Ruth Lera: mindfulness meditation teacher, energy healer, natural intuitive, boreal forest loiterer & author

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Ruth Lera is a mindfulness meditation teacher, energy healer, natural intuitive, writer, boreal forest loiterer and author of the book Walking the Soul Path; An Energetic Guide to Being Human. She is also the creator of the Self Healing Community an online portal for tapping into your innate healing abilities. Ruth shares her thoughts on energy healing and the universe on her blog, facebook page and twitter @rlera

What do I do best?

Encouraging people to be compassionate in regards to their own personal pain and trauma. Sometimes I refer to this as giving a ‘Ruth pep talk’. A ‘Ruth pep talk’ usually consists of me honoring the fact that there have been hurts in your life but also reminding you that your trauma doesn’t have to keep defining you- it can be healed, if you are willing to forgive yourself and believe in yourself. Also, communicating spiritual information about the human/soul journey in easy to access terms that are relatable and accessible is a strength I bring to my business and personal life. I strive to be connection with myself and others in an authentic, vulnerable way which means not hiding my flaws but being honest about the entire range of my personal, human experience. Creating safe space to heal is something I really care about doing my best at!

What makes me the best version of myself?

Being honest and direct about my own experience of being a neurotic human as a way to contribute healing to my own life, and the planet as a whole. Maybe I am just stubborn but I am not willing to compromise my integrity and what I believe for almost anything. I really believe that we can improve this planet we live on through the daily choices we make- so I always try to steer myself towards healing, generosity and being of service, even if to an outside observer my choices in these directions don’t always seem to make sense.

What are my aspirations?

My personal aspiration is to not let fear or self-limitation stop me from sharing my voice with the world. I try to use all my fears and where I feel blocked as opportunities to clear energy no longer needed. I find this constant commitment and process has me feeling freer in myself to enjoy the blessings of my life and share my gifts with the world. This is something I find I need to do daily- and it works.

Business wise I want to wake up each day and do things that I find fulfilling such as writing, teaching, conducting energy healing sessions, connecting with new people, being flooded with inspiration and ideas and attracting compensation for being my most true self in a way that is healing and of service to others. I am open and available for this to manifest in expected and unexpected ways each and every day.

My Biggest Success?

My lifestyle.

My partner and I have built our dream home on 15 acres in the Yukon- a small territory in Northern Canada near Alaska. We look out the window at pure nature all day long. Moose walk through our yard, we harvest and grow our own food and our children choose to attend school or home-school according to what feels right for them. Our house is a passive home and uses very little resources and we create our own electricity with our array of solar panels. We are both self-employed, working from home, developing paradigm changing solutions to help steer humans in a direction that will bring healing to the planet. Every day we need to be creative and innovative to keep our goals on track. It is incredibly satisfying- even when it is challenging. I am very proud of the way we intentionally set up our life.

My Most Challenging Moment?

This past summer I wrote my first book. The fear was paralyzing. Every day a new fear of being seen, being persecuted, being criticized, not being good enough and just pure anxiety arose. It didn’t feel good. But I didn’t let it stop me. Each day for the 8 months I worked on the book I had to commit to not letting the fear, anxiety and worries stop me. I just kept writing. I am still processing all of my feelings about writing my first book but feel so grateful I stuck with it and can already feel that the second book will be easier as my confidence has grown.

My Motto?

Keep going. Just wake up every day and keep going. Even if you don’t know where the path is taking you.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Shonda Rhimes- her book Year of Yes has been such an inspiration to me this year. Being a successful woman and still having to work through her personal fears of being seen by the world is a reminder that it doesn’t matter how outwardly successful we are- we all still have personal fears to heal.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

The remote wilderness.

We try to go as a family on a very remote expedition every summer. Sometimes for 17 or 21 days on a lake, on the ocean or on a river by canoe or kayak. It is so quiet and raw out in the wilderness. Your consciousness changes and you almost feel more animal then human. You need to rely on your senses and judgement out in the wilderness. As a family we need to work as a team when we are on these trips- and we feel closer for completing these challenges. Last summer we only canoed for 4 days and I was so mad. I was just getting into the flow of the river and I wasn’t ready for it to be over. At least two full weeks but ideally 3 or 4 weeks immersed in remote wilderness is my favorite place to be.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I am so grateful for sage as a smoke clearing tool to help me with my energy healing sessions. I also use a pendulum for energy flow assessment. These tools are my friends and co-workers, aiding me in helping others.

My Current Passions?

I have always loved watching television and now there are so many really quality shows I feel so lucky to have such quality entertainment in my life that brings me joy. There are some amazing TV writers creating fascinating characters and writing really witty, funny jokes. I really appreciate their skill and it is a dream of mine to create a television series telling the story of the soul path through character, plot and humor.