Nicole Nelson: Holistic Health Coach

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Nicole Nelson is a Certified Holistic Health Coach based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She coaches busy women how to lose weight and clear up their skin so they can live a life of confidence without restrictive dieting. Nicole has trained under the world’s leading experts in nutrition and wellness at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She gives you the tools to listen to your body and make empowered food choices for your unique body type and lifestyle needs. She has created a plan for breaking unhealthy eating habits, crash dieting, and mindless snacking. You can find more about Nicole on Instagram and Facebook.

What do I do best?

I believe one thing I do best is listen. I have made this a priority in me life. Listening is a skill that many people lack because it takes work and practice. I like people to feel valued, appreciated, and heard when they are sharing information with me. Why? Because I like to feel the same way when I’m the one doing the talking. You would be amazed at the correlation between the quality of our listening and the quality of our business. The two go hand-in-hand.

What makes me the best version of myself?

The quality I have that has gotten me to where I am today is discipline. This has always been one of my strengths that I developed early on. I try to practice discipline in all facets of my life, whether it be my career, self-development, my marriage, or my business. I take so much pride in constantly striving to be better. Discipline brings stability and structure to my life that I need to be the best version of myself. One area of my life that I have always been extremely disciplined is in fitness. I have been waking up every morning, bright and early, for years to start my day off with a good workout. This action alone has instilled discipline is so many other areas of my life. I believe that true change happens within when you can remain disciplined even on the days when you don’t feel like it. I love the saying “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

What are my aspirations?

As far as my personal aspirations, my husband and I would love to build a home in Minnesota and start a family. For now, we are perfectly content and traveling as much as we can, but eventually we would like to settle down and plant some roots.

My business goal is to expand Living Well With Nic to impact the health of hundreds of thousands of people. I would like to take my one-on-one coaching to a larger scale and reach more people in less time. My end goal is for Living Well With Nic to be viewed as a wellness brand and platform that serves as a place for people to turn to for health inspiration.

My Biggest Success?

My greatest accomplishment to date is launching my own health coaching business, Living Well With Nic. I had always dreamt of being an entrepreneur one day, but never knew that it was actually possible until I launched Living Well With Nic! I will never forget, the day my website went live; it brought me to tears because it was something I had worked so hard for. I told myself, “this is just he is beginning.”

My Most Challenging Moment?

The most challenging decision I have ever had to make was leaving my corporate job to devote 100% of my time to Living Well With Nic. I always thought that I was meant to be a corporate powerhouse. From an early age, I wanted to climb the corporate ladder, become an executive, lead a large company one day, until it finally hit me. This is not what brings me joy. My passion for wellness and nutrition is what brings me pure joy. Closing that chapter of my life was difficult, but the most rewarding experience in the end because it pushed me to follow my dreams.

My Motto?

 “Great things never come from comfort zones.” I try my best to live this motto day in and day out. This statement is so powerful if you really stop and think about it. We are a society that loves to be comfortable. Whether it be staying in one place, at the same stale corporate job, at the same fitness level, whatever the case may be, we do not like to be a little uncomfortable by human nature. However, in that place of discomfort, we truly grow. I continuously remind myself this. I have never once regretted stepping outside my comfort zone because it has been a key factor in getting me to the place where I am today.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Lewis Howes is my business role model. I love his story of literally going from nothing to creating his empire, “The School of Greatness”. He has such a remarkable outlook on life and contagious positivity. I couldn’t put down his book! He is a firm believer that living in a beautiful state, the journey you experience, and the lives you impact is more important than what you do or what you have accumulated. I always turn to him for continuous inspiration. I have made it a goal to join his mastermind group one day.

Without a doubt, my father is my personal role model. He is the most disciplined, hardworking, intelligent, and selfless person I know. I believe this is where I get my disciplined nature. He has had an extremely successful career and is highly respected and well-known in his field. I used to work for the same company that he works for, and I always felt an immense sense of pride watching him present to a group of people, or when someone would speak so highly of him to me. I will always be so grateful for the values and work ethic he instilled in me and the incredible role model he was and continues to be.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

One of my favorite places that I have traveled to is Paris. I instantly fell in love with this city. I always told myself I would come back or potentially even live their short-term. There is something so magical about this city. I can’t get enough of the cute cafes, cobble stone streets, and beautiful architecture. I have a soft spot for any country in Europe, but Paris has been one of my favorites. My husband and I take a trip to Europe every year!

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I am a huge fan of Athleta activewear. I live in these clothes! I also have a tremendous amount of respect for this company. Their mission is to ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to realize their limitless potential. They have truly redefined the modern way of dressing. Their clothes are premium quality, total performance, feminine style and versatile for an active lifestyle. Most days, you can find me in a pair of Athleta yoga pants and a zip-up!

My Current Passions?

Working out has always been a passion of mine, but lately I’ve been loving this new boutique fitness studio called “Solidcore”. Solidcore is unlike any workout I have ever done before. It’s a high-intensity, low-impact 50-minute workout that is done as slow as possible to lengthen and tone your body. The sessions are done using controlled movements on a resistance-based machine, exclusive to Solidcore to work your slow and fast-twitch muscles to the point of failure. I don’t think I’ve ever been more challenged during a workout! I leave each class feeling so accomplished. I have even considered becoming a Solidcore instructor because I love it that much!