Joseph Lumpkin: Author & CEO, Fifth Estate Publishing

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Joseph Lumpkin has a long and varied background in research and writing. Over years of study and research he has written over 25 books on the subjects of theology, religion, church history, and the Lost Books of the Bible. Dr. Lumpkin has worked in research and development within the U.S. Department of Defense on major projects including Hypersonic Missile Technology and Super Computer clustering. In addition to his background in science, computers, and research, Joseph has a Doctorate in Ministry and has acted as chaplain to several family outreach programs. He is the CEO of Fifth Estate Publishing, with a catalog of over one-hundred books including, The Books Of Enoch, The Lost Books of the Bible, The Book of Jubilees, Fallen Angels, and The Encyclopedia of Lost and Rejected Scriptures. Dr. Lumpkin has appeared on Radio, Television, and Internet shows as a guest speaker on subjects of Fallen Angels, Church History, Religion, Theology, The Sacred Feminine, and the Axial Age. Shows include L.A. Talk Radio, Rainmaking Time, Cryptic Knowledge, and Threshing Floor Radio.

What do I do best?

When a problem proves difficult for others to solve, view it from an uncommon angle. Major issues, which others have attempted to solve, must be approached from fresh points of view. At times the way forward depends on recognizing trends and patterns others have overlooked. A problem is like a great diamond. You cut it by looking for the patterns and flaws. (To deconstruct a problem is not the same as overcoming a problem.) I look at life and problems from unusual angles. I see patterns and ratios. To see the way out of a problem, always look inside the problem, and not simply how to overcome it. These things I do well.

What makes me the best version of myself?

To contribute to the betterment of mankind one must attempt to raise society in general, or encourage the individual to succeed and then task them to help others in turn. An example of raising societal norms is a good national educational system. To identify and enable capable individuals also contributes to society. This is where I feel my path leads.

Select those around you that are working hard and dedicating themselves to succeeding, then assist them in reaching their goal. The team forged by such bonds will be very strong and the mutual dedication engendered by assisting one another to reach mutual or parallel goals will last a lifetime.  Some of the most powerful words in any language may be, “How may I help you achieve your dream?”

What are my aspirations?

My personal desire is very simple. I hope that upon my death there will be those who will say, “He contributed positively to my life. He was a good person.” To be remembered after one’s life is over for the good that was done is one of the greatest accomplishments.

In business, my aspiration to is follow my vision to the end. I strive to insure the wisdom of the past is not lost. The vision may be followed until the end of my life, the end of a cycle, or to the conclusion of the project, but the vision will be followed to the end. To complete a task with the same energy and focus as one began is called, “Perfect Finish”. Fifth Estate Publishing was founded for one major purpose, to preserve ancient religious texts in a modern English format, making them accessible to the readers of today.

My Biggest Success?

As a 16-year-old, rebellious boy, I began training in martial arts. I was brash and arrogant. With time this training would change me and thus change my life.  I remember sparring with my instructor a year or two into my training. He defeated me without effort. With jaw and will set, I bowed to him and said, “One day I will be as good as you.” He smiled and replied, “Yes, you will… but then think of where I will be.” That one event changed my life. It opened up in me the view and concept of continuing personal evolution and learning, and I understood the possibility of the nearly infinite human potential for growth. It allowed me to expand, grow, and re-invent myself several times in this life. There are two events I view as milestones of growth in my life. In chronological order, they are:

Being awarded the place of Head of Family (8th degree black belt) in Shinsei Hapkido. I continue to train, even after 46 years in the arts.

Seeing one of our books listed as “Best Seller” on (Since then there have been times two books occupied “Best Seller” in their respective categories at once and we have seen five books at once in the top ten in various categories.)

My Most Challenging Moment?

From approximately 2000 to 2009 I was part of the Hypersonic Missile Technology Project of the U.S. Department of Defense. My work as an analyst was demanding and fulfilling. I considered myself very lucky to work with some of the most brilliant people I had ever met and I was content to contribute as best I could. Then, in 2009, the US underwent a sea change in leadership and direction in national defense.

The project I worked on was closed. At the age of 54 I found myself unemployed. It was a truly heart rending moment when I had to tell my family I no longer had a job or income. Jobs in Huntsville were disappearing and there would be few openings for a person my age in an industry populated by younger, fresher minds. Even though I had worked in the fields of electronics, biomed, and computer hardware and software my entire employed life, my degrees were in Divinity and Ministry. Now was the time to re-invent myself and evolve.

In the study and research toward my degrees it had become obvious the older translations of some of the non-canon texts had become outdated. The stilted Elizabethan English had become difficult for modern readers. The days of the old King James English were passing and new, current translations were needed.  Prior to being laid off, I had released my first book, a new translation of the Book of Enoch, which briefly peaked at a ranking of 300 out of 6 million on It was obvious there was an interest in this genre’. Now, I would have to depend on my background as a researcher, my fledgling skills as a writer, and the ever-changing public interest in ancient religious manuscripts to feed my family.

I began researching and writing day and night for months on end in an attempt to create a catalog of published works that would sell. The learning curve was not steep – it was straight up. I was not a writer (some may argue that has not changed). I was a researcher. I began experimenting with various formats and layouts within the texts I was attempting to present. There were failures, but by listening to the response of the readers and quickly changing and adapting, a winning formula was developed. We should never allow ego to make us cling to our own ideas too long. The secret to success is the ability to listen to others, learn from the stream of information, and adapt quickly.

Being pushed out of my comfort zone was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was terrifying but, in the vacuum, needs were filled and dreams came to fruition.

My Motto?

There is wisdom in insecurity. It keeps you focused. (Always assume you do not have all the data and you could be wrong. All major decisions in life will be made with insufficient data. Have courage. Make a decision and move forward anyway.)

(The above paragraph is a condensed and grossly inaccurate summation of The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety by Alan W. Watts)

My Favorite People/Role Models?

In the life of Nikola Tesla, we see that creativity and genius exist for their own sake. We also learn the lesson that life is not fair. The brightest do not always get rewarded. The most ingenious and hardest working people do not always come out on top. Create and invent anyway. Work hard anyway. We never know what the result may be. Always know that whatever success we obtain it is not because we are self-made. There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman. We are born with minds, drives, and gifts. We either use them or we do not. Try to create opportunities. If and when fate may smile on us, she always favors the prepared mind.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Diving the coral reefs of Belize with my wife, Lynn, was a wonderful experience. Seeing the sharks and stingrays use an ocean trench as their own super-highway was amazing. Sharing life makes it so much more precious. The colors and beauty will be with me as long as my mind remains.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Word Processing software and spellcheck are my friends. They make my life so much easier. Spellcheck catches many of my mistakes. Having said that, you can deduce how bad my spelling really is.

My Current Passions?

My passion remains the search for the truth about God and the human soul. Yet, these days the search is giving way to a more Apophatic approach. The truth is far too deep to imagine or articulate. Who can fathom the depth of the soul, much less its maker? It is possible the only way we may see even a shadow of the hidden richness and truth is to disregard and eliminate all things created, thought, conceived, perceived, dreamed or sensed, and in that space emptied of creatures, creations, and ideas, we may glimpse God, the author and maker of it all.