Dr. Douglas Carnine: Founder, feedkindness.com, author & Professor Emeritus, University of Oregon.

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Dr. Douglas Carnine is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon. He was a National Science Foundation Fellow in Psychology as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois, where he graduated with distinction and Phi Beta Kappa in 1969. He completed his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at the University of Utah in 1974. In 1981 he received the Ersted Award for outstanding teaching at the University of Oregon. Dr. Carnine has directed or co-directed over 20 federally funded grants, totaling over $15,000,000. As Director of the National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators he worked with publishers on incorporating research-based practices in educational tools and with legislative, state board, business, community, and union groups to understand the policy implications of research-based educational tools for diverse learners. Dr. Carnine has worked with these groups in California, Virginia, Washington, Texas, and New York. He received a presidential appointment to the National Institute For Literacy, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate, and served as a program committee chair for several years.

Since retirement from the UO, he has been developing a mindful kindness project that includes two books, Saint Badass: Transcendence in Tucker Max Hell (see 75 second trailer here) and How Love Wins: The Power of Mindful Kindness (see 75 second trailer here), and a related website, feedkindness.com.

Dr. Carnine has over 100 scholarly publications: over 60 research articles in refereed journals, 40 essays, over 20 chapters in books, and seven books (two on university-level computer science, Teaching Higher Order Thinking, Theory of Instruction, Instructional Strategies for Diverse Learners, Direct Instruction Reading, and Direct Instruction Math.). He is a co-author of textbooks for the elementary grades (mathematics and science), for the middle grades (science, world history, US history, and English literature and composition), and English literature and composition textbooks for high school. He has presented at over a 100 conferences in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, the former USSR, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. He has served as consulting editor or editorial board member for eight journals.

What do I do best?

Personal –Listen with my full attention and interest, even curiosity, in the person speaking

Business-Make complex content more learnable

What makes me the best version of myself?

Concern about the welfare of others

What are my aspirations?

a. Personal-maintain my concern for others as I age and lose my capabilities and options in life

a. Business- make my books on the why and how of personal transformation more widely available

My Biggest Success?

Contributing to the better life chances for vulnerable children and adults, through my writings

My Most Challenging Moment?

Dealing with pain, cancer, the death of my mother and false allegations all within a two year period.

My Motto?

Don’t do harm, take care of yourself and help others

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Dalia Lama

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Our cabin on the McKenzie River in a wild and scenic area.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

The books I  have written, the most recent being Saint Badass and How Love Wins.

My Current Passions?

Practicing and spreading the word about mindful kindness. Being with my wife and daughters and friends