Dr. Jennifer Kreatsoulas: Founder, Chime Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorder Recovery & Body Image

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Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, RYT, is a yoga therapist specializing in eating disorders and body image. She is coauthor of the forthcoming book, Body Mindful Yoga: Create a Powerful and Affirming Relationship With Your Body (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2018). In addition to her private yoga therapy practice, Jennifer leads yoga therapy groups at the Monte Nido Eating Disorder Center of Philadelphia and yoga workshops and retreats on eating disorder recovery and body image. She is a partner with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and writes and speaks about her personal and professional experiences on the topics of yoga, body image, motherhood, and eating disorder recovery.

What do I do best?

Support the people I love and nurture my personal passions and purpose.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I am the best version of myself when I live Yoga and attentively engage with myself, my relationships, and the world from a centered and aware place.

What are my aspirations?

My personal aspiration is to be role model for my daughters and empower them to experience their bodies in affirming ways. My professional aspiration is to connect with others in recovery through my writing, workshops, retreats, and 1x1 yoga therapy practice. I am hopeful that my forthcoming book, Body Mindful Yoga (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2018), will be a gateway to connection with and healing for others who struggle to have an affirming relationship with their bodies.  

My Biggest Success?

Recovering from an eating disorder. The healing of recovery has allowed me to step into my fullest potential as a woman, wife, mother, writer, and holder of space for others’ healing.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Leaving my husband and two young daughters to seek residential treatment for an eating disorder relapse. As challenging and painful as it was to be away from them for an entire month, it was one of the most pivotal decisions I ever made in my life. Going to treatment resuscitated my heart, soul, mind, and body. Now, several years later, I am whole for myself and family.

My Motto?

Begin again.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My husband and daughters are my favorite people. I encounter the qualities of a role model in so many of my teachers, friends, and colleagues. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many guiding lights in my life.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Paris. I’ve only been once, but I am madly in love with this city and dream of returning.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Currently, my rock climbing shoes and my afternoon latte.

My Current Passions?

Writing, teaching, speaking, rock climbing.