Katerina Polychroniou: Founder, XPLOREFIT Retreats & lululemon Ambassador

My NativeAdVantage:


I am Katerina Polychroniou. In 2006 I was in a bad car accident and at the same time I found out I was pregnant. It was then that Yoga found me. After I had my little one I continued my practice and was amazed by all the changes I was seeing within my energy, my physical body, my overall strength and well being. My experience as a personal trainer paired with the results I was receiving with yoga influenced me to create  Xplorefit, which is the best of both worlds, an overall body workout followed by a yoga practice completed in 60 minutes. In my classes, workshops and retreats we are constantly laughing, challenging ourselves and exploring every opportunity to learn and grow. When people ask me what’s the best part of my “job” the same answer keeps coming to my mind, it’s the fact that I don’t see it like a job. I am the one who is always learning and I will always consider myself a student. My greatest teacher is my 10 year old son by far!!!! Obsessed with the sky I always take time to look up, also a big animal lover currently have a 14 year old dog and looking in adopting another one soon. I am a traveler and a lover of life!

What do I do best?

Probably just breathe….One of my biggest strengths is that I stay grounded and super calm especially when the world around me becomes very chaotic both in my business and my personal life.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Self-awareness and accepting that I am not perfect and only human and being ok with it.  Also acknowledging the humanity of the ones around me and being more compassionate.

By embracing that, I strive to be the best I can be. It is definitely a lot of continuous work which I am determined to do for life, cause eventually it creates a ripple effect and makes the world a better place.

What are my aspirations?

Inspire and be Inspired! Inspire the ones around me to become their best self, dream big and believe they can do anything they put their minds and hearts into.

I crave inspiration and tend to find it everywhere now days. I love to talk to passionate, creative people and see the spark in their eyes.

I believe we are all here to create so we can better each other’s lives and eventually the world. My goal is to inspire others to find passion in everything they do. When I founded XPLOREFIT my innovative workout, I wanted to give all that to my students.

My biggest desire is to keep traveling and meet  different people from different cultures also to expand  my XPLOREFIT retreats worldwide.

My Biggest Success?

My 10 year old son by far which I call my biggest teacher. I must admit not easy to raise a child but he is the light in my life. He teaches me unconditional love daily and he makes me search deep inside. I want to be a better person when I am around him.

And XPLOREFIT of course my” baby” I call it The Work Out and The Work In. I created this 60 min innovative training of 40 min HIIT and 20 min yoga for all of us that try to fit in an hour a physical and spiritual practice.

My Most Challenging Moment?

The moment that I decided to leave my uninspiring corporate job.

I was making a lot of money, I had reached where I wanted to be professionally, but I realized I still was not happy despite the fact that I had everything I thought I wanted. It was a hard decision and also a hard transition but well worth it. I had been trying to have a baby for 5years and I got pregnant the month after I quit my high stress job……and then yoga came to my life….and the rest is history.

My Motto?

We all come from love, crave love and thrive in love. Everything else my love is just NOISE.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

So many. My grandma she was wise and so loving to me. She raised 9 kids on her own.  She was a strong loving woman.  My son of course because he makes my world a better place.

I find everyday people inspiring all the time and tend to surround myself with them. My  friends are definitely inspiring they range  from 16year old teenagers to 80-year-old  grown up and they all have that in common. Anyone that is passionate and follows their dreams while helping other people on the way is my Role Model.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I have travelled quite a bit but I do have a soft spot for the Mediterranean especially the Aegean sea islands. I was born and raised in Athens Greece and that is another favorite place that I hold closely in my heart. The energy there is unique. It is home away from home and it is pretty amazing.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I have a few of them  but I never leave home without my lululemon 5mm yoga mat. Since I am a minimalist. “ La Roche Posay baume AP+” is always in my travel bag, I use it all over my body and face, my Nikes you never know when you can squeeze a good sweat session in and  my moonstone crystal  Mala, moonstones  enhance creativity, promotes inspiration and inner growth .

My Current Passions?

XPLOREFIT the work out and the work in …I wish I had time to practice it daily.