Namaste Jenay (Jenay Rose): E-RYT 500 Yoga teacher & Lifestlyle Influencer

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Namaste Jenay (Jenay Rose) is a renowned yoga teacher and lifestyle influencer in Los Angeles. Her passion is to spread mind, body, and spirit wellness tips and tricks for the everyday girl. She recently released her ebook, titled "manifest your best self", which offers real life practices and techniques in meditation, and self-development. Follow Jenay on Instagram for more!

What do I do best?

I have always been incredibly perceptive – the point that it’s gotten be in trouble. I can see when someone is faking something – whether online or in person, I can call out something that’s wrong without flinching. I suppose this could also be called courageous perception, but as I work on myself, I am trying to release the harsh combative side that comes along with this. Everyone is on their journey, and I think perception can turn into judgment without enough self-control!

I live in my authenticity, which I think is something that draws people to me. My mom says I have the “come talk to me gene” because people are always coming up to me to chat. Maybe I have an inviting face? Who knows.

I also think that I’m a really good friend. I hold people close to my heart. I love having friends, and this gets me burned a lot. I let someone in too close, too fast, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What makes me the best version of myself?

My intrinsic self-reflection makes me the best version of myself. I am always, always looking at myself thinking, what could I have done better/ differently, why did I do this, how can I change this? Again, this is a slippery slope that can lead to a lot of judgment and self-doubt so it’s important to tread lightly.

Also, the fact that I know I have so much to learn and so far to go, that I know I am a forever student. I think this level of ego-reduction keeps me moving forward. A lot of people have good intentions when it comes to self-improvement, but they are still being ruled by their shadow parts or temperamental ego. I have done a lot of work to step away from that part and I think it’s been crucial into my development of self. My deep desire to learn from anyone who will teach me, including myself, is also something that I really love about my self.

I’m also never afraid to try something new, speak up for what’s right, or fail. I’ll jump in blind, which can be a scary thing if you really stop to think about it, but I’m so glad I have that quality.

I also try to really root and live in gratitude, be grateful for the big and the small, the frustrating and the shitty because it’s all a piece of the puzzle.

Ah, so much I want to share!

What are my aspirations?

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur! And I suppose you could say I’m that now, but I think there is a lot of room for growth still. I’d love to invest in real estate in the near future. My fiancé and I’s main goal is to be able to buy property in Malibu or CA where we can open an animal rescue center ranch for abused or neglected animals – race horses who are going to be put down senselessly to 3 legged goats to all the puppies. We are huge, huge animal lovers.

As far as personal, I would love to be a thought leader, teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness around the world. But, I am keeping my path open. I think my journey is leading me somewhere and I just want to remain open and accepting to all of the gifts the universe has to offer.

My Biggest Success?

I just graduated from my second yoga teacher training, so I’m now a 500hr accredited teacher (yogaworks + yoga alliance certified), which is a big accomplishment.

Honestly, it was a tough 6 months! Just had a lot going on and I didn’t feel as connected to the program as I wanted to, but everything happens for a reason that’s for sure. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to continue learning about this practice. I love to learn so I think I will be a forever student.

Unrelated to yoga –  my biggest success was graduating from USC Cum Laude.

High school was a really tough time for me and I actually didn’t graduate from the school I attended for the first 3.5 years. My father became really ill and I got into trouble, so I finished high school at a continuation program while taking care of my dad who was sick with cancer. I graduated from that program with a high school degree, 3 months early so that I could enroll in a local private community college where I got a 4.0 freshman year and then was accepted into USC as a sophomore. It was a tumultuous few years, but looking back makes me really proud that I was able to accomplish that on my own. Definitely made me a stronger person.

My Most Challenging Moment?

What a loaded question. I’ve had a lot of life, and I think all of the experiences and traumas I’ve gone through expressed themselves as frustration, anger, short attention span, and a fog that sat over my shoulders for a long, long time. I never felt confident enough to listen to my inner voice, so I just went along with whatever others would tell me. I tried to be a people pleaser. I would do something for my mom or this person, hoping that would make me happy. It never did.

About 9 months ago, I quit my successful corporate job with one of the biggest brands in the world after just receiving a promotion, to follow my passion for yoga and the online community I was building on Instagram (@namatsejenay).

I was successful by society’s terms, but I was nothing short of miserable. Partying on the weekends to numb the pain of the week, I was falling back into a deep hole that I had recently crawled out of. And if it weren’t for the support of my now fiancé, Garrett, I don’t know if I would’ve had the gall to take the leap.

To leave a well paying job in LA to make ends meat is a HUGE risk. And there were times that I didn’t know if I was going to make rent. And that still happens to be frank! But, I have never felt closer to my path and I am so thankful that he gave me the nudge I needed to step off the corporate latter and follow my happy.

My Motto?

Believe. Achieve. Receive.

This is something I live by! It’s one of the main mantras in my ebook “manifest your best self” for life practices that will help you accomplish whatever it is you seek. To me, this breaks down the most purposeful way for how to attract and create the life you want.

First you have to believe it. You have to believe it’s possible, believe that it’s already here. You want a fancy house? Start living like you own one, treat your place now as if it was a mansion! You want a significant other? Start treating yourself so well that the universe can’t help but send you someone else who deserves love like that. This goes hand in hand with the law of attraction, you have to tell the universe that you are ready by truly believing with every fiber of you’re being that you know without a shadow of a doubt, that this thing will happen.

Then you have to achieve. Once you know what you want and you believe it is possible and is within your grasp, you have to take physical steps toward this goal. Just wishing is not enough, you have to set forth and do. This is where a lot of people get lost along the way towards greatness. They think just asking for something is enough. The universe is a miracle worker, but just like it works for you, you have to work for it – and yourself. So, figure it what it is you want and then take steps towards that. Do everything you can to involve yourself in that reality of what it is you want. A new job? Work nights, or pick up a class on a weekend and get yourself involved in that industry. After you believe, you start to achieve, and then.. you begin to receive!

Your dedication, focus, and sweat equity is starting to transform into results. So many people don’t make it to this point, because they get discouraged and stop once they don’t see instant results. This is a true test of our human nature – our patience. Can you continue believing, and push forward to achieve even when the going gets tough? Or it’s not unfolding like you expected? Accepting the tides as they come is the largest lesson here.

And once you’ve started to swim with the waves instead of fight them, you begin to honor the path and start floating with the current – receiving the most beautiful experience.

So, there it is – Believe. Achieve. Receive.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Growing up, I didn’t really have a role model. I saw myself as an outcast, and couldn’t figure out how to relate to others. I was in a cyclical cycle of rotating friendships. But today now more connected to my path, I’d say there are a few people I now look up to and greatly respect:

Gabby Bernstein – She is so eloquent and has transformed her life into this incredible gift. I really look up to her and hope someday to share a stage with her. I think her path is one that I truly desire and would love to hone in on her skill set of taking complex concepts and repackaging them for a large group of people to digest within the self-development space. She’s becoming quite the icon!

Kimberly Snyder – She is a brilliant thought leader in the plant-based food revolution! Her book was one of the first I read after I started transitioning to a cruelty-free diet. Her knowledge of anatomical data mixed with nutrition and the factory farming industry, mixed with her incredible kindness makes her someone to truly aspire to be.

Lewis Howes – Ever since I found his podcast, I have been a huge fan of Lewis. His business sense is so keen and it’s something I’d love to learn from.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Bali is without a doubt my favorite place I’ve visited so far, but this year I am hoping to visit more of SEA like Cambodia. I also feeling very called to visit India as well as Africa. I want to see the world!

My Favorite Products/Objects?

A good yoga mat and comfy yoga outfit is something I live bye and just couldn’t do without!

I’m a huge ice tea fanatic – matcha and black ice tea are my current go-to’s.

My Current Passions?

I have always really loved words. I’ve not always been the best at expressing myself, but the more I dive into this idea of self-exploration the more I am able to honor that this is a passion. This manifested into my Instagram, and I started taking my captions more seriously, which is sort of where the blog came from. I wanted more space to take about more things! I try to hit on different topics that my community wants to read from holistic wellness to high-vibe energy work like finding your intuition.

And from this, I have started developing the ability to hone in on when words are coming into my mind. I’ve always been a pop-corn head – someone who has a bunch of ideas, but lacks more on the follow through side due to ego / self doubt. But, lately I’ve just been jotting down words, phrases, or sentences as they come and they’re turning into a passion.

I suppose you could call these poems. I feel like I am just starting to come into my craftsmanship, and although I don’t know exactly what my journey has in store for me, it feel right to write. So I think I’ll keep doing it.