Margi Gad: Founder, Fierce+Regal

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Margi Gad is the founder of Fierce+Regal. Margi has been passionate about fitness since she was a teen on the gymnastics team. A busy mother of three with a private jewelry practice, she was always in pursuit of sophisticated clothes that performed before, during and after a workout, that could literally take her from a Barre class to a working lunch to a school run. Frustrated when she couldn’t find anything that fit the bill, Margi launched Fierce+Regal in 2017. The line fuses high performance and ready-to-wear, with luxe fabrics, a rich color palette, and sleek logo free design. Today, signature pieces like The One Shoulder and The Bra have become staples in the wardrobe of key fitness instructors and influencers. Margi is also a fifth generation “garmento” who is a strong supporter of manufacturing in the U.S.A. Margi is passionate about providing busy women with smart and sophisticated wardrobe solutions enabling them to flow through their day confidently and effortlessly dressed.

My Thought of the Day: BE FIERCE BE REGAL BE YOU

My Action of the day: Working out keeps me grounded, and every day brings a different action. When I’m in Boston, a typical week consists of Soul Cycle with James Lewis, barre class at Exhale with Catherine Tucker-Marshall, Btone with Lisa, and yoga at Yoga Works with Elizabeth. When I travel I love discovering great new studios and instructors, like Playlist Yoga in L.A, S.L.T in NYC and Indigo Yoga in Fort Worth Texas.

My Deed of the Day: To make everyone feel appreciated.

My Tip of the Day: Smile at everyone you see, it's free and can make their day!

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A Day in My Life:

What do you love most about your city?

I moved to Boston 10 years ago after living in N.Y.C for 25 years and I absolutely love the charm and beauty of the Back Bay and Beacon Hill neighborhoods, whose cobblestone streets, architecture and stained glass windows date back to Paul Revere.

Favorite Breakfast Spot

Hands down Tatte makes the most mouth-watering pastries. Their avocado toast is another favorite, topped with perfectly poached eggs!

What are you doing at:

6 am - By 6 am I have finished the N.Y Post cover to cover, written and replied to emails and am usually in the process of making my daughter’s breakfast and getting her ready for school.

10.00 - By 10 am, I’ve dropped my daughter at the bus stop, gotten in an amazing workout and am ready to crush it doing all things related to Fierce+Regal.

12:00 - I rarely take an official lunch. Usually, I grab some sort of protein, while packing shipments, juggling phone calls and responding to emails. If I do take a power lunch, it’s always at The Taj hotel, whose old world charm I love.

7:00 - We try our best to have family time at dinner, even if it's take out sushi or Thai, which it usually is! I treasure reconnecting with my daughter and husband and hearing all about the day of a sixth grader and a day in the life of the most caring dentist ever!

11:00 - 11:00 is the equivalent of 3 in the morning for me. Beauty sleep is a necessity!

What drink do you need to get through the day

Tea, water and my after work indulgence, Blanc de Blanc Mini Rose by Sophia Coppola!

Favorite App or Instagram account

Who can limit themselves to just one! A few of my favorites are @sherylsandberg, who defines strength and courage, @Jennybefine, my sister, the incredible executive director of beauty at WWD, @theskinnyconfidential, who always has the skinny on all things glam! In terms of an app, I’m lost without Google Maps when I travel.

What should Everyone try at least once?

Something that terrifies them and challenges them at the same time!

Where do I enjoy getting Lost?

ANYWHERE in NYC, I have had a love affair with NYC from the age of 13 and to discover new things in my city of love brings me the greatest joy and inspires me always.