Beth Warren: Registered Dietitian, Author & CEO, Beth Warren Nutrition

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Beth Warren, R.D.N., founder of Beth Warren Nutrition in Brooklyn, NYC and virtual, and author of Living a Real Life with Real Food and the upcoming book Secrets of a Kosher Girl (April 2018).

What do I do best?

What I do best is inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle. I figured out how to incorporate the discipline and intuitive eating techniques I was brought up with as a kosher girl with a nutritionally balanced whole foods plan that curbed cravings and kept me full and satisfied while living my busy life. Plus, I’m a pretty good mom of 5 kids, too.

What makes me the best version of myself?

When I'm passionate about something I have to do it and I don't give up. I never listen to the word,”no” when it comes to something I believe in and I always find a way to make it work. I am best when I am busy doing things I care about. Whether caring for my kids, working at the various locations of my BWN private practice, counseling clients or my corporate and media work, or doing my exercises, when I have a lot going on doing what I love and giving back to others is when I am at my best self.

What are my aspirations?

I honestly take it day by day because with everything I have going for me in my work and personal life can easily become overwhelming if I think too far ahead. I've already crossed a bunch of things off my bucket list like writing a book (I now have two!) and having a family, I am enjoying taking it in stride and seeing where both areas of my life take me as things come up all the time.

If I had to hope for something it would be continuing to expand BWN to help as many clients as possible in the most affordable way so I can truly affect change for individuals and families.

One day perhaps I would get my PhD!

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success is not only setting up my private practice, but doing it successfully while having my 5 children throughout the process. While some people may think the opposite occurs, the feeling of accomplishment from my role in the working world helps me to have better focus and energy in taking care of my family. I can’t imagine being as good as I am in both without the other.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Of course, most of the time the idea of a work-life balance is hard to achieve. My challenging moments occur when I have to be two places at once. During these time, my family always come first. It’s not easy, but I happily move around my schedule in order to make sure my kids always feel they are the priority. In the end, I always trust things to work out the way they are meant to be for everyone involved.

My Motto?

“If you believe it can be broken, so too believe it can be fixed” by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

This quote resonates with me personally and something that guides me while counseling my clients. I actually got it engraved on a silver ring while I was traveling through Israel which I wear every day. I truly believe nothing is impossible if it is what you truly want. As hopeless as things may seem, it just as easily can reversed into something you never thought possible.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

On a personal note, my father had a big influence on where I am today. He always helped me pursue things I was passionate about while I was growing up in subtle ways just by being there to lend a helping hand. He was featured in a newspaper one year, which is still hanging in his office my childhood home, and there was a quote I remember. He said, "Love what you do and you'll never work a day in our life." At the time, I though he created the saying ;) It was always instilled in me to pursue something that I truly love and the not only does it fulfill me personally, it helps add the critical layer on authenticity in my counseling which carries over onto clients to truly affect sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Israel. I absolutely love everything about the country. The history, the beauty, the amazingly delicious food and all the things to see and do. Each neighborhood is truly a different world (and temperature!) to explore and it is amazing to see. As a New Yorker, I also love exploring different areas locally in the five boroughs. Whenever I need “me” time, I enjoy walking through various Brooklyn and NYC spots and discovering something new and different about each of them with the various ethnicities in this “melting pot” we call New York.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Spiralizer - this is one the best kitchen tools to have for yourself and for kids. It completely transforms foods like veggies into making you feel like you’re eating something different and fancy without being difficult.

My Current Passions?

I’ve absolutely fell in love with boxing. I enjoy the technical aspects of it and how it kind of reminds me of years of dance. Plus, it helps to be able to punch things sometimes. I also enjoy a good deep workout while strengthening with hot yoga, and I’ve been a fan of pilates for years, especially on the megareformer.