Lise Melvin: Somatic leadership coach & Director, (re)spirited retreats

My NativeAdVantage:


Lise Melvin, is the Director of (re)spirited. She is committed to nurturing the creative and powerful life force that lives inside each one of us. She is a certified somatic leadership coach, a practiced initiator, and international leader of sustainability start ups with expertise in facilitating cross-sector and cross-cultural dialogue. She has worked in agriculture, development, environmental campaigning, learning consultancy, with the private sector, the United Nations, NGOs, and governments.

What do I do best?

Generating trust. So often people say to me when we are deep in conversation “I’ve never told anyone this before” or “I’ve only just met you, why am I telling you all of this …” It’s not something I try to do, I am a good listener, and I am not judgmental, and I think people feel that in my presence, so they gift me their trust and confidence.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I say what I mean. When I commit to something, it is always full hearted, with full spirit. So I’m reliable, for myself and for others – which is really handy when you want to make things change, or make new things happen. If I don’t mean it, then I don’t say it.

What are my aspirations?

Yay. I love this question. How many can share? Personally at this time, I am a commitment to creating space for my deep authentic self, so that I am easeful with myself on my life path, easeful in authentic partnerships and friendships as I walk, thereby inviting space others to do the same. I am also a commitment to welcoming in and beginning the journey with my compatible soul mate, in a way that keeps me whole and keeps him whole, and allows us to grow in love together.

In the domain of work – although the lines of personal life and work are getting a little blurry these days – my goals at the moment are to deliver a Good Growth Conference in the Amazon that knocks the socks off everyone and moves the needle on how we protect our forests, and I am fully committed to my work with somatics, developing my teachership with the Strozzi Institute [], delivering a life shaping respirited retreat [] in Costa Rica, and supporting more and more people to grow and heal through individual somatic coaching.

My Biggest Success?

I think my greatest accomplishment so far in life is to continuously design and redesign my life with an open and experimental lens. And along this journey, in particular, to have the courage to give myself an 8 month sabbatical without any idea what I was going to do afterwards – my only thoughts were, I’m going to do yoga every day and read those books that have been piling up for the last 7 years. So proud I did that, it changed my life.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Ha. The night I had to decide whether I was really going to give notice on my apartment rental and go live as a nomad. I was at a leadership community dinner event - LeadX, which was really fortunate as I got supportive and empathic ears and input from fellows. I was scared of losing structure, a home, my belongings, stepping out on to the edge of The System. But that was what I wanted to do. So I did it, telling myself that the one thing that would be easy to do, would be to come back and rent a place, so why not! And I am so so happy I did it. Just now completing 2 years of nomadic life – and the people I’ve met and loved - so enriching, thank you! So much more space for creativity – I set up (re)spirited in the last 2 years; the places and sacred spaces I’ve discovered – Costa Rica and Ecuador, thank you.

My Motto?

‘It takes discipline to be a free spirit.’ Thanks to Gabriel Roth for these words. And ‘everyone is a human, being a human, just like me’.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

I’ve never been one for role models actually. I have so many favorite people. Some are Staci K. Haines as a constant inspiration, Ewan Clayton my training partner, and Charlie O’Malley for his dedication and learning.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Kilifi Coast of Kenya and Nosara in Costa Rica

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Handbags! They are irresistible to me. Which is going to be tough this year because I am doing a year of reduced consumption again, where I am only allowed to buy second hand things (except food and cleaning products of course).

My Current Passions?

Somatics and what it offers the world. This is my path of mastery.

Looking after land and creating beautiful sacred spaces.

And waging war on plastic!