Camella Nair (Swami Nibhrtananda): Yoga Therapist

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Camella Nair (Swami Nibhrtananda) is a Yoga Therapist. Yoga has been Camella's passion for over 30 years. What you will notice from this website is that she is not of the "vanilla mold", she is far from it. She has embodied the teaching and training that she has received along with her experiences as a single mother. All of which have culminated in her pioneering yoga programs that are at the leading edge of creativity in the yoga world. As a direct disciple in the Kriya lineage, Camella's roots were firmly established when she became a committed disciple, and then, an ordained Swami (she who knows the Self)  through theTemple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. As a certified instructor for over a decade, she has traveled, studied, and taught in India, England, and throughout the United States.  She offers classes in every aspect of yoga, including; , aqua yoga, pre-natal yoga, ayurvedic yoga, philosophy and meditation.

What do I do best?

I think the best thing I do is, to make Yoga accessible for people, and help to make it simple and fun. My student base is very diverse.  My Paramguru would be so pleased that I thought of that answer as the first thought. I was trained well, and as I started my yoga path very early on in an inclusive environment, I am carrying on in the footsteps of people who believe yoga is for everybody.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I like to think with time, experiences and discernment, I have gotten a bit wiser. My teachers come from an unbroken line of wisdom bringers. That is not an easy route in the quest for enlightenment, but one that brings spiritual maturity and compassion for everybody, regardless of their beliefs and prejudices. I am in no way perfect, and that means sometimes I am not that pleased with the way I react to a situation. I can however reflect and try to do better next time. I think a sense of humor is vital, especially in my quest to better myself. We can tend to take ourselves far too seriously. That creates a sense of separation with everyone else who does not think in the same way we do. So to answer this question, Wisdom and a sense of humor are vital qualities for me to continue to mature.

What are my aspirations?

My aspirations are to leave a legacy where I have a made a difference in the world rather than just serving myself. Pioneering something that I am passionate about takes a little bit of a sacrifice, such as financially because teaching yoga is not usually huge $ earner. My students were the ones that encouraged me to make a stand and be their voice, encouraging people who love the water but could not see themselves practicing yoga in a’ month of Sundays.’ Yoga is about creating greater balance in our lives both mentally and physically, and so it makes me really sad to think that people regard yoga as only for the bendy, thin and young. My personal goals are the same as my professional. I could say on another level as a mother that I want my kids to be happy, kind and make a difference in the world, but that is for them to decide as they mature.

My Biggest Success?

Listening to my inner wisdom and finally letting my youngest son have a dog. (He was 20 at the time) The best decision I ever made for him on his journey of self-confidence, purpose and responsibility. Also, I have fallen in love with the dog, and that has allowed me to get out in nature more and appreciate how precious owning a pet can be and of course, unconditional love.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Oh my. Just one! On a broad level, trying to walk the yogi talk with another son that is not that happy with life. Also feeling that even though I think yoga could help him, standing back and letting him make his own choices in his own time.  One of the hardest jobs as a mother is not to control, and that has been the greatest challenge for me. In the present moment, my frustration is trying to do a plumbing job that is supposed to take 10 mins according to the badly written instructions. Much more challenging in the present moment.

My Motto?

Not mine but one that is a part of the gravitational realm we function through. “All is change.” It can be inspirational because it means we just have to keep going, and as hard as things can get, they will get better with right action.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

I am a firm believer in the messages of dreams and when I was out of town teaching a few weeks back, I had a dream featuring the Dali Lama (whom I have met) and then on another night about Prince, (whom I have seen in concert but never met) The symbols to me were positive, but I have sadly not managed to interpret the symbols to my satisfaction yet. So I guess for now they are my most fascinating people. If you had asked me before this event, I would have said Goswami Kriyananda, who was the preceptor of the Temple Of Kriya Yoga in Chicago.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Haha, I was talking to my sister who lives in England a few weeks ago, and she was telling me about how exited she was to go to sleep every day. (she has an exhausting job) I really understand that, because I have stopped taking naps in my life, and so cannot wait to get ‘horizontal’ at the end of each day. I need to take more naps because it helps me to remember my dreams, and that is an important spiritual discipline.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

“My Precious”, or my harmonium. I am not a musician or a singer and yet I love the vibratory resonance of the harmonium and chanting.  It allows me to delve deep into the essence of my being, and that is such a peaceful place for me. A definite ‘on the edge of samadhi’ experience.

My Current Passions?

My current passions are still taking Aqua Yoga out into the world and also sharing the Kriya Yoga teachings from a female Swami’s perspective.  Yoga has mostly been an oral tradition passed on through men and the tide is turning.