Alexi Gonzalez: Writer & Director

Alexi Gonzalez is a Writer/Director who's most recent work is as a Story Consultant on the new Netflix Original Series "On My Block". Alexi is currently an Associate Producer on"On My Block" working creatively on Season 2. Born in Southern California, Alexi first started her filmmaking journey in New York City where she had one of her earliest short films premiere at Lincoln Center at the young age of 15. After graduating high school, Alexi moved to Los Angeles to take part in the Ghetto Film School Expansion to Los Angeles where her next short film "Abby Normal" premiered at The Bing Theatre at LACMA. A year later her thesis film "Demon’s Gate" premiered at the Hammer Museum hosted by writer-director David O. Russell and 21st Century Fox Chairman  Jim Gianopulos. With no previous extensive knowledge of the language or culture "Demon’s Gate" was shot in Tokyo, Japan entirely in Japanese with a predominately female cast and crew. After graduating from this award-winning film school, Alexi went on to take part of the Warner Brother’s Directing in Television Work Shop where she was trained alongside industry professionals to prepare her for her flourishing career in the television industry. Alexi's artistic pieces engage audiences with emotionally gripping stories that invite people to enter a world unknown to them or challenge them to see our real world through a new lens.  It is a growing theme in her work to pose questions to the audience that urges them to explore and discuss the grey areas of life.

My Goal of the Day: I make a list every day with tasks, my goal is to check off as many things as possible. Above all, I'm always striving to live a healthy work-life balance- the lists help.

My Thought of the Day:  Keep working hard, I'm almost there.

My Action of the Day: Always take off my makeup before bed no matter how tired you are.

What do you love most about Your City?

There are 2 places I love in LA that I feel most at home, at a comedy club and at Da Poetry Lounge. As long as I have these two places I don’t care where I am. I love places that connect audiences of all different backgrounds through laughter and truth.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

Can’t go wrong with a nice bowl of cereal on a Saturday morning. Can anyone say Honey Bunches of Oats!  Weekdays I start the day with a Premiere Protein Shake.

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – 1 of 3 things:


b. Putting on my face #makeup

d. On Set

10:00 AM – I’m usually on set or in the office. I bounce back and forth depending on my tasks during the day as an Associate Producer.

12:00 PM - Favorite Lunch spot/meal?

PROTEIN! I’m talking chicken, steak, pork and more chicken.

7:00 PM -  Most likely moved out of the office and onto set for the evening. On Tuesday’s during hiatus I religiously go to Da Poetry Lounge at 7:30pm. Highlight of my week!

11:00 PM - Watch a stand up comedy or recommended movie/tv show. Reflect my day and train my mind in positive thinking. Do my extensive skin routine then pass out while thinking happy thoughts.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

WATER on the rocks, shaken not stirred.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

Pinterest is my ride or die app. I would give up many apps to keep Pinterest. It is where all my creative, fashion and life style fantasies come to life.

*This message was not brought to you by Pinterest *

What should everyone try at least once?

Everyone should go to Disneyland as an adult with your most high-energy friend and embrace their inner child while spending their big adult money at least once. Try your hardest to not give a fuck what others think of a grown ass person running around like a child hopped up on sugar! I promise it’s fun if you just commit to the wacky silly energy.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

I enjoy getting lost in the worlds I have created but don’t know all the rules to just yet. Its a lame screenwriter answer that I would 100% roll my eyes at too but it’s true.

My Deed of the Day: Do something that makes someone's day a little easier or brighter. Anything from offering to help with a task or GENUINELY asking how they are doing.

My Tip of the Day: Don't be an asshole. You can be successful and a good person, I promise.