Maryam Pirband: Award Winning Filmmaker

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Maryam Pirband graduated in Movie Directing and Business.She began her career as an actress and played in 22 movies, T.V series and theatre. After some years of assisting famous directors she started her directing career. She Directed, Wrote and produced 18 Short films, Documentaries and T.V series. Her films selected and screened around the world in festivals, nominated and awarded. Such as Cannes Film Festival,International Seattle Deaf Film Festival,Baku International Festival,Marina Del Ray Film Festival,South Georgia Film Festival,Lady Filmmakers Film Festival,LasVegas screen writing Festival,PIPPA Film Festival Brazil,Black Star Film Festival South Africa,FARHANG Foundation Film Festival,Mother Film Festival,Job Film Festival,Khorshid Independent Film Festival,Dhaka International Film Festival,ehran International Film Festival,American & Iranian Film festival,No To Violence International Film Festival,Haghighat Film Festival,Budapest International Short Film Festival,Italy Independent film festival and many others. As a screenwriter she wrote many scripts for features and T.V series also has two published books containing scripts.

Maryam participated in many film festivals Jury team around the world such as :Main Jury member Parvaz International Film Festival, 2017,IRAN,Main Jury Member International AOF Film Festival USA 2017,Main Jury Member International AOF Film Festival USA 2016,Main Jury Member International Salman International Film Festival,Selection Committee member of Erbil International Film Festival,Main Jury member ,Nihal Short Film Festival,Head of the Jury Panel Team of The Women Short Film Festival,Main Jury member ,Solaymanieh Chira DocumentaryFilm Festival,Main Jury member , Salamat  International Film Festival.

What do I do best?

What do I do best is to tell stories. I love books and I have read a lot of books I used to tell stories of those books to my dad , may be this affected me.  I spent many years on another job , I finished my B.A in economics and I had a very good job but I was not satisfied , then I decided to switch to movie industry ,first as an actress ,little by little when I was in front of the camera I realized I have the vision to be behind the camera and I find myself writing stories and received many good feedbacks . I started and worked really hard , now years passed from that moment which was really hard to start .

I am brave enough to create characters and put them in the situations and support them . I was never afraid of making my ideas live.

I believe every one paints her/his self portrait and shows it to the people how they describe you , comes from the image you have made of yourself . For me I am a story teller and a filmmaker , Beside that I am a very optimist person with a huge energy ,I love people and communicating with them this is the way I create my characters,yes! in the middle of people's life . That is why I travel a lot and stay around the world and try not to go to hotels. I go to peoples story with my story and It works perfect.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Hard working and feeling happy and doing jobs in a different way .I didn't have enough time to experience everything by my-self .I entered to the projects that the directors were very successful and famous . I choose to be their assistant and most of them welcomed me to be in their close friends group so I had the chance to see their methods and discuss the hard path they have gone through . It helped me to be aware of professional mistakes and power points .

I was born in a country that working as a female director was really hard , so I put on the Iron shoes and started to run . I knew in that society I need to do something really different . I had a sports background ,won a lot of medals and in those days there was a young stunt man Peyman Abadi who came to us from Germany , I started to do stunt and designing action scenes with him which made me a bit famous those days, as I was the only stunt girl , I wrote an action script “P6” but unfortunately he passed away in a movie scene . Everyone told me you can not make this film without him but  I made the film .”P6” introduced me as a different female filmmaker and after that things went a little easier for me ,especially in finding investors and producers .

What are my aspirations?

To be the best of what can I be.To have an impact in the universe and people's vision .To make people's stories and show them , that is why they feel familiar with my films because I borrowed those simple stories from their own life . I feel alive when making movies and writing scripts . I am affected by many painful , brilliant or happy moments in many people's life especially women , I traveled to the poor societies and lived with them. I suffered a lot watching their pains , the only thing I can do is to tell their stories on the screen ,in a way that they can understand what is wrong with that specific problem and how they can change their point of view. I wrote and directed 16 documentaries as a T.V series about divorce .One of the most important issues in that society because statistic shows the number of divorces is more than marriages . I received feedback and the result was perfect as the couples could see what they are going to ruin during the divorce procedures.

My Biggest Success?

The biggest success for me is that I worked hard to make my dreams come true as I came from a traditional society in which becoming a movie maker for a girl is a taboo.

I have still a long way to go and I feel alive when I am in this way .I love the characters that I created in my stories as I live with them with a lot of joy.

My Most Challenging Moment?

My most challenging moment was the day I received the green card as an extra ordinary artist.I used to travel and stay in new places but this time it was different .I had to decide to leave my family and hometown and make my life alone in a very far place . I was in the middle of my next film's preproduction in Iran .I established myself in Iranian film industry and didn't want to stop . I moved to LA to continue my filmmaking  and home for me is where I can make movies freely. The difference between that smaller society is that I was famous and establishing in hollywood is a big challenge . I am lucky that could start my job very soon here.

My Motto?

'what ever comes to our mind can become reality .love yourself and the universe so you can create beauty.'

My Favorite People/Role Models?

There are so many. Tim Burton affected me with strange characters in his movies, Abbas Kiarostami who I learn how to tell a story very simple and deep from him ,Woody Allen , Audrey Hepburn … .

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I love exploring and going to new places from small villages to big cities , I want to stay in different societies and live with different people .

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Gadgets for photography , New softwares for editing, the home media cloud that useful cube!        

I love books (not digital version) and pens. I am not that eager to buy beauty products but like new methods using laser .

My Current Passions?

I am working on my new feature movie script that happens in Los Angeles based on a tale. I finished my third book and planning to publish it with a different publisher .The most important issue these days  I am thinking about getting marry .This is the first time in my whole life I am serious about this decision and my days now affected by this decision .