Eka Kipiani: Creative Director, JTW Metro

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Eka Kipiani is a 31-year-old  creative director from Tbilisi Georgia. She has been part of advertising agency JWT Metro for last 8 years. During her 11-year career in advertising, she has performed as a copywriter, an account planner and an account manager. She previously worked for Creative Boutique, Sarke Advertising and McCann Georgia. Eka operates one of the smallest teams in Georgian advertising industry, while holding one of the largest range of accounts. The agency is mostly prominent for having one of the best rates of winning pitches and creating massive advertising projects. She along with her team have created country’s some of the iconic advertising campaigns, including ads for Georgia’s Tourism, Independence Day. Under her creative direction Nationwide Secret Santa was born - the interactive platform where the whole country of Georgia plays the Secret Santa gift-sharing game every winter.  She works with Tourism Department of Georgia, Bank of Georgia, Aldagi Insurance, M2 Real Estate, Ministry Of Labor Health And Social Affairs, Tbilisi City Council and many more. Eka also enjoys being an invited lecturer at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, where she teaches Advertising Strategy.

What do I do best?

I work in a small-team advertising agency as a creative director. That means that I may have to take on vast amount of tasks – most of them outside my direct job responsibilities.

So what I do best  (if I’m not mistaken) - is enjoying doing things well, weather small or big. I guess without taking pleasure in what we do, it is impossible to be happy at work and to accomplish something meaningful (which I believe is the main motivation to work)

What makes me the best version of myself?

We are never a finished product, as evolution and development is a endless process and it is always up to us how far we go.  So I really try to make myself to incrementally improve all the time, so that I can wake up to a bit better version of myself  - each morning.

What are my aspirations?

I really want to make advertising less annoying and more meaningful to people, as I believe brand with the people who work in the industry can really solve some important problems and bring good to life.

On a personal level I wish to travel explore as many cultures as possible with my family.

My Biggest Success?

Without any doubt my biggest success is the team I work with. Seeing them passionate about their work, nurturing fair, caring and open culture and growing as industry professionals that are desirable transfers for other companies – is the source of my greatest pride.

My Most Challenging Moment?

I think the most challenging moment, was to take on the job of creative director at the age of 23, without sufficient experience and expertise. It took a while to overcome the fear, learn from mistakes and listen to people around. It was tough, it was stressful and yet it was the best thing that happened to my career life.

My Motto?

Future is scary but that’s the only place we are going to live. So understanding and celebrating future and the changes it brings is maybe the best investment of our time and mind.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My favorite people are those that are bold enough to go on trying no matter what. They are never intimidated by failures and social norms. I am honored to know this great personalities and watch as they make great impact in Georgia.  

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

India, particularly Goa – for its colorful culture, spirituality and attitude towards positive thinking. Their ability to be happy and joyous no matter what makes me delighted every time, as well as their respect for others’ lives. This is the place that brings back childish carefreeness and makes body, mind and soul get a much needed brake.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I still find that good comfortable paper notebook along with a nice pen - is a best company while thinking.  

My Current Passions?

Well, there are so many things to take pleasure in and they could be the smallest, incremental ones. So I guess my current passion is enjoying many small things in life: finding a new place to eat, taking a nice walk in the old part of Tbilisi, having a nice cup of coffee outside in a good weather, watching a good movie, reading Harry Potter (yea seriously), swimming, meditating sometimes, having a great evening talk/discussion with people I like, a good afternoon nap, finding an interesting article, re-watching Rick and Morty and so on endlessly.