Blue Marsden: Author & Founder, Holistic Healing College

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Blue Marsden is the author of the Soul Plan: Reconnect with your True Life Purpose as well as founder and director of the Holistic Healing College, the London School of Chi Kung and the London College of Hypnotherapy. After many years of working with various intuitive methods he came across a little known system that resonated more than any other and after incorporating this into his own practice decided to introduce it as a module in the counselling programme he founded. Over the years Blue researched the deeper origins of this work and on discovering synchronicities with his own non-dual understanding has subsequently modernized it, added new interpretations and channelled additional material and healing interventions to form what is now known as the Soul Plan system.

What do I do best?

Empowerment -  I actively have sought to engage with a wide remit of people and have always been fascinated by all types of human interaction even that which is seemingly mundane.

Starting out young as a therapist offering an eclectic mix of services I have benefited over the years from from working with a large and diverse clientele with a wide range of issues.

This orientation and other factors have given me a fairly deep insight into human nature. What specifically interests me now is our collective capacity for growth in awareness and the positive impact of the integration this entails on others and our environment.

As a result I am probably best at being an empowerer of people who wish to expand their awareness and actively help others. In doing this work there is more often than not a transformational shift that takes place - it is not something that I control but it is an effect I can work with, trust and rely on to come through - I consider this a great blessing. In the last few years I have created a new therapy system known as Soul Transformation Therapy which is a vehicle for doing all of the above - empowering, integrating and reconnecting others.

What makes me the best version of myself?

An initial lack of purpose...

For someone who once wrote a book about a system that reconnects you to your purpose for much of my early life I had little sense of it on a personal level. In my younger years this was due to a lack of direction.

Then just when a direction in helping others was unfolding and I was starting out as a therapist in my twenties, I had a kind of realisation which was great in relieving a lot of existential anxiety yet paradoxically involved seeing beyond purpose (ultimately there is no purpose other than just being) which again left me somewhat purposeless in an everyday sense.  

For quite a long period this was highly impractical and rather unfulfilling on a personality level but fortunately some sort of balance of the spiritual insight with the physical reality gradually emerged. The key therefore for being the best version of myself I discovered was to simply do and follow what I am good at whilst surrendering to something beyond individuality. Out of that a fascinating direction unfolds - I call that reconnection with purpose but in a sense it is about simply being... (you).

In my case that also involves less thought more action.

What are my aspirations?

In terms of business everything is working well but I do have a sense I could reach and affect many more people. So it is how to do this in a way that is inspiring, effective and somewhat unique to keep it interesting and challenging. We have embraced social media for the college early doors but I haven't had the time or inclination to devote much personal time to this which might be one possible route to expansion.

My sense is more international opportunities could be on the horizon - we started another Japanese branch of my College in 2007 and I usually spend a couple of months in Tokyo teaching. However I have connections with other parts of the world too so I am sure other international opportunities will arise. I will also likely write more books and perhaps when I am older create music and art as I enjoy being creative.

My Biggest Success?

Being a catalyst for many people who have connected with a sense of purpose or vocation which has greatly benefited others.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Starting a College at a relatively young age. I wasn't much more than 30, I had no business experience when my courses really started to take off and they seemed especially initially to attract participants who were often significantly older than me. Most of the challenges of guiding people through what back then was an eighteen month transformational process emerged in the first few years. I think a school needs to get established for a good decade to know if it will last and in order to find out how it serves best. Nowadays coming towards the end of a second decade it is a smooth and very satisfying process and the students are beginning to look young!

My Motto?

Mottos always change but the simple principle of 'find something you enjoy doing and trust that the means and support will emerge' has certainly worked for me.

Favorite People/ Role Modles?

Nurses, Samaritans and people who work in hospices - these people both inspire me and create a passion within that in turn makes me want to help and empower them. Sadly on one level (but very fortunately for our College) we have received an increasing number of applications from nurses disillusioned with the bureaucracy and stifling environment of their work who wish to retrain with us to become private holistic counsellors and therapists. They have lost that pure expression of their service desire and need to find a new outlet.. which I am more than happy to provide.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I spend at least 2 months of the  year in Japan - nowadays I opt to go in the Autumn and Spring which I think are the most beautiful times (it's too hot and humid in the summer!). I have travelled fairly widely but I can't think of many places other than where I live in East Sussex that I would rather be in the summer: relatively speaking it gets more sunshine than most other parts of the UK and I have sea, woods and the quirky towns of Hastings and St Leonards all close by. I just need to sort out a good winter destination...

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I always appreciate gifts and I do enjoy seeing beautiful art but I can't think of any products or objects that I am greatly attached to. However what I will include here are my set of 'Atlantean Paddles' which are as yet little known healing tools with a very ancient feel. They could be described described as shamanic wands each with a different colour and shape and they exude an otherworldly quality..
They were created by Frank Alper (1930 to 2007). I share a very similar 'Soul Plan' (a life purpose vibration that anyone can discover in my book Soul Plan) to Frank and after he departed his wife Katharina who I now work with gifted me with the last set of Paddles. I immediately connected with them and somehow instinctively knew how to use them.  Since then they have been integrated into many of my private sessions and in recent years Katharina has followed her guidance to commission a new production and has asked me to teach this. She is very certain the time is right to reintroduce this powerful healing modality.