years old, Miananda was shown her mission.  She would undergo countless transformations and complete relinquishment of the self to fulfill it. She is in service and honor to God and humanity at all moments and now serves this Earth as an embodiment of “The Divine Mother” also known as The Shekinah. Miananda has been sent in this time of great prophecy, to prepare the way and eventually give birth to a "Radiant New Earth." Through Miananda´s presence numerous spontaneous healings have been reported all over the world and many are able to feel her amazing Divine Love.  Being close to her has been described as a feeling of "coming home". Miananda is preparing with Source to commence mass group healings soon. For more information on this, her and her astounding transformation, please visit www.miananda.com

What do I do best?

Co- create miracles and hold and exemplify Universal Love. By bringing people to wholeness, reminding of them of the great power through this love, I ( yes, small i is intended ) facilitate "Instant Healing" by undoing all experiences and what has been done and re awaken the intention that was had prior to this Earth life. For it is the great intention to know love deeper by knowing its polarity. It is the design that was placed prior to the experience of suffering and Dis-Ease. This is one reason i have come: To HEAL, not through any Earth modality but through pure SOURCE, leading them back to their own Holy Grail and to the Light of Great God WITHIN. ๐Ÿ™This is what i do best. ๐Ÿ’›

What makes me the best version of myself?

That I am in TRUST. I am in service 24/7 to the ALL THAT IS, simply surrendered to LOVE and to GOD. Without holding any one religion, belief system, spiritual practice or Earth based narrative above another. For, Love IS my religion. And joy is my calling. For anything in segregation can not be close to the highest form of GOD. It is why i have come, to bring Heaven to Earth and bring everyone home back to each other. Back to the ONE.

What are my aspirations?

I have never been one for aspirations. For, i am in complete allowance to letting the Divine lead. Often times, we may think we know better. We do not. :) My reason for being is to remind everyone of who and what they really ARE: The brilliant lights they are intrinsically, even if sometimes they feel their light is temporarily eclipsed. It is but a moment in an entire span of eternity where they do shine and burn brilliantly like stars. The point that they remember and integrate this memory fully, there will be no desire to take from another, or experience a world full of lack, for all will remember abundance and will live harmoniously and in Grace.

My Biggest Success?

This moment, for when all falls away there is nothing but this moment.

For a more conventional answer, then my biggest success has yet to come.  It shall be when the beloveds on Earth even just begin to bow to each other and to themselves in great reverence for all they have endured as warriors of light and make it back home by bringing LOVE to Earth as intended. It is then, that big success will be for ALL. And that the Divine Plan and my reason for descending will have been realized.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Facing fear and waiting; This means anytime that i feel that i have not yet been brought to full power to accomplish what i have been sent here to do,  that "The Transformation" i this this vessel is undergoing is so unknown as to what i am to become with in a very short period of time. And with that, my greatest fear is that with all the prayers and deep heart dreamings from the collective of humankind, that even still the world is not yet ready to move through the shadow and into the light. i am then instantly reminded by Source/ God that were it not the time for liberation, i would not have stepped in and descended into this body. i am to TRUST in the absolutely INFALLIBLE Divine Plan that i have come to accelerate and to make manifest for ALL. For, in this plan, there is NO ONE  to be left behind. Thus, courage and bravery is not for the fearless, it is for those who fear and proceed anyway.

My Motto?

Through my witness, all is transformed.  Everything I touch turns to gold. I am she for whom all is provided. And Surrender, for in the end, that is what shall be anyway.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Although, i do not remember ever having one role model, per say, or looking at someone and saying i want to be like them, there are so many brilliant lights doing extraordinary work that merit great admiration for the wisdom they have brought through and shared for Humanity. This is so, especially in the Piscean Age that has just completed its cycle. They were sent here to open doors and gateways for ones such as myself to come through with the next level of truth. For thousands of years ago, humanity only had the capacity to receive a small amount of truth. Just as a small child is explained a concept such as sex through the conversation of the birds and the bees, and yet as they mature they learn the deeper truths and intricacies. There is greater truth to be shared now. And without the spiritual pioneers sharing their channeled wisdoms all that there is to do and say will have been presented to the blind and fallen on deaf ears. With all that said, as i speak, my heart feels the presence of my Earth Mother. For she has deeply exemplified and provided great love, devotion, affection, kindness, heart centeredness, integrity, wisdom, safety, incredible strength and friendship to me in EVERY way. She has shown me what a mother on Earth in her perfection is to be and thus has allowed me to become. She was present for my death at 33 and has witnessed the miracles since. She is and has been my best friend and role model.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

The mystical, wondrous treasure of Avalon: Glastonbury England. The land draws me back consistently throughout the year.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Long white dresses, feathers and candles. :) They remind me of home.

My Current Passions?

I find such joy in singing and praying through dance. Although, my truest passion is found in witnessing the great awakenings that are happening for the collective of Humanity; As i prepare in great stillness and surrender to commence the "Mass Healings" i am to begin shortly. i promise, It is THE most exciting time to be here on Earth. Indeed, even through the shadows. It is DIVINE that WE are all here together in our various roles to finally rejoice and remember to play in this beautiful Earth Playground TOGETHER. WE are all here to bring the Heavens down to Earth. YOU are here to do so in your own way. Through the veils, many have forgotten. Among other reasons, i am here as your gentle reminder.