Caroline Buchanan: 5x Mountain Bike World Champion & Australian Olympian

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Caroline Buchanan classifies herself as more than a cyclist – though her passion for anything with two wheels is what drives the dream. An athlete, business woman, social media influencer, mentor, proud advocate for women in sport and reality television tragic, World Champion and Olympian Caroline has been ear marked as one of the new guard of Australian Athlete. Her down to earth attitude makes her one of the most approachable Australian sportswomen, despite having achieved six elite World Championships and twenty Australian National titles over three cycling disciplines. Always one to reach for the stars, Caroline set herself the lofty goal of winning four elite World Championships in three different cycling disciplines in just 56 days, across three different continents. She eclipsed all expectations by winning two of those World Championships, getting bronze in the third and placing fifth in the fourth. Caroline has been recognised as the first BMX or Mountain Bike cyclist to win the coveted Sir Hubert Opperman Trophy for Australian Cyclist of the Year – and the third female athlete of any discipline to win. Caroline has also been the recipient of the Australian People’s Choice Cyclist of the Year, a seven time recipient of the Elite Woman’s BMX Cyclist of the Year andfour time recipient of the Elite Woman’s Mountain Bike Cyclist of the Year,  a joint AIS Athlete of the Year and a finalist in both the ACT Young Australian of the Year and the Young Canberran of the Year.

What do I do best

Thinking outside of the box and being unique both on and off the bike. I have never wanted to follow the same training program as someone else I have always wanted to put the work in and then see the results and adjust with my coaches and support network off that! Unique is power and when your focus is to better yourself in all aspects it makes the top of the podium step easier to continue to stand on top of.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Same as above ,,,,,

What are my aspirations?

One major stone I have left unturned within the sport of bmx is an Olympic medal... of any colour! My major sporting goal is to achieve this in Tokyo 2020!

Personally and in business I want to continue  being a role model, mentor to girls and give back through grants like #BuchananNextGen supporting 2 Aussie girls to compeate at the bmx world championships each year! I would love to expand my support for women after my career as well as be involved in marketing and sports media more! I have a real passion for sport but also on the creative marketing side as well as media and presenting!

My Biggest Success?

Flying the green and gold and competing  in 2 Olympic Games for Australia. As well as winning 8 World championships Titles!

My Most Challenging Moment?

My recent biggest success, surviving a life threatening off road vehicle roll over. Which left me with a broken sternum, broken nose and 2 collapsed lungs. Every day in my rehab and recovery is a personal best! My next podium when I return to sport will be my biggest achievement to date!

My Motto?

Be you stay true!

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Layne Beachley 7x world surfing champion because she is a real down to earth legend who paved the way for women in surfing and kept the ladder down behind her brining athletes of the future up with her!

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Whistler Canada for mountain biking, Santorini for relaxing, matchu pitchu for exploring and California becasue its my new home!

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My Oakley eyewear!! Because as a brand and athlete we share the same passion & #OneObsession!

My Current Passions?

Off the bike french bulldogs are my heart as well as @barrynobles95