Alex Schenker: MovNat Level 3 Natural Movement Trainer, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Teacher & Sotai & Shiatsu Therapist

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Alex Schenker is a MovNat Level 3 Natural Movement Trainer, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Teacher & Sotai & Shiatsu Therapist.

What do I do best?

Observation. Whether in my manual therapy practice, when learning new movements and skills, or when coaching people to find out what they need to do to improve their movement. Without a strong mindset of observation, I wouldn't be able to feel what is wrong with the body in my treatments, move the way I move, and feel what I need to do to improve, or figure out what my clients are doing that makes their movement look not-quite-right.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I am not the best version of myself. I am the only version of myself. Every day I grow more and more. Even my setbacks strengthen me, and it is this mindset of continuous development and the conscious practice of humility that makes me greater and greater every day.

What are my aspirations?

My personal aspirations are to continue to develop my craft. To continue to refine my movement practice, therapy practice, and martial arts development until I die. As far as my contribution to the world goes, I would like to share the knowledge and practice that I acquire with people around the world who can benefit from learning how to move more efficiently, build strength and flexibility, prevent injuries, and facilitate their own natural healing process.

My biggest success?

My biggest success was making the transition from working for a clinic, to becoming independently self employed.

My most challenging moment

I'm not going to get too deeply into detail, but standing up for what's right against a figure of authority knowing that it would cause me a lot of grief. That's when I realized that nothing is more important than people supporting and protecting each other.

My Motto?

Approach everything with a beginner's mind. Even your area of expertise.

My favorite role models?

Spiderman, Super Mario, and Goku. They seem to have it all worked out.

My favorite places/destinations?

Mountains. Any mountains!

My favorite products/objects?

Tabi shoes, which are shoes with an individualized segment for the big toe. The big toe is a mechanism for propulsion, so the more it can be engaged independently the better. They also really hug my feet nicely and are very reliable for balancing and other finer movements.

My current passions?

I am deeply passionate about the practice of practical movement in its many forms, whether it be stretching and mobility, martial arts, or dynamic real-world movement. I want to continue to develop my ability, understanding, and practical application of movement in many different practical contexts.