Shashi Solluna: international Tantra teacher & author

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Shashi Solluna is an international Tantra teacher and the author of "Tantra: discover the path from sex to spirit" published by Hay House. She has been teaching for over a decade, and runs teacher trainings, as well as being part of a team creating international tantra festivals. She is currently making a feature documentary Sex to Spirit following one man on his life-changing journey into Tantra.

What do I do best?

I teach Tantra internationally. I hold space for people to transform blocks into energy, to enter their fears and liberate the lifeforce energy that was trapped inside. I work with sexuality, body image, self love, relationships and other major areas of potential happiness.

I have become one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of Tantra after 15 years of full time study and practice. I published a book with Hay House on Tantra and am making a feature length documentary on the subject.

What makes me the best version of myself?

The most important quality that has brought me to where I am is the quality of taking care of the vulnerable. In each and every student who walks in my door or contacts me online, I am sensing what is vulnerable and making that part of them feel as safe as possible. This quality is the magic behind my work. It is the reason many people resonate with my videos and blogs and are drawn to work with me.

Not only does it make me a good space holder and facilitator, but it makes me the best version of myself as it manifests as the quality of compassion.

What are my aspirations?

On a personal level my aspirations are to create love in the world around me…my relationship, family and community.

I am a community leader and I aspire to develop more containers (events/ festivals/ retreat centers) to hold space for the community to flourish (this is where personal and business overlap)

In business I aspire to develop strong, efficient and effective systems to channel the content that I create into the world. To bring the secrets of Tantra to more people in the world who can benefit from them.

My Biggest Success?

I am very proud of the retreat center that I created in Thailand and although I sold it, I still see such a success that it continues so well and has transformed the lives of so many. I especially love the physical features I created such as the walking labyrinth, the sound temple and the Buddha gardens. That these creations live on without me and continue to be enjoyed by many feels like a huge success.

I feel that all the communities I have held and created, through workshops, events, buildings, gardens have been the great success of my life. Especially the creation of Tao Tantric Arts, my month long training. This has created worldwide communities and transformed so many lives.

Every time that I create an experience that I know someone will remember for the rest of their life, I feel a satisfaction that is immeasurable. It might just be one ritual or a fire on the beach, and I know it will leave an imprint in someone’s heart for a lifetime.

Now I am creating a feature-length documentary and seeing if I can transmit some of those qualities through film.

My Most Challenging Moment?

A couple of times I have reached a point of realizing that I am not aligned with a business partner/collaborator, and thus had to choose to let go of a creation in order to maintain integrity. This has been very hard to do, and one time I felt like I was losing everything I ever created in my life. However, though I stepped into the Unknown and into “nothing”, life just took me even more to where I was meant to be. It brought new people and opportunities to me. I learned to trust….or, greater than trust: I learned faith. Faith is trust when you cannot see even what to trust in. Only the Universe itself. I discovered that the Universe holds me. Especially when I align to my highest truth and have the courage to release all that is not aligned.

My Motto?

You don’t have to force yourself (or anyone else) to open up …just make it safe and loving, and surrender will happen naturally.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

•    My beloved…I can spend endless time with him!

•    Marianne Williamson is a role model on many levels…spiritually, professionally and even politically.

•    Jon and Missey Butcher (Lifebook) inspire me around relationship and creating the perfect life.

•    Layla Martin an old friend of mine who took Tantra to the next level!

•    Matt Kahn who speaks such beautiful Truth and Love and wisdom.

•    I am inspired by people who are not only successful, but who radiate love as well.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I am in love with three islands: Koh Phangan in Thailand (home), Bali in Indonesia and Ibiza in Spain. I spend most of my time between those three places.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

•    My jade eggs, which I practice with and teach others to use.

•    My guitar. Non-negotiable...goes everywhere that I go!

•    My yoga mat…it is like a tiny temple!

•    My Chinese Tea Set for tea ceremonies

My Current Passions?

I am a passionate woman and send a lot of time on my passions. Mostly singing and dancing. Singing with my guitar, singing in song circles, devotional music. Dance includes ecstatic dance, belly dance, erotic dance and any choreography that opens up my body. I am passionate about nature and have lived deep in nature for 15 years. I am passionate about community and create them indifferent forms    .., I love bringing people together in ways that everyone opens up and feels more love and connection.