Julia Monosova: Yoga teacher, macrobiotic counselor, wellness coach, & vegan chef

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Julia Monosova is a certified yoga teacher, macrobiotic counselor, wellness coach, and vegan chef. Julia's journey on her path as a yogi started in 2007 when she met her spiritual teacher in NYC. She took her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta organization and and returned the following year to complete the advanced training. She subsequently earned her certification with Qi-Yo Multi Yoga System in India in 2013.  She is also certified Yin Yoga and Kids Yoga instructor.

She taught yoga at Sivananda Yoga Vedanta centers in NYC and Los Angeles. She taught Hatha yoga for Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation in Ukraine. Julia spent a few months in India assisting a Yoga Teacher Training and learning Chi-Gong. She was also featured in YogaXpress TV episodes. Julia teaches kids yoga for Camp Harmony, a charity organization that works with impoverished children in Los Angeles. Also, she organizes an international charity Yoga Retreats in Thailand, to support a local Buddhist Monastery. She has taught in different parts of the world including Northern and Central America, Europe, Asia and Polynesia. She has been studying and practicing Macrobiotics since 2010. She regularly attends and cooks at  Macrobiotic Conferences, Vegan Cruise, etc. She has been cooking at various Yoga and Meditation Retreats as well as working as a private “healing foods” chef. Julia offers group classes and individual sessions, which allow her to bring an added focus on nutrition and spiritual study. She offers Macrobiotic consultations, as an essential supplement to healthy lifestyle. She also teaches vegan cooking workshops.

What do I do best?

Well, that’s a tricky question because everything I do in life I do to the best I can. I once read a  book called  “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.  It says” Always do your best. When what you’re doing is less than what you’re capable of doing —there’s a gap. And, in that gap is where depression and anxiety and disillusionment reside”. That line had a profound effect on me. Since then either I do something the best way I can or I just don’t do it. But if you are asking what I am good at, I’m not really used to speaking about myself that way. Being raised in Ukraine we just didn’t speak about ourselves, or our skills openly, or praise ourselves - it was a more humble way of being,  which still resonates with me and my yogic teaching.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I believe dedicating my life to selfless service (helping others without expecting anything in return) makes me the best version of myself.

What are some of my aspirations?

Well, I have so many visions, dreams and aspirations. All of them are focused on helping others to be happy and healthy and be the best expression of themselves. One of my biggest dreams is to open my own yoga center somewhere in the tropics that will basically be just a huge house with an outdoor yoga platform and a small café where we will offer delicious macrobiotic inspired meals. I would run it with my dream team (that I am still looking for) and we will be sharing our passion, knowledge and love for healthy living. It will be a haven for those looking for wellness and healing.

I also would like to organize yoga retreats for singles and for older people. Getting even more involved in helping kids from underserved communities is another goal.

However, usually I don’t have to visualize anything to make it happen, everything happens on its own at the right time. My first spiritual teacher came to me when I was ready and everything in my life since then has followed on its own time :)

My biggest success?

Well that’s hard to say. Maybe my biggest achievement was unintentionally helping my friend to heal from a long-time ailment that doctors couldn’t do anything about? I suggested we try experimenting with a new macrobiotic diet I had just learned about, and after 3 months on my dietary program, his doctor couldn’t believe his progress. He had been seeing the doctor for 6 years trying to get “cured”. This really inspired me to pursue a career in macrobiotics and help others heal.

But if I think about it I’d have to say my biggest success was enabling my passion to become my life’s work. I don’t even like to call it my work, it is just living my life and sharing my passion and I earn my upkeep from doing what I love to do for others. The Universe is so abundant and so generous that the more selfless our intentions are, the more it showers us with gifts that we couldn’t have even dreamt of.

My most challenging moment?

It was when I moved to the US 13 years ago. Coming to the US from such a traditional country as Ukraine was a huge cultural shock. It was so hard to adapt to the completely different way of thinking and lifestyle, that I ended up in an existential crisis. My mind got completely confused and I just wanted to die because I didn’t know any longer what's wrong and what’s right. By God’s Grace I met a spiritual teacher at that time and all my questions were answered. That challenging time in my life led me to this magical path of Yoga:)

My motto? My philosophy of life?“

Follow your bliss and doors will open even where there were only walls”. This phrase alone brought me to places that I couldn ’t have even imagined reaching.

My favorite people and role models?

I never really had role models to speak of. I am all about being unique and be the best version of myself. But some spiritual teachers such as Osho with his unconventional thinking and Swami Vishnudevananda with his idea of world without borders inspired me a lot. Also, Prem Baba is a huge inspiration for me among living spiritual masters.

My favorite places/destinations?  

Finally an easy question:) Bali is heaven on Earth for me. This little island is pure magic and it has everything I love. Staying there for a month was like being in a movie where you wake up and you can’t believe it is your life. I hope to move there one day or at least to go there to live for some considerable length of time. My other favorite place is San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. And of course, my heart is always in my home in Ukraine.

My favorite objects/products ?

Well, I love to cook (especially in foreign countries with exotic foods). So, I love my knife. I don’t know its brand name. It is in Japanese and it is an old knife. It was a present. But I even travel with it:) I can’t use any other knives. Otherwise, I am trying to be independent and not attached to things/objects.

My current passions?

Well, I am absolutely crazy about teaching yoga (especially yin yoga), as well as about cooking and sharing my knowledge about it. I also love to dance, my favorite dance being Kizomba. I really enjoy learning foreign languages. I just love to learn new things, I am always curious and love to learn about the world around me.

Charity and volunteer work hold a special place for me, really makes me so happy. Actually right now, I am organizing my second Charity Yoga Retreat in Thailand that will take place later this year.