Aaron Cuker: CEO, Cuker Agency


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My Action of the Day:  I try to be really conscious about the small choices I make throughout the day as it relates to waste and consumption.  Things like not using a straw with a drink, using a reusable container instead of a plastic bag, etc. So many single use plastic items end up in our oceans or just make up additional waste.  I try to be really mindful of this.

My Tip of the Day: Success is often at that place just beyond where most people quit.

What do you love most about Your City? I love San Diego.  The weather really inspires you to be active and healthy.  While I work and travel a lot, when I do have free time the beach, mountains, and hiking are right here.  

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? Evernote helps keep me organized.  I rely on a lot of lists.