Maurice Brown: Inspirational Speaker

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My name is Maurice Brown.  @Always_Living_Blessed: I want to change the world with each motivational quote and video I create! My goal is to provide real-life advice and give each person the desire to have a more positive outlook about their day. Afterall, each new day is a blessing in itself. My inspiration stems from years of seeing people degrade themselves and witnessing the lack of respect they had for themselves. Everyone should appreciate and respect themselves first; you are a priority!

So how did this wonderful blessing to help others begin you may ask? Well, one day I decided I wanted to share the motivation and positive vibes I was feeling with others to help motivate and inspire them in some way, which led to the creation of my first quote! After posting some quotes, I began to get followers (whom I truly appreciate) and who seemed to really be interested in what I had to say. Soon my followers began messaging me about something going on in their life or in their relationship, and I would answer their questions and pray for them occasionally. Then, I decided to make a video in response to one of my followers questions because I figured this could not only help them, but may also be beneficial to other followers too. The videos seems to be a hit and have proven to be a great way for me to engage with my followers even more!

Q: What do I do best?

A: I inspire people to think, to have a positive outlook and to keep going/pushing forward.

Q: What makes me the best version of myself?

A: I keep my mind open so that I can continue to grow and to learn.

Q: What are my biggest successes so far?

A: My two boys (proud father right here), and people telling me thank you and to continue doing what I am doing. I truly appreciate all of the love and motivation my followers show to me.

Q: What has been my most challenging moment to date?

A: This would have to be when I finally made the decision to put myself out there on YouTube. I wasn’t sure how people would receive me and my messages. So far, the feedback has been positive and encouraging.

Q: What is my motto?

A: Progressing, because I’m progressing every day to be a better version of myself!

Q: Who are my favorite people/role models?

A: Jesus, my mom, my boys (Jr. & Hiro), Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, TD Jakes and Oprah - are all people who make me want to be the best version of myself and to continue creating motivational quotes and videos to change the world.

Q: What are my favorite places/destinations?

A: Florida (Key West), the Bahamas, Montreal, Jamaica and Guyana, all hold special places in my heart.

Q: What are my favorite technology products to use?

A: My iPhone and iPad so that I can continue to spread my messages and reach people on a global scale.

Q: What are my current passions?

A: Writing my book and getting my Instagram and YouTube channel to grow even further (follow me at @always_living_blessed). I pray that one day this will all evolve in to a TV show. How cool would that be?