Symone Gates: Fitness Trainer & FOudner, Bädé Collection

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Based in New York City, Symone Gates is a full time fitness trainer working with brands and clients such as ((305)) Fitness, Spotify, Classpass and Exubrancy.  She created Bädé after experiencing extreme leg inflammation following a week of 20 plus classes, preventing her from sleeping. The line infuses quality organic and unprocessed ingredients that assist with inflammation, moisture, circulation and exfoliation. Handcrafted fresh in her NY studio, Bädé is for the active body that wakes up early, stays up late, may workout or may not. In addition to creating luxe wellness products, Symone has plans to extend the brand and provide an alternative to the current lackluster offerings within the self-care space.

What do I do best?

I feel confident that I’m the best at remixing things around me. I’m inspired by everything and I’m always looking at products, events or spaces etc. from an angle of “this could’ve been done much better”.  Once I have an idea, I obsess over it, tweaking, researching and ultimately handcrafting it into something that’s very ME. That is what led to the birth of Bädé, looking around the current space of self-care and finding a lack of products that actually did more than just look pretty on one’s counter. As a trainer I experience the same aches and pains that my clients do and no company can effectively tackle true “relief” without first experiencing pain on a regular basis. So personally, in the space of self-care and relief, being so close to the ailments that plague others gives me a huge leg up.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I’m very bullish when it comes to following through with an idea and I allow external doubt to drive me. Not a typical statement but what I mean specifically is I’m most fired up when my abilities, knowledge and capabilities are doubted by others. My stubbornness and creativity kicks into gear and thankfully after years of falling and picking myself up again, I’ve developed a pretty strong confidence of what I’m capable of. I think this level of stubborn resilience is truly responsible for me taking the leap into the unknown of entrepreneurship.

What are my aspirations?

I’d like to be a major powerhouse within the wellness and fitness industry. You don’t see many successful women that resemble myself and have taken their small start-up companies to a global level. It’s time there’s a bit more diversity within the wellness arena and my goal is to be an influence for others that wish to create a life within this space. Personally I aim to get to a point where I am truly THE boss. I still have a ways to go, but I’m almost there!

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success is moving to New York with two suitcases, no job, no apartment and ultimately creating a comfortable and self-sufficient life within three short years. I was nervous moving to the city but far from scared and it’s been the best decision I’ve made for my future. This one accomplishment has had a domino effect on my life and has allowed me so many other successes, including the foundation of launching my business in the boutique wellness capital of the world.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Honestly, following through with the decision to launch my own business was the most challenging life decision. As many self-employed dreamers can attest to, going into business for yourself is expensive, stressful, rocky and marked with uncertainty. There’s no rule book as to how long you should stay strong through funding your dream or when to change course. It really forced me to trust in my gut a lot more. While I read and research daily as part of my regular business routine, nothing has been most beneficial then following my gut when it comes to crucial business decisions.

My Motto?

“You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for”. As a fitness trainer I love saying that, both to my clients and to myself during my most doubtful moments. We are often hardest on ourselves and fail to give ourselves credit out of humbleness, but I think it’s important that we remember how capable we are on a daily basis. I truly believe that while having a strong support system is crucial, if we don’t first hold the confidence to truly believe in our own abilities, we can’t fully succeed.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

There’s so many, but I’m especially drawn toward female entrepreneurs that have built a business out of a simply idea. While new businesses pop-up regularly, it’s not easy to maintain and stay in business past the first year. I often study the backstory of fellow female entrepreneurs and appreciate that many of them had no idea of what the hell they were doing and simply made it work as they went along. I feel as though I’m in the same boat. I learn more about myself and my business by listening to those who’ve went the course as blindly as I and have still managed to put in work and become a success.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

This past September I made an extensive trip to South Africa, falling in love with both Cape Town and Joburg. I absolutely loved it and it helped refocused my crazy and loud mind at the time. Another place that I fell in love with years ago and hope to visit this coming September is Morocco.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Right now my favorite objects are those intended to help clear and calm the mind such as intention candles, sage and palo santo . Alongside running Bädé I still maintain a regular training schedule as well as consult on the side for another start-up company. My mind is constantly going, often times preventing me from sleep and relaxation. Coming home and burning a candle helps reduce so much stress and provides clarity for my creative ideas to flow more freely. It’s so simple but honestly makes a world of difference. Also decorating my apartment to become a personal sanctuary has also helped reduce the stress and anxiousness I feel throughout the day.

My Current Passions?

Crafting new products for Bädé still gets me as giddy and excited as when I first started playing around with ideas about two years ago. It’s extremely tough to turn off the business part of your brain but I’m fortunate to have been able to turn a passion project into a full fledge business. I truly believe this is the sole reason that I don’t have many doubts in terms of future success and continuing to grow the business. To still be so engaged and invested in it as much, if not more than the day I started, is a blessing and one passion that I hope to never tire of.