Rhyanna Watson: Yoga Teacher

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My name is Rhyanna Watson and I am a Tassie Devil, born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. I learnt about and participated in health and fitness from the beginning of life. I guess you could say I was born to love health and fitness with my genes and my up bringing. I started walking at 9 months and never stopped moving from there. No matter what you achieve somebody helps you, behind the creation we call our own are thoughts of others and efforts of so many incredible souls. I want yoga to not be some awe inspiring unattainable thing for others who aren’t where I am. I want everyone to know they can.  It literally saved my soul and life when I started yoga in 2013 at home and 2015 I started learning handstands and I would never imagined these movements being part of my daily life. At the time of starting handstands I was a girl in Saudi Arabia struggling like hell, deep depression from life being too much and on top of that dealing now with this different culture that is very restricted for western women, being away from family and trying to figure out this thing called motherhood, life without family to help was too much so I thought…. I turned my struggles and pain to a goal… better flexibility and learn handstands in yoga with www.codyapp.com Now I am here a few years later doing more than I dreamed and happier than ever….. I learnt all my yoga at home no classes, except one gifted to me my first class this year so grateful for it. Maybe the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something more amazing then you dreamed. I want to share my love of and help others to learn. I want to share my love of and help others to learn so here are my online programs https://vimeo.com/user24962306

What do I do best?

For me personally a question like this uncomfortable to answer.  I do not do anything better than another I do things to the best of my ability.  I could never compare to another we are all gifted in the individual human that we are.  I think as a human I have a powerful ability to read a person, the body and help others to change their lives with love, compassion and kindness and see their value and self-worth.  I learnt from a young age how important our greatest tools in life was, our body and mind as well as through personal life experiences and I am able to assist others to learn this too.

What makes me the best version of myself?

In the last few years I have really learnt the best version of myself looks like me being me and owning it in all of who I am the challenged and non-challenged.  The more I am honest to myself and in turn to speak my truth the more I am able to be myself, my truest and best version and connect with myself and  others.  I grew up watching people always hide who they were and also watching them no matter how hard they tried to fit in always being judged and I no longer want to be apart of that cycle.  My inner voice becomes my daughters.  so if I want to change the world I have to start within and then in turn those closest to me like my daughter will follow the example.  My best self comes from not chasing perfection but being on the journey of growth and showing up for me and not my fears or excuses.

What are my aspirations?

My biggest aspirations are for myself and my daughter to be happy. To truly be content in my every day life.  It sounds so simple but it is what everyone is chasing daily. I no longer want to chase happiness.  I want to just be happy.  

Personally, and professionally I want to create a life that unifies with helping others in health and fitness, to share my truths so people know they are not alone, to help them gain their greatest wealth their health and to inspire others to connect back to their truest self, love instead of fear.  

How this looks I am not sure because the only constant is change.  I would love to journey the world with my yoga, fitness and motivation. I would be honored to work with the poor, people in prisons, the people who disconnected the most form love and are rooted most in fear.  I would like to work with children without homes and schools because if you can start young you can create better chances for the future to be more promising for all.

My Biggest Success?

My greatest success is my Daughter Laine who is nearly 5.  I lost one child, told never to have another and she is my miracle!

My Most Challenging Moment?

My life doesn’t have one most challenging moments it has many like all lives and many lessons…it is all a work in progress like anyone, but I choose me over my negative thoughts, I realise it is not a bad life it is just bad moments. I choose to find gratitude and love over complaining because if I only have one life I want to live a life of blessings and gratitude and love and all that takes is my mindset to be trained just like we train muscles. I once lived a life of hell and never wish to return to that mindset. I do not exercise to get ab gains or a body of perfection. I exercise and eat to come home to me. I get it I am the happy fit chick often for many. I shine a lot of positivity, gratitude and look like I have it all together. Because I am working on myself daily in my mind just like my muscles. Happiness is a habit, positivity is a choice and habit and that requires me to train my brain daily by choosing gratitude, positivity etc. But I will just let you in on secret life isn't always what it seems. I have been through my fair share of hell and back and still in life it is always delivering me lessons to learn. You can make heaven out of hell or hell out heaven. On 2012 NYs day I lost my first baby flying back from South Africa to Australia. In 2012 I was told never could I have children. In 2013 I fell pregnant to Laine my miracle. It was a hard pregnancy I could barely walk due to hip pain and I did not understand any of it due to it being in German, Austrian as I was living in Austria at the time. 2 years after Laine was born I moved to Saudi Arabia and that is when I hit rock bottom the lowest I have ever been. I tried to kill myself..... Im still here because I failed and I am grateful I did. Thats when handstands saved my life. I realised at that point I have nobody to be my saviour except me. So I decided if I cannot change my circumstances I will change my perspective my inner world. I started learning handstands and they gave me the confidence, belief, faith, love and so much more that I had missed giving to myself in my life after all I had been through (this is brief summary not all).Yoga to me taught me to fall in love with my life, myself from within to out and in turn lead with love external and create love and kindness with my actions. Yoga for me is not a movement plan, a meditation plan or nutrition plan it is away that I found to reconnect to myself and still use it to do so daily. It is the way to the divine love we once were, to better ourselves and in turn others and the world. Namaste

My Motto?

Let love fill you up from the inside so much so that it can't help but overflow into everything you do. Let your life be a grand symphony that celebrates each moment as the blessing that it is. Shine on!

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My fav role model is my daughter she taught me and gave me unconditional love the most powerful gift we can ever receive. She reminds me of what love and being in the moment is.  She teaches me every day that life is here right now that is all we have so make it beautiful!  Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift unwrap it and make it beautiful you are the creator of all that you wish to exist. If you want to be anything just be, you do not need to wait a single moment to change your life.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

The world every place is a beautiful place to experience. Planet earth wherever I can roam is my favorite.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My liforme yoga mat and my daughter’s drawings.

My Current Passions?

My current passion is to find the gift, blessing or happiness in every moment.