Jacqui Olliver: The Technique Modifier at End the Problem, author, speaker & thought leader

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Jacqui Olliver is the Technique Modifier at End the Problem. She solves the emotional and sexual problems which contaminate relationships and provides a proven strategy for enhancing all aspects of personal connection. These insightful answers can transform an adult or teen from feeling frustrated, insecure and isolated into a happy, radiant and confident person. She’s the author of “Doing This ONE Thing Will Change Your Life Forever! The Self Help Guide to Personal Growth & Healthy Relationships”. This book resulted in Jacqui being recommended to contribute her insights toward her Government's new social and mental health policy.

What do I do best?

I solve the emotional and sexual issues which contaminate relationships. Over 30% of adults suffer from sexual dysfunction. Specifically, I simplify the thought and action sequences required to restore full sexual function and emotional balance with a unique method. I solve these issues for the majority of clients within a matter of hours. There is no emotional resistance or sexual “malfunction” issue (male or female) which fazes me in the least.

What makes me the best version of myself?

My tenacity. I believe there is a simple solution for every problem experienced in life, and it was this belief that led me to the insightful answers I now share with my clients.

What are my aspirations?

My personal goal is to experience the feeling of satisfaction in every moment, that’s an ongoing creative process. Leading on from that, my aim is to have my real sex education answers and solutions for improving people’s mental and emotional state embraced and promoted by Governments around the globe.

I would like to see children growing up feeling confident in easily resolving their emotions to whatever cards life deals them. I’d like them to grow in confidence, self-worth and self-belief. I’d like them to feel satisfied in the knowledge that when they reach 16 they will be supplied with the essential sexual education knowledge required to succeed as a fully functioning adult.

My Biggest Success?

I survived and then discovered how to thrive! One of the reviewers of my book, “Doing This ONE Thing Will Change Your Life Forever! The Self Help Guide to Personal Growth & Healthy Relationships” recommended that I contribute my insights toward our Government’s new social and mental health policy.

My Most Challenging Moment?

That would be when I told my partner of 13 years that I was no longer prepared to be with him because his gambling addiction was killing me. The result of that conversation (and the stunning events which followed) are shared in Part 1 of my book which divulges the many insights I gained from my life experiences. Reading this book will unravel many mysteries and transform many lives

My Motto?

If you have a problem, get rid of the problem and you no longer have a problem. Many people don’t know how to deal with strong emotions and this results in procrastination, aka keeping their head buried in the sand. You’ve got to stop making excuses and being a victim of your own mind. If you want something in your life to change then you need to become responsible for resolving your emotions, so you can redirect your thoughts and resulting actions.

You are way more powerful than you allow yourself to be. Living your dream life requires consistently neutralising the walls of resistance which you inadvertently create between you and what you want… and then taking inspired action to end the problems. This is much easier to achieve with the correct knowledge and procedures, which is what I share with my clients.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

I admire every person who walks their talk, and doesn’t make excuses for life not turning out the way they want it. Life’s too short to make excuses. If something isn’t working for you, then change your point of focus and if necessary, talk to an expert and get an upgrade on the procedures which are causing you to stumble.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I love knowing that I create how I feel in any given moment and I don’t need to go anywhere to achieve a sense of well-being. I love open spaces, the magic I always experience in Nature, being in the country, looking out over water, and clean, fresh air. Wherever I visit in the world, I love the feeling of returning home where I get to experience all of these things.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My favorite tool is being in alignment with me. I use my own tools the most because they switch people into immediate alignment. These are tools I share with my clients, regardless of the issues they are focused on resolving. When you know how to be in alignment with yourself, you become in control of how you feel and no longer feel the need to control situations and other people in your life. This is an incredibly relaxing and refreshing state to be in and has a positive effect on all of your relationships and outcomes. There’s such a deliciousness in not needing to control the process of life, rather allowing yourself to be the director of your own inner experience.

My Current Passions?

I love dancing, playing pool, and having fun. I love developing connections with other thought leaders and game changers. I love knowing that we’re all in this together and that everyone has an important piece of life’s puzzle, whether they realize it yet or not.

I’m passionate about working 1/1 with clients all over the world (mostly via Skype) and helping them restore a happy and satisfying sex life, intimacy with their partner, and confidence as an individual. I love travelling to clients in far destinations by request and speaking and sharing my knowledge of emotions, sex and attraction on stage. I’m enjoying many requests to speak at events and retreats. It’s always exciting to reach a wider audience and to empower them with my insightful answers.

I’m excited at the recent release of my book and enjoying the feedback I’m receiving from those who have read it. One of the editorial reviewers said that my views on human psychology and emotions will one day, change the whole of medicine. I love being an uplifter. My ultimate passion is to get this book and my programs into the hands of every person who wants to feel better as an individual and to be at ease in their relationships with others.