Sashi Gerzon-Rose: Psychotherapist & yoga teacher

My NativeAdVantage:


Sashi Gerzon-Rose is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher in Boulder, Colorado, and serves as adjunct faculty in the Graduate School of Psychology at Naropa University. She is a Zen practitioner, and loves poetry, dance, sitting with unanswerable questions, and experiencing the magic that can occur in the most ordinary moments, with the simply remembrance of awareness. She is grateful to her dog and husband for the depth of love that they so willingly offer and receive.

What do I do best?

I have an innate ability to see beauty- in others, myself, the world around me- regardless of whether what I am seeing fits into the conventional paradigm of what our culture considers to be beautiful. This often allows me to connect with what is happening (or who I am with) from a place of appreciation and discovery. This helps me particularly in my work with clients as it lends towards seeing someone in a fresh new way, and can lead to a deeper sense of understanding that we both can access from this lens of discovery and appreciation.

What makes me the best version of myself?

My emotions are so vivid, and have been such a driving force in my life for as long as I can remember. While I didn't always know how to work with them (and struggled with being very sensitive and without skill or guidance when I was younger), they have always connected me to my heart. I think this constant link to my heart has been crucial, as it's driven many of my choices throughout life. Through many years of meditation and training, I now know how to appreciate my emotions without necessarily doing what they tell me to do, at least initially. But I can't imagine my life without them.

My aspirations?

At this moment.. my aspirations are to get off the phone and screen more and practice doing what I love- playing piano, singing, writing, reading, training my puppy. I think screen time is such a cultural epidemic and I, too, struggle with disconnecting (so that I may actually connect).

Professionally, I am working on creating mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainings for organizations. I think bringing this material into the workplace and a bigger group of people is so important, and exciting. The more accessible and commonplace it becomes, the better our world will be.

My biggest success?

This one is hard. Learning how to struggle and not give up. Not attach to "success" per say, and remember that failure and success are intimately intertwined and in bed with each other. Always.

My most challenging moment?

Would probably be navigating a really painful and traumatic break-up. It taught me invaluable lessons, and made me revisit places that I had buried deep and far away, so for that I am grateful, but it is the kind of gratitude that I grit my teeth remembering, and simultaneously feel grateful that it is something I am no longer going through.

My Motto?

There are no rules. There are no rules, but if there was a rule, choose kindness.

Role Models?

Martin Luther King Jr; when I think of that man, I feel inspired, humbled, even slightly scared by the immensity of his faith in humanity, and by the power of his life. He reminds me of what is possible, if we humans give ourselves to something bigger.

And, of course, Buddha. When I think of Buddha, I remember that inside of me, there is a Buddha, so it's a helpful reminder to turn the light inwards, so to speak.

Favorite Places?

The ocean, specifically Caribbean, but any shoreline will do. The mountains. Any place outside where civilization drops away and we remember that we are a part of a much bigger web.

Favorite Products?

Bubbles, for bubble baths. Really great moisturizer. My husband's hat that I steal.

My current passions?

Sitting on my meditation cushion. remembering space, and stillness. Cuddling with my dog. Remembering that I love to read. Seeing great performances- art, theatre, dance, music. People who are fiercely dedicated to being of service in this world. Thank you- I love you.