Heidi Paavilainen: Transformative coach, Yoga teacher & Writer

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Heidi Paavilainen is a Transformative coach who helps women and men awaken to their true potential, find that greater sense of wellbeing from within and have relationships that feel good.

What do I do best?

My super power is my ability to be aware that I’m as magnificent and ordinary as anyone else on this Earth.

What makes me the best version of myself?

My most important quality that has got me to where I am today, and keeps me on the right path going beyond my limits is understanding that I’m part of something greater than myself. My best ideas lies within me and my inspiration is the bridge and tool that allows me to access my full potential.

My Aspirations?

My aspiration is to fully and completely follow my heart. The more I have allowed myself to trust the small voices of wisdom within me the more everything in my life has worked out beyond my limitless thinking. Trust more, fully and completely follow my heart, even when it doesn’t make sense to my intellect, is a path of joy and success I want to more boldly explore.

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success has been coming across this understanding that has allowed me to awaken to see my true nature. It has allowed me to find the happiness and love I was always looking for from within me and see my life, myself and my relationships in a whole new light. Where I used to see challenges, sadness and despair I now see love, understanding and light — And to be able to help others from this place is priceless.

My Most Challenging Moment?

My most challenging moment was when I experienced my first and second anxiety attack — And yet the experience was my biggest gift as well. It opened me up to seeing that my experiences in the moment had nothing to do with the reality and everything to do with my own thinking. After that I understood that I would always survive no matter what challenges I would face in life. It opened me up to seeing my own power and after that anxiety has never had the same power over me.

My Motto?

We self create our experiences through our thinking, and when we begin to see how that is true our life will never be the same.

Favorite People/Role Models?

Sydney Banks, George Pransky, Elsie Spittle, Chip Chipman, Rohini Ross and Barbara Patterson

Favorite places?

My favorite place on this Earth is home — And I am lucky to have two places I can call home 1. Finland — Where I come from. In addition to my family and all the other beautiful people I have there, the more I have stayed away from this beautiful place the more I have learned to appreciate it. 2. Australia — The place where I live now. Almost every day I get amazed by this beautiful country and the clear, blue ocean that surrounds it.

Favorite Products?

My favorite tools are my mentors’ and teachers’ videos and books, that point me to the right direction and support me in finding my own answers from within.

Current Passions?

Life — The beauty of life that amazes me and keeps on surprising me every day in multiple different ways.