Steph Yu: Plant Based Blogger & Podcaster

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Steph Yu is a Plant Based Blogger, Global thought leader, Podcaster, Youtuber, Social Media Maven, Community Creator, and spiritual being based out of Vancouver, Canada. Follow her Instagram

The one thing I excel in,

that's also authentic to my nature is I know how to tell stories that can meet people where they're at. In my line of work, a lot of the people in my field can spread their message in a preach-y, "I'm up on a pedestal" manner, where as I always found that what resonated with me, and what is more natural to me, is bringing myself down to a human level and share from that space.

The most important quality

that has informed me and where I am today is definitely my zeal for life and all that if offers. It's the reason I'm constantly seeking and asking questions, insatiably curious, and undeniably in love with this process of learning and living.

My personal aspirations

are simple. Learn to love myself whole heartedly, and learn to love others without holding back. To champion patience, to be unapologetically myself, and to shine a light on others doing the same. My business aspirations are to create conscious businesses that generate more community, compassion and health in our society.

My biggest success

was the day I finally realized I had forgiven my father. I could look towards him, feel no resentment, and only understanding and compassion.

The most challenging moment

yet also the most liberating moment in my life was when I finally admitted defeat over trying to control every aspect of my life, and just surrendered and put faith in the universe.


"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

-Joseph Campbell.

Favorite People

Rich Roll, Rob Bell, Elizabeth Gilbert, Zach Berman

Favorite Places

Nepal - anywhere in the Himalayas.

Thailand - specifically Northern Thailand.

Australia - Gold Coast is probably my favorite city.

And Peru is next on my travel list!

My favourite objects

are probably the ones that are most enriching to my life. I love my camera, the headspace meditation app on my phone, my fridge which contains delicious food ahah, and my Gi that I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in.

My current passions

are pretty scattered and all over the place. Right now I'm very emphatic about building community, and creating safe spaces for vulnerability. I'm also loving BJJ and getting back into meditation.