Dr. Justin Tan: Chiropractor & Founder, ROLLAX

My NativeAdVantage:


Dr. Justin Tan is fascinated by movement and is committed to a practice of personal and collective growth. With a passion for continual learning and sharing, he thrives off of cultivating experiences and evidence informed knowledge surrounding movement, self-development, and life optimization. Having amazing communities to serve Justin provides medical and performance therapy for the Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh and Skeleton teams. He is a movement and health ambassador for both Lululemon Athletica and Clear Float Spa, and is also a privileged Instructor for the movement company, Rocktape.   

Graduating with a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine (D.C). Justin received the Palmer West Clinical Excellence and Virgil V. Strang Chiropractic Philosophy awards. Accolades which are distinguishing honours reflecting his commitment to delivering a result orientated treatment alongside a optimal client experience. Justin practices with a focus on community and client engagement and education. Currently practicing in Calgary, Alberta, through a movement and biospsychosocial approach Justin empowers and inspires his clients, to move freely while living an optimally healthy life of value, love and coherence. Complimentary to clinical practice Dr. Justin innovated and instructs ROLLAX where movement, mobility and self myofascial treatment strategies are delivered through a guided experiential class.

What do I do best?

Cultivating connection. Three areas in my life where this is practiced and honoured. Deepening that self connection and awareness for me starts with a passionate practice for anything to do with movement. Whether it is on my mat, the climbing wall or in nature, first and foremost this self practice of cultivating inner connection is well appreciated. As a Doctor of Chiropractic the end treatment goal is always to deepen connection. The opportunity to work with a person one on one, creates moments of trust, feeling and engagement. When clients leave with a greater understanding and awareness of their current experience and feel connected to a life that allows them to move more freely, for me that is the ultimate success in a result driven clinical practice. Cultivating connection as a innovator and facilitator of a movement experience called Rollax. We utilize movement, self myofascial treatment techniques (functional foam rolling) and mindfulness practices to support and challenge participants to deepen awareness and connection to their bodies, mind and community as we experience it together as a collective.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Being Open. To truly boil it down to a singularity, openness seeds its way into everything that has brought me to where I am today. It is a quality that continues to challenge me to show up as my best self. For me openness is meeting every moment, interaction and opportunity with kindness, curiosity and vulnerability.

What are my aspirations?

Personal aspirations are to engage, share and create a life of value, coherence and love. I am committed to growth, for my self and the collective. To serve this in my own adventurous, authentically aware and stoked expression is my personal aspiration.

Business aspirations are to continue developing a connected and sustainable vocation that allows me to “workplay”. Workplay is basically getting paid or creating resource abundance while having the most fun, in all honesty I can not call what I get to do“work”. To maintain a thriving clinical practice as well as striving to be a global influencer cultivating movement, awareness and connection would be my business aspirations.

My Biggest Success?

Staying true and committing to the process of thriving as a doctor of chiropractic medicine. It is not necessarily the accomplishment of obtaining a doctorate that I am proud of. Earlier on It was the persistence it took navigating through the preconceived prejudices regarding the chiropractic profession. Paying close attention and feeling to what my gut was telling me regardless of the opinions of family, peers and other health professionals, allowed me to become a ambassador for a profession that I am absolute in love with and one that I am so honoured to serve.  Success here in the now, is the continual constant and never-ending choice to improve on clinical and health awareness as a doctor of chiropractic. Through this process it has allowed me to innovate Rollax, which has proven to be a health and performance resource that absolutely anyone with a body and consciousness can benefit from. Pulling from a plethora of health resources, clinical experience and educational knowledge, Rollax is a curated experience that has exponentially helped serve the greater collective. The Rollax experience has been shared with pregnant woman to optimize how they move through their nine month journey, as well as with Canadian Olympic athletes to enhance their athletic performance. In the end it is a offering that helps me fulfill my doctorate oath, which the Latin roots of “Doctor” lay in the ability and obligation “to teach”.  

My Most Challenging Moment?

Quite notably the most difficult personal decision was making the return back to Calgary, Alberta. The Bay Area of Northern California in the heart of the innovative and robust silicone valley, was where I got to pursue my education at Palmer West College of Chiropractic. Spending four years developing meaningful relationships, establishing a connected community, honing in on my theoretical and practical chiropractic passions, having well established health practices offered to me for my taking, along side thoroughly enjoying the seemingly effortless Californian surfing lifestyle, to say the least it was a challenge choosing to take the journey back to Calgary. As hard as it was, the ace that made the decision a no brainer was family. Having spent the majority of six years away from my nuclear family it was time to return home. With hindsight being 20/20, looking back I would not change a single event as the opportunities, community and connection at home in Calgary continually keeps me in awe and gratitude for the all that has been. Without the guidance, influence, support and challenge of a certain few individuals here in Calgary, there is no question the trajectory of my life would be much different than where it is currently heading.     

My Motto?

“Thank you”. Simply two words that have become my personal mantra moment to moment. What is there not to be grateful for? So many times have these words automatically been repeated in my mind even in the most inconvenient, dissonant situations. But, they always seem to ring true the essence behind any experience.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Aside from my mother, father and brother, creator of Philosophers Notes and optimize.me, Brian Johnson has been a huge personal and entrepreneurial role model. His life hacking resources continue to help me be resilient, inspired and empowered. Brian has created a resource and community that continually quenches my thirst and hunger for personal development, leadership, entrepreneurial and life enriching, optimizing knowledge. One of my favourite concepts he shares is living a life fully in Arete, a Greek word standing for excellence and the act of living up to one’s fullest potential.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

The oceanic bits that allow for surfing and scuba diving, lots to explore but have been fortunate to enjoy the coastal offerings of Eastern Australia, Bali Indonesia, Penang Malaysia, Ko Phi Phi Thailand, south island New Zealand and southern Mexico. The mountain ranges of Alberta, British Columbia and Montana will always be home. Am looking forward to the rain forests of South America and the cultural diversity of Europe and the Middle Eastern countries.      

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Head, heart and hands for tools of service. iPhone as it connects me with my loved ones and the collective, allows me to capture moments and stores memories if I do not have my DSLR camera on hand, and holds access to all the music! Journal & guitar which are my go to outlets for creativity and exploration. Books for awareness and expansion. Birkenstocks, as they protect my soles, yet free my toes. Canadian Passport key to adventure and travel.

My Current Passions?

Health, Movement, Mother Earth, Nature & Animals, Adventure, Connection, Sharing and Creating. From serving my community in clinic, growing Rollax locally and globally, being a member of the Rocktape instructor family, to taking some deliberate breaths on my mat and moving intentionally. I am pretty passionate about it all. It fires me up thinking about the amazing lessons to be learned from others who are also committed to sharing their stories bravely. Anchoring to the cost/benefit analysis of not sharing myself authentically and genuinely to the world is what keeps me aligned with integrity when it comes to those inevitable trying, challenging times along the journey of expressing a compelling vision. Knowing that I can make a difference in even just one more human beings life is what motivates my actions.