Jo Ettles: International self-help author, speaker & intuitive coach

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Jo Ettles is a published self-help author, international writer, speaker and extremely gifted intuitive coach. Her message and philosophy is - ultimately, each and every single one of us can change our own lives for the better. By keeping pathways open and clear and learning to manage our energy, internally and externally, we are able to see and feel  the endless possibilities that are surrounding each and every one of us. Remove the complicated unnecessary mess and clutter from every aspect of your life, no matter what form it takes and just let the light shine. Jo Ettles has assisted many people worldwide to take responsibility for their wellness, their energy, the way they think and plan their future and how they ultimately live their lives. Through her unique abilities of insight, intuition, knowledge and awareness, she has influenced hundreds of people to change their lives.She is a gifted and highly intuitive  modern day spiritual healer.

What do I do best?

Intuitive coaching without a doubt! It is something I am really proud of because it helps to move  people  forward with ease and clarity when they are at a crossroads. I have always been able to read, feel and sense energy. When people are at their lowest ebb, physically, emotionally and spiritually, helping them to identify what is draining and stopping them from moving forward is not only a gift for them, but it is just as big a gift for me.

What makes me the best version of myself?

When I am writing, creating, speaking at events or working with people in sessions. It is in these moments that I feel whole and really alive. Spreading messages of love, kindness, mindfulness, wellness and inspiration, truly fills me with light.

What are my aspirations?

1- My life is a gift and I intend not to waste it. My biggest aspiration is to ensure that while I am on this earth, I shine a light for as many people as possible who may need help to see their way forward - through my writing, speaking and intuitive abilities.

2- To bring to fruition every idea that I have that has the potential to spread a positive message in the world.

3- To live honestly, mindfully and intentionally every day.

My Biggest Success?

Without a doubt – my biggest successes are my son Matt and my relationship with my husband Tony. My son is 25. He is a beautiful, smart, funny; kind young man and my husband and I have such a close relationship with him.  I have been married to Tony for 27 years and like most couples we have weathered some serious storms but we continue to get closer and closer with each passing day. Like the old saying goes – “After every storm, the sun shines!”  -  My family means everything to me.

My Most Challenging Moment?

There have been many. On a personal note, I lost my beautiful father to cancer in November 2016. A little piece of my heart went with him the night he died. I miss him every day.

Professionally, 2 years ago my book publisher went into receivership. My first 2 books, The Shed and Underneath my clothes were published and sold through this publishing house. It was definitely challenging to rise above the financial loss and also the negative energy from the fallout. These sorts of challenges can define or destroy you. I took the high road, put it all behind me and decided to keep moving forward despite the setback. My books were picked up by another publisher but I learnt a lot through this challenge - about business and the publishing world and also a lot about myself.

My Motto?

Remove the unnecessary mess and clutter from every aspect of your life, no matter what form it takes and let more light into your life. Now more than ever, the world needs more light.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My son Matt, I love his sensitive soul and his kind heart.

My husband Tony, he has the ability to make me laugh until I cry plus he has this undying faith in me.

ME… resilience and dedication to follow my dreams is unshakeable.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Cairns, North Queensland Australia. It is my home. We have mountains, rainforest, waterfalls, crystal blue sea combined with the Great Barrier Reef, golden beaches fringed with palm trees, warm winters and a relaxed lifestyle with a collection of some of the world’s most interesting people living in this community.

My Favorite Products/Objects?    

A gold bracelet my son gave me this year for mother’s day.

A selenite lamp that my husband and I bought together and mostly (it is not a thing/object) the view of the Coral Sea from my balcony.

My Current Passions?

I am currently working on my third book called Project Shine. I held my first Project Shine Parent & Teen workshop in February of this year in Cairns and I had so many enquiries from people far and wide on how they could participate in this event.  I wanted to find another way to reach families with my Project Shine message - hence the intention and creation of this book.

In today’s society, families come in all sorts of combinations and when it comes to family, LOVE is what counts. Project Shine is about reconnecting, building self-esteem, practicing self-care and nourishing ourselves and each other. In today’s busy world, it is easy to become disconnected. It is important that we take the time to prioritise our self-care in mind, body and spirit. It is also important to nurture our relationships. To say I am passionate about this is an understatement. I am loving creating this book and I am really proud of it. It comes out mid-January 2018.