Jill Leigh: Founder & Director, The Energy Healing Institute

My NativeAdVantage:


Jill Leigh is the founder and director of the Energy Healing Institute. She has been an energy practitioner and teacher for more than 25 years. As she works with clients and students, she enjoys dissolving limiting paradigms and shifting the beliefs and thought processes that block people from taking personal control of their healing and evolution. Jill empowers every student and client to be their own healer, and offers tools and resources for evolving what they are creating and manifesting.

What do I do best?

I am a really good teacher, and I adore helping healing practitioners to tune up their process and affect major healing and evolution in both their personal lives and client practices. It’s a total thrill. I love working with practitioners in all modalities, (psychologists, social workers, body workers, doctors, nurses, naturopaths, homeopaths, etc.) who are interested in understanding the energy connection and its role in healing and evolution. The people who choose to study deeply with me are usually highly seasoned practitioners with successful client practices. Over time they have assembled a hypothesis that the human energy field is involved and at work/play in each and every client session, and they want to know more about how to leverage what’s taking place to accelerate and support healing.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I understand how to show up in the world. I’m grounded, real, practical, yet wildly attuned to spiritual and conscious awareness. There’s nothing airy-fairy or New Age-y about the work I offer. I’ve done my homework, and I know what I’m talking about. Working in the field I do, I’ve become so appreciative of compassion as an antidote to empathic over-sensitivity. I’ve learned how to harness compassion as a resource to being fully present without taking on or holding other people’s emotions and experiences. Truthfully, I’ve learned over years of studying energy, conscious awareness and what it takes to be fully human, that compassion is a foundational cornerstone to being self-aware and present. I am beyond grateful for this understanding because there are many people who seek to evolve beyond their empathic sensitivity, to learn to connect without taking on and holding other people’s stories, pain, loss, anger and grief. I teach this in a course called the Clean Course. I know that I’m here to bring this work to practitioners and interested learners who are ready for this type of personal and professional transformation.

What are my aspirations?

At the risk of sounding arrogant, my most important goal is to help those who are ready to be in deep connection to all that exists on this beautiful planet and in this astounding Universe through the lens of compassion and grace. Am I grace? No. Am I compassion? No. I see compassion and grace as attributes, as being-states that enable me to connect to All That Is. I have no intention of being buried when I die, but if my epitaph were to read, ‘she showed up and invited others to be present, compassionate and connected’, that would reflect one heck of a ride this time around the karmic wheel, don’t you think?

Personally, my goals are pretty simple. Integrate my life in such a way that I can work, rest, restore and relax, deliver and produce, show up and retreat in a state of ease and flow. Most of the time, this is a pretty simple formula for me. I am grateful to have such a phenomenal understanding of how to create and generate with intention, attention and energy as my tools and resources.

My Biggest Success?

I don’t believe I turn out great practitioners through my energy healing practitioner program. I believe I help already great practitioners evolve their capacity and capability. My greatest satisfaction comes from watching those who study with me take their personal and professional work to ever higher levels of consciousness and connection with Source.

I also believe I’ve raised a really great son. He’s a loving, kind, generous and intelligent man who shows up for his wife, friends, family and colleagues. He’s a wonderful man, and I am so grateful to be his mom.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Years ago I made a decision with my (at the time) business partner to close our corporate consulting business, lay off our staff of employees, default on a bank loan (which I personally repaid) and cast my professional life to the winds. The corporate world was no longer my oyster. I felt stifled, constricted and unsatisfied. I had been studying the human energy field (chakras, auras, Astral, Etheric & Mental/Causal planes) for many years as a sideline interest. Somehow it became my primary focus. Could I make a living, feed my family, grow my nest egg, have a life…as an energy practitioner and teacher? I had no idea. But it was what I felt called and compelled to do. I embraced my terror, paid off the bank loan and began to teach and practice energy healing full-time. My transit from corporate clone to teacher and practitioner began in January, 2003. My story has evolved, grown, been enriched and fulfilled many times over. Do I earn a living being Who I Am? Yes. I do. I’ve never looked back.

My Motto?

I have a lot of mottos. I teach using metaphors because it brings esoteric concepts to life. It’s hard to pick a favorite motto or mantra since I’ve articulated so many over the years.

I suppose one of the phrases that is always meaningful to me, whether in my own life or to share with clients and students is, Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. In other words, where I place my focus and attention matters. If I’m focused on what I want to create and actualize, my energy, intention and attention are aligned with my desired creation. If I’m focused on what I don’t want, I’m aligned with my undesired creation or outcome. I can bounce back from disappointment or setbacks pretty easily because of this mantra. I move my awareness away from the disappointment and on to what I want to create to overcome the issue or obstacle, and I know I’m back in the flow of creation.

If you’re interested in a powerful course on aligning energy, intention and attention in order to actualize and manifest, I highly recommend you check out Conscious Creation.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My favorite people are those who are fearless in their desire to show up and make a difference. They’re in many walks of life, they’re known and unknown characters. People who live their lives through presence and in-the-moment awareness, who walk their talk and align with their intentions are easy for me to respect, admire and emulate.

One such person, Jane Roberts, has been dead for many years now. In the 1960’s, Jane Roberts began channeling the Seth material. She brought through profoundly insightful information about consciousness, reality, the frameworks of our different states of being and awareness. I’ve read and re-read the Seth books multiple times over the years. There’s always a copy of one of her books on my bedside table. The material is so deep and provocative, that it’s something I read in small bites, not pages at a time. How I see myself, others, the world around us, the Cosmos and the Earth have been shaped and informed by a constant relationship with the Seth sessions.

And another Seth - this one very much alive and kicking, showing up authentically day in and day out: Seth Godin. He’s amazing. I appreciate his insights and wisdom about doing business well. He runs incredible marketing seminars and offers enormous value with every post that he shares. Some of them are so succinct that he conveys a world of meaning in 2 or 3 sentences. He’s very clearly leveraging and owning his brand, and yet I know in every fiber of my bones, that his brand is who he is. He’s gotten it right, because he is himself. What’s not to love about that?

Another amazing role model for me, also now deceased, is a woman named Janet. I won’t share her last name, because she was not an internet phenom. She didn’t have a website. She was a real person who lived a profoundly impactful life, nearly til the end. Janet was one of 3 people who survived a plane crash that occurred when she was in her late 20’s. Flying from Washington, D.C., to New Haven, CT, in a foggy storm, the commercial plane crashed on the runway. She walked out of the burning plane, suffering serious burns on her hands and feet, went through counseling to process the experience and then went on to live her ordinary and extraordinary life. What I loved most about Janet was her extreme pleasure in being alive, no matter what she was doing or experiencing. Her death was as exemplary as her life. She was attending a board meeting at her Alma Mater, went to bed following the meeting and never woke up. Beautiful woman whom? I’ll always love and admire.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I love road trips through the American West and the desert, Europe, especially Wales, Amsterdam, Italy. Domestically, Down East Maine owns a piece of my heart, and more recently, I’ve fallen in love with Bend, Oregon. I’m particularly drawn to places with wide open spaces that help me access and feel the paradox of my bigness and my smallness. I love Portland, Oregon, where I live now. It’s a crazy mess of a city, but it’s home and it feels right to live here. And I can’t begin to imagine how life would have unfolded had I not spent so many years in Boston when I opened the Energy Healing Institute and launched my client practice.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Any gardening tool is a friend of mine. I also love my laptop, there’s creativity baked inside! I am not much of a shopper, except that I love to haunt consignment stores for furniture. Over time, with patience and a fraction of the cost of new furniture, I’ve furnished my home. Right down to the dishes and glasses in the cupboards! When I find a piece that is just the right thing…sometimes after looking and waiting for a couple of years, it’s a special kind of happy. Buying from consignment means that everyone gets a deal – I get the piece I want and need and the seller and the consignment store split the money. It makes me happy to furnish my home with pieces that other people have loved for some period of time and then replaced or let go of for someone else to love.

My Current Passions?

My current passion is my life as I know it and live it every day. I have reinvented my entire life in the past 4 or 5 years. I’m turning 60 in 2018, and I truly feel as though the best years are yet to come. I’m passionate about being who I am, doing what I love to do and showing up in my life as authentically as possible. I’m learning new things all the time about running a successful online business. I have a team of people who work with me and support me in my business, and I’m grateful to have co-conspirators in this work!  I’m blessed with truly wonderful people who are treasured friends and colleagues. I have amazing people who I have the privilege to teach and mentor. My whole life is my passion. It’s been a joy to write the responses to these questions, because they have brought me home to myself in such powerful ways. Thank you for inviting me to participate in the New Native AdVantage interview series!