Jenna Reiss: Intuitive Healer, Writer & Breathwork Meditation Coach

My NativeAdVantage:


Jenna Reiss, Intuitive Healer, Writer and Breathwork Meditation Coach, teaches group, private and corporate clients how to detox the body and create a heightened sense of awareness inwards. Using a 2-part active breathing technique, intuitive guidance and Life Coaching tactics, Jenna works with individuals to break free from old patterns and improve the everyday perspective. After working in the corporate world for over a decade, Jenna was inspired to push against the day-to-day stressors and depletion that corporate America presents, and decided to create a business that empowers individuals to be their most authentic selves. Jenna believes in the personal power of oneself, and that every individual deserves to live life as their most authentic self. Breathwork Meditation and Coaching has changed her life, and she's watched it do the same for countless others, and that is why she believes it has the power to change the world.

What do I do best?

What I do better than anything else is connect with people. I’ve always been extremely empathetic, but it wasn’t until I learned how to create strong boundaries for myself in my 30’s that I was able to connect with people on a completely different level. It doesn’t matter if it’s acquaintances, loved ones, or complete strangers, it comes natural to me to find a connection with those around me. This skill, which I never really saw as a skill until later in life, has allowed me to excel in many different industries, but more importantly, it’s opened up my life to experiencing more love, and more of life than I ever knew was possible. My favorite part about this type of connecting is that it’s something I love to do. I love bringing complete strangers together, breaking down walls and helping us all see, feel that we’re really not all that different from one another.

I had a trauma happen in my family a few years ago, an experience that shook me to my very core. Despite the pain and heartbreak, in a way, it woke me up. Initially in the first year or so after the trauma, I thought I had lost my ability to connect with people. I felt consumed with a lot of darkness and unsure of how to open my heart to the level of connection I used to love. A big part of me was even afraid of meeting new people because I didn’t know how to connect with them anymore, I didn’t want them to get to know this new person I wasn’t even sure I knew. Three years later I can confidently say that although I certainly wouldn’t wish my experience to have happened, the way it cracked me wide open, the healing journey it sent me on, and am still on, are all reasons why I’ve been able to connect with so many more people in life than I ever had before it all happened. It’s the reason I’ve been able to open my practice, and begin working with people on this deeper level, and it’s most definitely the reason I can feel myself surrounded by and within so much love in every class, workshop, group, and private session.

Connection, connecting myself and creating connection is what I do better than anything else.

What makes me the best version of myself?

A quality that makes me the best version of myself, that has gotten me to where I am today, AND ironically, I’ve learned the most lessons from, is my ability to laugh my way through life. I find a lot of joy in everyday, mundane moments. I laugh at myself, probably too often if you asked my boyfriend, and I genuinely find myself to be hysterical, sometimes at least. I enjoy my own company, and I can often see the joy, the humor in a frustrating or not so fun experience. Even the obstacles I’ve hit both personally and professionally, I’ve been able to see the humor in the failure, the ridiculousness in the pain and the grudges.

My humor has also been something I’ve learned the most lessons from as well because I’ve hidden behind it for far too long before. Then when I become aware of that, I would laugh again, and allow myself to go deeper with the lesson, with the truth.

Don’t get me wrong there has absolutely been experiences in my life, traumas, heartbreak that I haven’t laughed through, but what’s been important to me is that I never lost sight of the joy that exists in life. Even when I didn’t feel it myself, even when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, even when I’ve been in the depths of my own despair and wasn’t sure how to get out, I knew deep down that I would laugh and experience joy again.

What are my aspirations?

My professional aspirations all come down to spreading the most important lesson from my own life, a lesson that has the power to heal us all, if we are willing: Your stories do not define you, they most certainly can shape you, but who you are is not defined by your experiences, only you can choose how you are defined and it begins by understanding and then standing fully in your authentic essence. My practice is built on this belief, and it is my aspiration to work with as many people as I can empowering each and every client, individual, group, corporation or brands, that I work with. I aspire to work with those who want to heal because that willingness to show up for yourself is all that is needed to change, to grow. Every person is deserving of love, of self-worth, every person is worthy of being loved and choosing to come from love themselves. On this same message, I’m writing a book about living life your most authentic self, and it’s my aspiration to get this book published and into the world as soon as possible to further push along the authentic living movement.

My personal aspirations are connected to my professional aspirations in that I aspire to always CHOOSE LOVE. No matter what happens in life, if I can first and foremost choose to come from love, choose loving actions, I know I’ll be giving myself the best possible life I could live. And a part of choosing love for me would be to choose love with my partner each and everyday, to grow a loving family of our own with 3 children, to forgive often, and to love deeper. And because the Universe is powerful like that, I’ll also claim my personal aspirations of owning a house someday soon, with a beautiful yard, water and trees all around me, a home office and a beautiful zen den, a dedicated space for my client work and holding circles.

My Biggest Success?

My greatest accomplishment to date would definitely be launching and successfully growing my practice over the last 2 years. It started as a side-hustle while I was at my corporate day job, where I was for over a decade, and it when it became evident that working with people, teaching Breathwork Meditation and Coaching, was my purpose in life, I began dedicating my time to the right places. As I prepared to take the leap away from the stability of the day job, I was paralyzed with fear. Finally, one day it just became scarier to stay where I was, complacent, than it was to move into doing my side hustle full time. Within this professional accomplishment, there was a major accomplishment that I needed to learn in order to take this leap, and that was learning thought and emotional management. I had to learn how to work with my own emotions, how to heal them, not let them control me, and how to work with my own thoughts and see them as something to be managed in order to begin the deep work that I do with my clients. These accomplishments have helped me grow, evolve into the person I am today.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Ironically enough, a few months prior to my trauma I started dating a man. He had only been in my life for 3 months when my world got turned upside down. Because of everything that was going on, I was struggling to understand what love really meant to me. As someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, almost always open, loving and trusting, I questioned love more than I ever had in life. I would get aggressively angry in that first year of us dating and me healing, unsure of how to let my frustration and pain be felt and released. I know I got mad at him more than once when he hadn’t done anything wrong. He responded one day with this - “ I know you’re not really mad at me, and that right now you’re so mad you just need to yell, so it’s okay, keep yelling at me if you need, but please know, there is nothing I can say to make you feel better so I’m just going to keep listening.” And the part that will never leave me - “And I’m not going anywhere”. From that moment on, unconscious to me at the time and in the most unruly of situations, I let him into my heart. It wasn’t difficult in a way because it was so unconscious, it was as though my heart new this was what was right for me. But over the years, my mind would question things and pull away by fear, and pain. One day, after an in depth tarot card reading with my best friend, I felt a block release, and I made the most difficult, yet easiest and most impactful decision: he was my person, the only person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. This decision opened my heart up even more, allowing my love of life to grow, our relationship to flourish, and professionally, the Universe started sending me more people to work with because I was able to help them heal their own unconscious, yet painful blocks in their life. So at the same time as my personal life grew, and I felt this internal and external decision of my love, my business began to flourish and I was able to connect with people in a completely new way.

My Motto?

Choose love.

To me this captures every sentiment, emotion, lesson and in a way, every solution there is in life. It encompasses the foundation of self-love, and worthiness, it brings to light one’s own willingness to make a choice, and take action for themselves and their own life, and it insinuates forgiveness all in those two words - CHOOSE LOVE. We all deserve to be loved, to come from love, to act lovingly, to love ourselves, to feel worthy of our own love, to give love freely and feel the connection to the loving energy of the Universe and to our Spirit. If we all could step out of our own way no matter the egoic thoughts or feelings that surface, and choose love a little more often with every action we take, I truly believe we would heal the world.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Oh wow,  I feel really lucky to say that this is a long list, here it goes...

My mother, Nancy Reiss.

The woman that holds space for me to be, feel exactly what I need to in each and every moment. The woman that gave me life. The woman that through her strength, her words, her guidance and her love, shows me first hand how to choose, to come from, a loving, present place with every action and every path life takes me down. My mother who has part of her heart in mine, and mine in hers, has given me more courage than she may ever know. Courage to work, to face my fears, courage to let go, to forgive, courage to love, and no matter how many times I’ve fallen, courage to stand back up again. Courage to be me, all because of her love, because of our love.

My blood-sisters, Rachael & Tracy Reiss

Two of my biggest teachers. Forever looking up to my big sister, and overly protecting, yet also always looking up, my little sister, we sure have our differences and yet they have been my life’s greatest mirror. Pushing me to see alternate perspectives, to open my mind to other ways of being, other ways of action, of healing, words don’t ever have to be spoken between us, all is always understood. You ask me the hard questions, you keep me true. It’s in the presence of my blood-sisters that I am most accepted and most loved, without judgement. I feel the closest feeling to my heart living out in the Universe with the existence and intrinsic connection between my blood-sisters.

My Life & Business Coach, Sarah Khambatta.

This woman has been holding me true to my essence for the last 2.5 years. Never quite knowing what or how she’s going to help me get out of my own head, she always seems to help the flowing tears make sense. She guides me to see between my own words, helping me gain clarity on major life decisions while also empowering me with self confidence when I’m not sure where it went. Together we turn my dreams into action, helping me manifest all my visions while always leaving room for more dreams to come true.

My high-school English teacher Mrs. Nickerson

The first female role-model in my life outside my family. You taught me to trust my words, to trust my heart. You showed me that creative writing could be used for healing, and you taught me that my writing mattered. You reminded me I would never be alone, that there was always someone out there with a story who can relate to my own, that no matter how much pain my heart may feel, that I would be able to get back up and keep living a beautiful life.

My teacher & mentor David Elliott

Your kindness, patience and willingness to continue showing up for so many healers, speakers, leaders, who stand before you confused, sometimes lost and often consumed by pain, is an inspiration. I feel honored to have studied with you, and to continue learning from your ever-growing wisdom. You helped me open up a part of my heart that I wasn’t sure I could ever do again. Thank you for helping me expand my capacity for love.

My old boss turned friend Adam Graves

Working with you was hardly work because of the levity and community you created when you were in a room. I feel honored to be your friend, to have learned from you, looked up to you, and been supported by you professionally, and personally. And when I needed support the most, without ever questioning what, why or how, you stepped in, showing me there was a light at the end of the tunnel. You’ve inspired me, loved me and allowed me to grow . And even when you’ve been mystified by my dreams, you’ve given me the courage to take a leap of faith, never once doubting me and my abilities and I will be forever grateful for your friendship.

All of my sister-friends.

You are my soul. You are my chosen family. You remind me that community tribe exists. Through thick and thin we will continue to choose one another as our chosen family because we know we want, we choose to do it together. You guide me when you’ve been down the road before me, you comfort me when we’re on different paths because we know we don’t have to experience the same experiences to know, to believe in, to love one another. You motivate me to be the best person I can possibly be.

Every single one of these people have changed the course of my life for the better. There is no one I would rather stand with, hold, hug and do this life with than with these beautiful beings.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Travel is without question one of my most favorite things to do. Similar to many other wanderlusts in this world, what I love about travel is its ability to completely humble you, take your breath away, rejuvenate you and exhaust you all at the same time. Everytime I travel I learn something new about myself, about how I interact with the world, about my lightness and my darkness. The lessons through travel are never ending and oftentimes feel like a year of life in fast forward. With that being said some of my favorite places have been Pai, a small town in Northern Thailand with a beautiful combination of culture, community and nature drives. Costa Rica for its rainforests, waterfalls, coconuts and loving, pura vida culture. Finally, anywhere in Italy where you feel taken away into a completely different world and eat the best food there is in the world.

Places in my everyday that I enjoy the most are  centered around nature. I live near the beach because the ocean is my sanctuary. I feel an incredible connection to water, find it to be exceptionally healing, always learning something, or feeling comforted when I’m near water. I have just as much love for the mountains, I’ve been going to my family cabin in Mammoth Mountain since I was a baby, and love sneaking away to the mountains for grounding, and always a bit of nostalgia. And I don’t always have to sneak away, I love hiking in the local mountains, being surrounded by trees, and all that Mother Earth creates.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I have no idea how to answer this question haha. I guess my answer would be anything that helps me create. I love writing, so my favorite objects would be my computer when I’m in need of a brain dump of thoughts or creative ideas, and my journal when I’m on the go or free flow writing in the morning. I love crafting of any kind, creating something with my hands, dream catchers, painting, so any objects that I can craft into something would be a favorite. My altar has a few of my favorite objects including turkey feathers, an abalone shell, paolo santo all used for cleansing and clearing while also bringing the elements into my home. The amethyst crystal holds a special place in my heart as this was the first crystal I owned and given to me by my mother when I was five years old, so she’s on my altar a few times over and definitely a favorite.

My Current Passions?

I am extremely passionate about helping people through healing. I had always been a self-help junkie myself, enjoying workshops that dove deep into learning about who I was, about different types of personalities, understanding why I act the way I do, or why others act the way they do. I’ve loved self-analysis as long as I can remember and when I found Breathwork Meditation & Life Coaching, it was the perfect time in my life and together, these techniquest transformed me. All of a sudden, my life purpose flashed before my eyes and I saw complete visions of what I was put on this planet to do. I’m grateful to say that today, the Universe has supported me in continuing on that path, and following through on my purpose, helping people heal their stories, so they’re able to let their own authenticity shine.

I’m also a writer, and although it took me many years to get comfortable claiming this title, it’s shone so brightly over the last few years connecting intrinsically with my life’s purpose of helping people heal. I’m passionate about writing as healing, and about writing my book. I have a goal that my book will help people connect with, find, or understand themselves better. This book feels like my child, I’ve been working on it for years, and I cannot wait to bring it into the world.

I’m also quite passionate about love, although I imagine from everything else I’ve said here, that is pretty obvious. I’m grateful to have so much love in my life, to have a loving family, a loving partner, and to one day have loving children of my own. I’m eternally grateful that through all the training, studies and healing work I’ve been through, that I can confidently say I know because I can feel it, that it all comes back to love. When we bring more love into this world, love for ourselves, and love for strangers, we have the power to heal the world.