Lucid Dawn: mother, wife, teacher, community organizer, ritual leader & artist

My NativeAdVantage:


Lucid Dawn has been on the Yogic path since 1994, five years into recovery from an abject early life of illness and abuse.  On this journey she has learned many healing modalities.  She does not subscribe to one 'style', but honors and integrates many.  She specializes in yoga for healing and creativity.  She is thriving as a mother, wife, teacher, community organizer, ritual leader & artist.  She is also the founder of the performance artist-activist/ yoga band, "Nona Fender & the Benders"

Lucid is fervent in her desire to help others thrive.  She weaves the teachings of Yoga; movement, breath, meditation, & Non-Dual Tantrik philosophy w/ ritual & practice that acknowledge;  season, celestial movements, and phases of life.  She includes the use of sound healing & expressive arts.  Her studies in theatre, music & voice, neuroscience, cellular biology, nutrition, essential oils, Non-Violent Communication, earth magick, energy medicine, & Lifeline Healing Technique also inform her teaching. She is dedicated to embracing all beings & all aspects of being for a full celebration of life, including courageously facing death

What do I do best?

What i do best is to weave all aspects of self, being, yoga, & other healing modalities into an integrated whole.  It has been my practice for myself to heal and learn and is what i see as a need and natural occurrence in our world of information right now.  I am a world bridger.  I am here to heal divides, to offer up an even more juicy and integrated path for creative, sensitive, healing beings to celebrate life and unfold their greatest offering to the world.  I tend to see the big picture and have an impulse towards things before they are in the mainstream.. I believe it is a time of synthesis, with so much available to us right now - a time of bringing together wisdoms and peoples for the highest good for the whole.  I think that is one of my natural gifts - to bring people together in celebration of life & weaving many modalities to do so. 

What makes me the best version of myself?

Trusting the flow of the divine thru me makes me the best version of myself.. Listening to the noisy, wordy voice of ego is sabotage.. I practice listening to the voice beyond words.  When i trust the honest impulse of universal energy that causes me to speak, not speak, touch, reach out, it strengthens that hearing, intuition,  instinct, inspiration…  Taking pause is crucial to being and expressing my truth.  So, i meditate, i listen, i write, i reflect.. These things keep me at my best.

What are my aspirations?

My personal aspirations are to continue to slow down and become gentler, calmer, and more compassionate while remembering where i came from.  I also intend to continue to see where others are on their own path with clarity, compassion and patience.  I intend to live without judgement but with passionate and available inspiration and guidance.

My business aspirations are to grow a worldwide movement that holds people in circles of love and trust to open and connect and clear lines of resistance in bodymind - to find personal and societal wholeness.  I wish to teach people by way of experience how to hold circles for seeing and healing all aspects of ourselves - whole, self accepting people will be the ones to create a whole, undivided world.   My vision is that these ancient and new ways of circling and processing will become once again models for our renewal on the earth - where people know their purpose and honor the role that each being is here to play - with respect and connected support.  May we meet and may i have the power to teach being in circles of relationship, creation, respect, wisdom sharing, and sustainable world bridging. 

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success in life so far is raising a child that is strong, confident, independent, talented, compassionate, driven, magickal, healthy in mind body spirit and sexuality.  She is friendly and supportive and stands up for the ‘underdog’.   She is motivated by social justice and inspired by the beauty and wonder of the world to break boundaries, stretch limiting ideas and create art that raises up the level of consciousness and inspires all to be their own best (or weirdest on purpose) person.  I am grateful to have had the tools and courage (presence of heart) to push thru challenges in relationship with her father (my husband) and to have largely not handed down the sicknesses that have leaked down for generations in my lineages.  She has made it thru childhood unscathed and enters the grown up world now as a powerful beacon of YES!  I dedicated myself to her thriving and i see the rewards in that.. Now, i want to do that for everyone..;)  <3

My Most Challenging Moment?

Well, i guess i would have to pick up on my last answer to reveal my most difficult personal decision.. It had incredible impact on my life to keep the child that came to me when i was only 2 months into a relationship, and just after losing everything in a fire. In no way was i traditionally “ready” to have a child. We were new together, we lived in an artist warehouse that was under re-construction to build a dream space to service community - but was highly toxic so we stayed outside in a motorhome.  We were crazy about each other but he planned to be a touring musician and i had just left a successful, but soul degrading life of commercial modelling and acting in Hollywood for a free floating hippie artist Bay area life…  Then the fire - i really had NOTHING - except this new love and trust of the universe…  We were scared. 

I made the decision on my own, despite outer resistances, to keep that baby no matter what. I just knew with a knowing beyond words that this is what was happening, altho most people and situations in my life clearly indicated that it was a “crazy” thing to do.  I am so grateful to have had the capacity to listen to this knowing and trust myself and the universe to follow through.

My Motto?

Breathe Deeply, Live Fully.  Throughout the course of my yoga practice and training (& LIFE!) it has struck me again and again - “the breath!, wow!  the breath!”  It’s so basic, i know  - but so mind blowing, so life transforming to be aware of the breath and what is happening when we are breathing fully or not.  I have noticed patterns in myself and my family and students around holding the breath, holding emotions, holding tension, fear, old trauma, etc.. in the body - which i now see clearly as not living fully.  This is holding back.   When we breathe deep and full, emotions come- words, thoughts, our truth comes out.. and this can be scary.  It can also be the greatest gift to be in touch with the breath and notice when we are holding the body tight and not breathing fully - then we have the choice to breathe, relax, speak our truth, connect to others, connect to the actual moment at hand and therefore  - WOW! - the fullness of life that can arise from living courageously in this way.   The breath moves emotions and changes reality/ physiology.  Breathing deeply and consciously, using the breath to shift my energy has enabled me to do lots of things, to make lots of connections that i might otherwise have been holding back on.

My Favorite People/Role Models?  

My favorite people / role models are; (in no particular order) - Caroline Casey, Starhawk, Suzanne Sterling, Marshall Rosenberg, Nina Simone, PJ Harvey, ...there are also many fine female yoga teachers who weave music, activism, magick & myth into their work that i am grateful for and inspired by.  I want to touch people’s hearts, i want to inspire, i want to teach and lead with excellent communication and fierce love as i think all of these beings above do.  

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

My favorite travel destinations have been;

Maui!  - i feel it as the womb of mother earth, i love and miss her like a long lost lover when i am away too long.  The verdant land, the Aloha - the true Hawaiian spirit of connection to all of nature is present there for me.  The animism that enlivens everything and awakens, deepens ones connection to nature is so alive for me there.  I love Maui and want the Hawaiian culture to continue to re-establish itself, to grow and thrive and remind all beings of what aloha and living in harmony with nature really means… and oh swimming naked in a warm ocean at sunset (especially while hearing the whales sing underwater!)! - YES!  heaven on earth.

Brazil has been my other favorite place to visit - i LOVE the language, the music, the warm bouncy sensual nature of the people, the colorful aesthetics and celebrations.

I also love redwoods and faery lands, the way that big trees can just lift energy UP and host sooo much LIFE!  I love hiking,climbing and being in nature.  Tree hugging is actual healing and energizing!

I hope to go to Ireland and Africa and India in the near future!

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My favorite objects tend to be things that ring sing vibrate sound - i love musical instruments, singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, harps, resonant string instruments, bass drums, …

I love crystals and sparkly things of all sorts, the former for their earthy healing powers and also the latter as i seem to be attracted to anything that sparkles and shines  - i love the play of light and color in the world in general - i am an artist who appreciates art and beauty.  

I also seem to be really into gold shoes.  i have a *bit* of a collection of them.

My Current Passions?

My current passions are awakening to what is next for me!  I have been realizing my new freedoms and letting go of old identifications as i sent my daughter off to college this year and woke up to how much my life and identity had been structured around being a mom and no longer needs to be!

I have also been feeling really motivated to be a world bridger between Neo-tantra (modern California/ Western, sex based “tantra”) & Non- Dual Tantra which is the tradition that i am steeped in.  I actually got introduced to tantra thru the sexuality healing practices but later discovered  what an epic lineage of Tantra there is and how deep and wide the philosophy & practices are - and actually how little most modern/ neo-tantra has to do with its roots, and even more so, how little most neo-tantra teachers know about the history, roots, practices and philosophy of actual Tantra.  I honor that our world is largely sick in its approach to sexuality and it is time for healing and awakening of our sacred sexuality.   I honor that these people intend to be doing good work in the world and largely are.  I also see clearly that there is a hyper focus on sexuality which is so easy to sell and can be quite dangerous to those who do not have a foundation of self care,  self knowing, mental wellness, physical practice, meditation, connection to the divine, basic communication skills, integrity, etc…   These things and more, that non-sexual yoga and other healing practices have to offer help one to build a strong energy body and foundation that can handle the intense energies and relationships that come when one opens their sexual self up so much.

My main focus & thrust is self healing & living fully.  The work that i bring to others is all about connection - to all layers of ourselves, to the earth, to one another, to spirit - it is about not leaving any part of ourselves or our experience unseen, undigested, unloved - but embracing the fullness, the wholeness of all that we are and our experience here as embodied beings.  I think it is important when focusing on one branch of any discipline or practice to know well the tree that holds that branch up.