Faith Freed: Author & Psychotherapist

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A licensed psychotherapist (MFT) with two M.A. degrees, Faith Freed has been seeing clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, since 2009. Prior to pursuing her professional passion, Faith was an advertising writer at several San Francisco ad agencies. She’s also the mother of 2 children and the published author of a personal development/spiritual book, IS (Hay House). Her official credentials, as well as her life experience and street cred, give her a unique ability to understand and help you gain clarity, peace, and more of what you want in life. Faith was born in Denver, CO and raised in Omaha, NE. She went to college at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., graduate school at The University of Texas in Austin, TX, and again in Palo Alto, CA at The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. After a peak experience in Golden Gate Park on a visit to San Francisco, Faith chose the Bay Area as home base. Now seeing clients in Burlingame, CA, she can help you create the life you want—from the inside out.

What do I do best?

My mission is to celebrate the beauty of life, spread light and inspire. If I’m doing any of those things, I feel aligned and at my best. Celebrating the beauty of life is about appreciating and enjoying the present moment. As for spreading light, simply radiating good energy benefits myself and others—so when a high, loving vibration is my set point, I can elevate moods without doing a thing. Inspiration is what I strive for with my writing, therapy practice and personal life. I’ve been fortunate to incorporate the goal of inspiration into my work, since my first career as an advertising writer. In that job, I got to provoke a chuckle with a clever headline or maybe even a purchase for the client. Now, as an author, I get to inspire people to connect with their essence and their source, while as a therapist I delight in inspiring people to claim more happiness for themselves.

What makes me the best version of myself?

The basics of self-care come first. We are human, after all. I love good sleep, exercise, quality nutrition and meditation. I also need plenty of connection with nature and adequate time alone. Do I sound high maintenance? Ya. Pretty much. Thankfully, all this creates the foundation for me to go forth and contribute to the greater good. When I’m in the flow seeing clients, writing or in any creative capacity, I’m at my best. On an internal level, I need to be following my Inspired Self, using intuition as my guide. And having faith is key as well; faith in myself, in my clients, in my close relations, in Infinite Source, in the order of chaos. Lastly and predictably, I think I’m the best version of myself traveling on vacation, when I can be playful without a care.

What are my aspirations?

For myself, I wish to enhance the quality of my consciousness; observing my thoughts, practicing present mindfulness, being equanimous. For my children, I want to enjoy them in the moment and help pave the way for their bright futures. Beyond that, I wish to contribute by offering value to others—creatively, spiritually and psychologically.  

My Biggest Success?

I could choose an achievement, but honestly, I’d say life balance is my biggest success. I’ve invested in some big dreams which have required an interminable amount of persistence and patience. The key has been staying true to who I am and what’s most important, while self-actualizing, slowly but surely. My career has morphed and continued to percolate even as parenthood became my first priority. I like the idea that you can have it all, just not all at once. Although allocation of attention shifts, somehow it all works out, as long as I’m keenly aware of what’s most important. Speaking of working out, that’s part of my recipe for so-called “success.” I began exercising at least 3 times a week when I was 16 years old. Around that same time, I learned how to meditate. These have become lifelong habits. Maintaining wellness, body-mind-spirit, is the foundation for all the milestones that make me proud.

My Most Challenging Moment? 

It’s difficult to rank challenging moments, because the moment that matters is now, and intensity wanes as time passes. That said, one recent challenge has been coming to terms with the dark side of humanity. For most of my life, I refused to believe in “evil.” I imagined a rationale for injurious behavior (e.g. the abuser was abused himself) and believed that enough love could cure anyone. Eventually, I learned the hard way that there is darkness and it’s best to back away slowly—or run. A few years ago, within a month, I was confronted with a series of unsavory encounters all at once: the pathological liar who hurt others without remorse, the criminal couple who stole my laptop, wallet, groceries and blind trust, and business dealings with a shady character dangerously lacking integrity. At last and quite suddenly, I was forced to wake up. Had I been naïve? (Yes.) I no longer assume that people come into my life for a reason. Maybe, sure. But I’m much more discerning these days. Of course, I have compassion for souls who are sincerely invested in personal growth. It’s just that, outside of my office, I don’t waste foolish time sifting through ashes to ignite a cinder.

My Motto?

IS in Charge. IS stands for Infinite Source, my name for the divine. This phrase is my version of surrender. It reminds me that it’s not all up to me. The illusion of control creates suffering. I like to think of life as a co-creation between me and IS. So I set an intention, take action and then, give it up to Infinite Source. Life is so much better when I remember this!

My Favorite People/Role Models?

I love the people I live with—my spouse and 2 sons. As for others—I like Osho, for his sage wisdom and sense of humor. I admire Louise Hay, for her writing and her gumption to start a thriving publishing company—Hay House—in her 60s, which published my first book, IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed. I also admire Eckhart Tolle, for being a quiet force and communicating in his own rebelliously slow signature style. As for a role model, Esther Perel is a good one. She embodies my interests, being an author, Ted Talker and fellow MFT. When I saw her speak at a couples conference for therapists, I literally wept with admiration. She’s articulate on steroids, even though English isn’t her native language.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I’m enamored with foreign places and fantasize about living in London or Sydney—but in truth, I feel at home in the U.S. That said, I want to see the world. It’s hard to name all my favorite places but here are a few. Domestically: New York City, Sedona, Aspen, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. Internationally: Europe, Australia and Japan.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Vitamix, yoga mat, sunscreen, stuffed animals.

My Current Passions?

Neuroplasticity, raising teenagers, psychotherapy practice, ukulele.