Emilynn Rose: Photographer

My NativeAdVantage:


A visionary, a creator, a photographer. Emilynn Rose is a Los Angeles native and her passion lies behind the lens of a camera. At what would be the start of her amateur career, Emilynn began taking photos of her family and friends. Shorty after, at the young age of 15, she fell in love with fashion photography and her professional career as a photographer took off.

What do I do best?

What I do best is Fashion and Lifestyle photography! I am also an amazing portrait photographer. I love to capture people’s souls.

What makes me the best version of myself?

What makes me the best version of myself, is that I am 100% myself. I don’t ever try to be like anyone else. I wake up everyday for myself, and not to please anyone else.

What are my aspirations?

My dream is to be the best photographer that I can be. I am taking life as it goes, and I know that with my hard work, dedication and art, that I can be one of the best photographers out there.

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success in my career is becoming a professional photographer and making a living out of my dream. Also, having people see and want my work is amazing, I never thought I would be booking out weeks or months ahead, which I am truly thankful for!

My Most Challenging Moment?

My most challenging moment, is getting through artist blocks! They are the hardest to get through, but I just keep telling myself, I always will get through any hard situations.

My Motto?

You are the creator of your own success.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Petra Collins, is one of my idols at the moment. She has such an amazing vision and her art is truly herself!

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

My favorite place in the world is the beach. I love being by the ocean. Ideally I would love to vacation it every month to a tropical destination and get lost on the beach in my baiting suit.

My Favorite Products/Objects?


My Current Passions?

My current passion right now besides photography is making smoothies. I love creating and tasting smoothies that I put together by trying out different ingredients in it. I’m trying to live the healthy lifestyle! Haha