Giovanni Roselli: Fitness coach, author, & Presenter

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Giovanni Roselli is a nationally recognized fitness coach, author, and presenter. As a man of many talents, the former WWE Superstar known as “Romeo” has also professionally acted alongside some of the world’s top actors including Tina Fey, Mickey Rourke, and James Franco. He is currently the Regional Director of Training for PūrLife Fitness Centers located throughout the state of Florida, and enjoys hosting his signature G-FIT fitness classes. Giovanni also serves as a Master Instructor for Kettlebell Athletics and CoreTex® Fitness. He has worked as a Master Trainer and educator for Nike and created the nationally-recognized Equinox signature class ‘Fully Loaded‘.

After a lengthy Equinox career where he won the Educational Excellence By A Trainer Award, Giovanni often refers to his journey in fitness as ‘Meathead to Movement’. Evolving from a bodybuilding exercise approach, to an integrated, multi-directional, multi-faceted global fitness mindset. Discovering tools such as Kettlebells, ViPR, and CoreTex, coupled with training methods from Functional Range Conditioning and Animal Flow, Giovanni has completely changed his approach, philosophy, and training methods. His tenacity and perseverance to learn as much as possible to this integrated approach to the human body has lead him to work for many top fitness and health companies today such as PTontheNet, The Morrison Center, WeckMethod, ViPR, and CoreTex.

What do I do best?

That’s a tough one to answer for me because I always feel like there is room for improvement in everything.  I feel like I do a pretty good job of staying on top of things.  I’ve worn a lot of hats over the years and oftentimes have a lot of pots on the stove, and I manage to keep them all going at a very high level.  I don’t waste my time, and always feel like something can be done to better myself, my business, and/or my family.  To go along with this, I’ve done a good job of developing and cultivating relationships over the years. 

What makes me the best version of myself?

Perseverance.  I feel like out of all qualities one can possess, that this may very well be the most important.  It’s constantly pushing and pushing and pushing; not letting obstacles stop you and slow you down.  If you look at any successful businessman, athlete, or any other career for that matter, there were points in time where they were faced with tremendous hardships and battled through.  I constantly remind myself of this, and realize that obstacles are simply opportunities for growth.  If I stopped at every obstacle, or listened to the naysayers, I would have never achieved much of the success I’ve had in my life.   

What are my aspirations?

I’ve always been motivated and inspired by speakers.  As I continue to evolve, I would like to continue presenting and speaking.  I have a lot of passion and fire in me, and I’m still learning to control it when I speak.  I would love to speak to children and young adults, whether that be at schools, youth groups, etc.  

My Biggest Success?

Becoming a father.

My Most Challenging Moment?

This may not be the most challenging, as I’ve had too many to prioritize in a list, but something that was a light switch moment for me was getting cut from my high school basketball team.  When that happened, I told myself that the feeling I was having would never ever happen again.  From that moment on, I began a journey of getting in top physical conditioning, eventually becoming a WWE Superstar, and then transitioning into a professional fitness coach.  It made me determined to work as hard as I possibly could it whatever I set my mind to, and it was a turning point in my life.    

My Motto?

I have several so I will have to give you a few!  The first one is: “Consistency, Persistency, and Intensity.”  I believe that to becoming truly successful you need to be consistent in your practices, persistent in your efforts, and intense with your drive.  

The second, a quote by Coach John Wooden, someone who I’ve read up on quite a bit: “Failing to plan in planning to fail.”

Also, I am farthest from a Patriots fan, but I do respect Coach Bill Belichek.  His motto and the Patriots motto: “Do Your Job.”  Just do what you are supposed to do.  And if you do that, and everyone else does their job, than that’s when the magic happens.  Stay in your lane.  

Lastly, one that I strongly believe in is: “A rising tide lifts all ships.”  Work on your weaknesses.  Be honest with what the lowest hanging fruit is.  Be honest with what your weakest link is.  That is where tremendous growth and progress takes place.  

My Favorite People/Role Models?

People usually find it odd when I say Abraham Lincoln.  However, if you look at his story and his journey, I find the man fascinating and very motivating.   Someone I also admire greatly is Tim Tebow.  The man stands up for himself and what he believes in. He does some amazing charity work, is positive, a hard worker, and is a very faithful man. The world needs more Tim Tebows.  

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I’ve always really enjoyed my trips out to California, especially San Diego and Santa Monica.  Of course, I have to put Italy up there as well =).  To be honest, I’m not really a “destination” guy, and maybe that’s because between my wrestling career and fitness career, I’ve already traveled the world and been to most major cities in the U.S. and around the world.  

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I try not to get caught up in material things, so if anything I’d say most of my fitness equipment! Additionally, I’d probably say my sports memorabilia collection; not for it’s value, but because it brings back great memories of my childhood.  Lastly, I would probably say some of the videos and photos of my journey over the years, which I randomly look back on and reminisce.    

My Current Passions?

I really enjoy educating and mentoring.  To that point, I’m always looking to learn from my own mentors, while staying educated.  I’ve had such amazing mentors over the years, I realized and experienced the power of it.  Knowing this, I find great satisfaction in paying it forward.  I’m in a position in my life and career now, where I feel like I still have my best years ahead of me. I can use my experience in not only business but in life, to help those who are either just starting out, seem stuck, or just want to take it to another level.