Jenia Tanaeva: Actress

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Jenia Tanaeva was born in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. She was raised during the communism regime in the family of engineers, living in a tiny apartment with her parents, grandparents and her older sister. While in school she was seriously pursuing rhythmic gymnastics, spending all of her time between school and the gym. After graduating from high school, she attended the University of St Petersburg, majoring in psychology. Back then she couldn’t even dream about coming to America. At a young age Jenia got married to a Russian heavy weight wrestling champion; 2 daughters were born from that marriage. While raising her 2 girls – Anya and Alina, Jenia was working as an assistant to a Russian billionaire, arranging his worldwide trips. After she got divorced from her husband, she decided to move to America hoping to get a better life for her daughters. While settling down in Los Angeles, not having any friends, she was spending lots of time watching movies. One night she came across “An Affair to Remember” of 1957. It had a huge impact on Jenia and became an inspiration for a beautiful heartwarming love story. “See You Soon” written by Jenia Tanaeva was turned into a movie script, in which Jenia is starring in alongside Academy Award winning Actor Harvey Keitel, Poppy Drayton ("Downton Abby," LITTLE MERMAID remake) and Liam McIntyre (Starz' "Spartacus"). 

What do I do best?

Multitasking- I'm a very creative person and a good, very hands on organizer at the same time. I'm also a great mom and a wonderful cook. 

What makes you the best version of yourself?

I love life, I love people and I believe that everything is possible. I'm not afraid to take an action when I really want something. I'm also very positive and do things with pleasure.

What are my aspirations?

I would love to make movies that can truly touch people's hearts, take the audience on an incredible emotional adventure, from which they can learn something new for themselves, get inspired, get motivated to change their lives for better.

My Biggest Success?

One is definitely my 2 wonderful daughters and then the result of my journey so far - from growing up in a poor family in Russia to making my Hollywood dream come true.

My Most Challenging Moment?

The decision I made to take my daughters- 3 and 5 years old then, 3 suitcases and move from Saint Petersburg, Russia to Los Angeles to pursue my dream. Also a few times I’ve had to make a decision to part ways with people I was really attached to - business partners and friends. It's still sad for me to think about that but I know for sure these were right decisions.

My Motto?

"If you can dream it you can achieve it". Always.  We just have to find a right way.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

I admire people who were able with their personal journey and knowledge to help, and motivate others. For example - Louisa Hey, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Natalia Vodyanova.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I love my home town - Saint Petersburg, Siberia, Lake Baikal in particular. I have a big special love for Venice, Paris in spring, Maldives, Baden- Baden - a small town in Germany, Asia and of course discovering new places.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

A couple of paintings made by my daughters, my home in LA- my bed, kitchen and fireplace in particular. Comfortable soft feminine clothes.

My Current Passions

Self-growth, I love learning new things, improving, becoming a better person. Nature and keeping it clean. Healthy organic food. Outdoor physical activities. I love all kinds of romantic stuff- candles, flowers, heart- felt music...