Olivia Sarratt McCarthy: Co-founder, Tealixir Herbal Brewery

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Olivia Sarratt McCarthy is Co-founder of Tealixir Herbal Brewery. A lifelong health and wellness advocate, certified health coach, herbalist, and entrepreneur, Olivia McCarthy has owned several health-oriented restaurants and now operates an herbal beverage company.

What do I do best?

I create better than anything else. My gifts are not in areas like administration. I love to think of an idea, then dive into the deep end. I’ve been in the film business and made movies, the real estate business and built houses, the restaurant business and created restaurants, and now in the beverage business making Tealixir Herbal Kombuchas and Herbal Sparkling Waters. I love projects. My family teases me and calls them “Mommy’s projects” and it might just be making dinner. If I make a salad, it’s going to be a beautiful bowl. I love to create.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Relentless positivity, as a friend of mine says. Looking on the bright side. You can have a completely different experience of a difficult situation by focusing on what you want out of it. Reality really is what you make it.

I have a rule everyone should follow - always follow “I am” with something positive. Words hold immense creative power and to state “I am” is the most powerful declaration we can make. These words should be used wisely, even reverently. We tend to joke about self-deprecation or even think it is humble, but I believe it is th e exact opposite. If you are able to say negative things about yourself, you are able to do the same to others to the exact same degree. So, catch yourself the next time you say, “I AM…” What are you going to follow it with?

What are my aspirations?

Business-wise, I envision people all across the country having Tealixir delivered to their door every month, sharing it with friends and family, replacing their chemical diet drinks, and learning about herbal medicine and their benefits. I believe strongly that herbal medicine is not just the way of the past, but the way of the fut ure. I hope to be a part of pushing that trend.

Personally, I aspire most to evolve spiritually, which I think is the foundation for everything in life, at the least your experience of it, and at the most, complete creative control of it. I think learning to listen to your intuition and to be as open-minded as possible opens yourself up to different abilities and possibilities.

My Biggest Success?

Aside from my children, I think my greatest personal accomplishment has been premiering a movie I made in the cinema named for my great-grandfather in my hometown. I left my hometown of Nashville after graduating college to pursue a career in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. My family has been in Nashville for generations and has a long history at Vanderbilt University, where the student center is named for my great-grandfather. Within the student center, there is a cinema called the Sarratt Cinema, also named for “PaPa.”  I never knew him but always felt close to him as we shared our birthday. I was born on his last birthday in 1977. He passed that same year. Three years after leaving Nashville, I had produced a film and returned to premiere it in my great-grandfather’s cinema. It was a full-circle moment for me and a special time I shared with him, in spirit.

My Most Challenging Moment?

The most challenging time of my life was undoubtedly closing my restaurant “Olivia’s Good News Cafe” in Franklin, TN. When my husband and I got into the restaurant business, countless people warned us what a toll it could take. We had two small children at the time and to make the restaurant business even harder, we insisted on all organic, local, biodynamic food. So, we had dozens of suppliers instead of a truck or two. My husband didn’t like much about the restaurant business and the strain almost broke us. What he did like about it was brewing kombucha. It was also the most popular item on our menu. After blood, sweat, and tears, we decided to close the restaurant, move to Florida for a fresh start and open a kombucha brewery. I absolutely love living in Florida and now I have the opportunity to reach so many more people with the message of “food as medicine” than I ever would have staying in the restaurant business.

My Motto?

“Everything that happens is in my very best interest.” Everything. No exceptions. Regardless of how I feel about it at the moment. Ultimately the Universe is working for my benefit and I just have to either figure it out or wait for the good. Life can be brutal, but our current human condition is that we don’t evolve well without pain. I think that is really the best definition of having faith - trusting the process completely.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My great-grandmother “Muno” passed a couple years ago at age 103. She would say that, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what you eat as much as what you think and how you feel. She firmly believed that attitude was everything. She would stop me from getting riled up about things like politics, reminding me “not to get involved in nonsense.” From her, I learned that happiness brings health more than anything.

I admire Angelina Jolie tremendously. Her beauty and grace is matched only by her heart for humanity. She has dedicated her personal and much of her professional life to elevating the quality of life for people all over the world. From her incredible career to inspiring others to emulate her work, she is leaving a beautiful legacy.

Jeff Bezos is an undeniable force of nature who has changed the landscape of retail. So many people talk about the department stores and retail outlets that Amazon has “put out of business” but the bigger picture is that now the little guy can compete with those big businesses. Amazon is a key component of our business model, which is mostly on-line.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Hawaii is like visiting a higher dimension. The land is lush, the sea is sparkling, and the vibe of love is palpable in the air. Nashville in the fall is just gorgeous with all the colors of the changing season. Santa Barbara is one of my favorite places on earth. A peaceful, picturesque town with a beautiful beach on one side and majestic mountains on the other. I lived in Palm Desert, CA for a few years and it was magical. The sunsets in Palm Desert are unforgettable.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Well, everyone is different so products, diets, tools work differently with each person. That is why studies are so contrary - one will say milk is bad for you and another will say it is good, and on and on. Ayurveda has this figured out. Our “one size pill fits all” Western mentality simply doesn’t reflect the diversity of our human bodies. Do yourself a favor and find out your Ayurvedic dosha. You can find quizzes online - I like “The Ayurveda Experience.”

My dosha is Vata so my skin tends to be dry. Sugar and Oats - www.sugarandoats.com - is a soap company in Florida that uses our kombucha in their natural soaps. Most gentle, moisturizing soap I’ve ever used. Thai Crystals deodorant spray is a must - it works and is totally natural, basically mineral salts dissolved in water.

I wish everyone had Slippery Elm in their cabinet right next to the aspirin (which is derived from White Willow Bark). You can buy organic powdered Slippery Elm at trusted online sources like Mountain Rose Herbs. Slippery Elm helps literally any throat or digestive ailment, from sore throats to upset stomach to more severe issues like leaky gut and more. Most people, and even most doctors, don’t know that most skin conditions like psoriasis are actually intestinal issues that can be helped by healing the gut.

My Current Passions?

Writing is my life-long passion and I’ve been getting back to it recently with several projects. I moved to Los Angeles for the entertainment industry and have since pursued different roads, but in my heart, I’ll always be a writer. I am also always passionate about cooking and food in general. I love to co ok with my Tealixir kombuchas and create new recipes so there is likely a cookbook in the works.