Sydney Campos: Leading Transformation Mentor, 200 RYT Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide & Reiki Energy Healer

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Sydney Campos is an Alignment Alchemist, Spiritual Teacher, Author and Speaker. Sydney specializes in activating visionary leaders to live in alignment with their soul purpose while embodying next-level power, pleasure and prosperity. Through all her endeavors, Sydney is fiercely committed to awakening consciousness across the planet and creating new paradigms of economy, creativity, spirituality and intimacy. In addition to being a seasoned Business Strategist and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sydney is also a 200-Hour Registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, Intuitive Channel and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. Sydney shares her multifaceted teachings through writing, her Visionary Souls Podcast, speaking, workshops, international retreats, masterminds and 1:1 mentoring. An avid adventurer, Sydney is likely to be found in Bali, Venice Beach, San Francisco, New York, or anywhere in Mediterranean Europe. Her book The Empath Experience will be released via Simon and Schuster in May 2018. Check out her Podcast, Visionary Souls!

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What do I do best?

I clearly see people’s gifts and guide them in aligning to their true power while clearing anything blocking them from shining at full capacity.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Incredible rest, delicious high vibe food, beautiful nourishing relationships and MOVEMENT.

What are my aspirations?

Scaling my business to multiple-seven figures, having a #1 best-selling book out by May 2018 and impacting millions of lives around the world to awaken consciousness, empower personal liberation and optimal well being.

My Biggest Success?

Believing in and investing in myself and deeply, authentically loving ME.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Deciding to finally get sober in 2010 from drugs and alcohol. This was the turning point that set me on a spiritual path and most certainly has been one of my biggest lessons to date. I can’t wait to discuss this with you in the interview.


My Motto?

You are WIRED for magic. Never settle for anything less.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Oprah is a gem - I can’t wait to meet her one day!

Richard Branson

Tony Robbins

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Ubud, Bali

San Francisco, CA

Perth, Australia

Salvador, Brasil

Tulum, Mexico

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Barcelona, Spain

Costa Brava, Spain

My Favorite Products/Objects?

SkyHi - subscription platform for unlimited flights - just launched, a startup I advise

GTS Kombucha

Matcha Greentea

Modo hot yoga in NYC

google docs


my selfie stick

My Current Passions?

Hot yoga






making videos