Jessica Huie: Author & Entrepreneur

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Jessica Huie is an author and entrepreneur who went from being a teenage mother, expelled from school and living in a hostel, to a nationally recognized publicist, advocate for diversity and truth teller. Jessica founded her first business Color blind Cards in 2007, which started a national conversation around diversity in retail. Credited as the first independent multicultural greeting card line to be stocked in the UK, it earned Jessica invitations to No.10 Downing Street with the UK Prime Minister and an MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) award for her services to entrepreneurship – all by the age of 34.

In 2008 Jessica founded her award winning boutique PR agency JHPR ( representing inspiring entrepreneurs and personalities. She has worked with world-renowned clients such as Samuel L. Jackson, Simon Cowell, Sir Bob Geldof and Meghan Markle. On the outside Jessica’s life was a fairy-tale of triumph, but she spent years struggling with an internal view of herself driven by perfectionism, which left her plagued by depression. In 2016 a miracle shifted her lifelong belief system into an unequivocal knowing that our body and identity is merely casing to the truth of who we are - and her life and outlook changed forever. Jessica shares this life-changing knowledge in her new book, Purpose: Find Your Truth and Embrace Your Calling (Hay House, April 24, 2018). Having redesigned her life through entrepreneurship, Jessica is now passionate about supporting start-ups such as and is a champion of social mobility and inclusion, sitting on the boards of several national charities.

As ambassador for The British Library, Jessica host’s monthly PR workshops at the historic venue, training small business owners how to embrace visibility and promote their purpose driven business. In 2016, Jessica launched the acclaimed annual Passion into Pounds event alongside Lifestyle and parenting blogger Vicki Psarias aka the ‘Honest Mum.’ Winner of the Daily Mail’s Enterprising Young Brit award and labeled one of Britain’s Most inspiring entrepreneurs by the Evening Standard, Jessica enjoys an international public speaking career and sits on Glamour Magazine’s Power List as one of the UK’s most influential women.

What do I do best?

I intuitively see a bigger version of people. Their under utilized gifts and how they might leverage them to create a bigger, more fulfilling and meaningful life. It comes in handy in my line of work :)

What makes me the best version of myself?

I am indomitable, so when I am knocked I bounce back higher quickly, and have a strong desire for integrity which has helped to create some wonderful relationships in my professional life. We are the sum of how we treat people and while I’ve made mistakes like anybody, I pride myself on trying to do the right and honest thing.

What are my aspirations?

Personally, I want to raise children with a sense of their own limitless who are loving and honest. Professionally to keep writing books and support and empower people to supersede their challenges and create working lives which are the truest expression of who they are. When we operate from our truth we can’t help but enhance the lives of our customers and clients.

My Biggest Success?

Finding a sense of peace in my life. It has required much stripping back of layers, the courage to lay down my baggage and a commitment to developing my relationship with the ultimate power which guides our lives if we allow it to.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Caring for my dad when he had terminal cancer. It was life changing in many ways and my book PURPOSE was born out of that period in my life. It tested the fiber of the woman that I am. Everything that had mattered so much such as achieving, accomplishing, deadlines, ceased to matter. Doing stopped and I was present and in the moment. It was unquestionably the most challenging and revealing period of my life.

My Motto?

Stripped back is where we meet ourselves. When we cease to identify ourselves by what we do and what we have, life becomes a limtless adventure.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Everyone that has taught us something about the human spirit and our latent potential. Maya Angelou, Wayne Dyer, my dad Ernest Huie.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Jamaica. From the moment I step off the plane its scent, landscape and energy greet my soul and I’m home. I love to travel. Anguilla is a paradise, Kerala in India blew my mind with its beautiful culture and principles for living and Rome in Italy for its architecture and pasta.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My yoga mat. My vintage locket which was my great grandmothers and my ‘best mum’ teddy from my son. And my extensive book collection!

My Current Passions?

Writing! Having refound this lost love I won’t ever stop writing now. It’s (excuse the pun) literally my third or fourth life chapter, and never have I been happier than when my pen dances across the page. I’ve found my flow and I’m reveling in it.