Steven Todd Smith: Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner

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Steven Todd Smith is a Reiki Master Teacher & practitioner, based out of Los Angeles, with his energy healing practice, Reiki For Creative Minds. Immersing himself in a Reiki-guided lifestyle back in 2012, he has had the privilege of working with hundreds of individuals, people and animals, both in-person and remotely. As the son of two parents who spent 30+ years teaching, the introduction of teaching Reiki attunement/certification classes in 2013 was a welcome addition to his practice. His mission is to help others reconnect with a more balanced and aligned state of body, mind, and spirit; to release unnecessary stress and fill up every day with greater direction, creativity, gratitude, and lightness. For more, please visit

Reiki is a Japanese method of natural healing, often used for stress reduction and promoting relaxation in one's body and mind. Translating to "Universal Life Force Energy," Reiki is channeled by practitioner to recipient by the laying of hands upon or around the body.

What do I do best?

Hold the space with active listening and connection. I feel so blessed to provide such a great sense of comfort, safety, security, and caring for my clients - both those whom I’ve known and seen for weeks, months, etc., but even more so for those who walk into my home office space for the first time and feel totally comfortable opening up about some of the most sensitive parts of their lives. It takes a lot to be vulnerable, especially with someone for the first time. I actively care, I actively listen, I actively wish to be of service. Knowing that these qualities come across with love right from the start brings great joy to my heart.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Kindness, trustworthiness, and humor. Kindness, first and foremost. My parents raised me to be kind, to care, and it’s gone a long way - leading me through intention for my life. Kindness in my intentions, in my words, in my practice. I act true to my word and not only create a trusting space but also put myself out there to help and support, following through to the truth of my word. And humor. Evoking smiles, laughter, lightness - such an important part of life. I’ve always enjoyed making jokes, uplifting a person or space with joy, and I keep a pulse on genuine ways to do so in my interactions.

What are my aspirations?

My main personal aspiration to continue to travel the world in the fullest way possible. My curiosity for seeing new parts of this immense planet on which we live, immersing myself in local foreign cultures, allowing myself to be in awe of nature’s wonders and the greatest structures built, try new food, and walk the streets of cities and towns unknown is one of my guiding lights right now. I’d love to visit all 7 continents (yep, even Antarctica). Along with that, to learn a new language or two (to be at least semi-fluent - right now, French and Italian have captured me), play in the World Series of Poker Main Event, and open a vegan sports bar.

Professionally, I would love to see Reiki for Creative Minds flourish to a practice that thrives immensely not only from one-on-one sessions and certification classes but also through hosting regular Reiki retreats around the world. My journey started with a retreat, so I’d love to be able to introduce people into their own immersive Reiki journeys at beautiful, energetically heightened locations all over the planet.

My Biggest Success?

My number one biggest success is in my relationship with my fiancee, Jonelle (soon to be wife, May 2018!). I’m the luckiest guy, and to have her to share this whole life journey with is my #1 accomplishment.

Starting Reiki for Creative Minds is also a big life success for me. To dive fully and completely into the entrepreneurial world, to follow a deep yet unknown connection with Reiki through to start a business practicing it, to have helped so many people on their journeys - physically, emotionally, creatively, in/with relationships, careers, self-confidence, and beyond - is a success with which I can feel complete right now … knowing there’s still so much more to build and achieve!

I also have to shine a spotlight on the decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle. In addition to the above, it’s one of the few things in life of which I can say “This is for life.” without any doubt. Beyond my own personal health and fulfillment, to live through a single decision that saves the lives of animals, promotes compassion and consciousness, supports sustainability, etc. is paramount in its essence. It comes from a place of care and consideration and selflessness, and it also has benefited and will continue to benefit my life.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Ending my previous long-term relationship, rather unexpectedly (and still after what felt like an infinite amount of thought and talking and emotional turmoil). Being able to trust the feeling of the end of a relationship that was not thriving, even after many years of love and connection, and seeing a pathway forward for reinspired passion and life ahead was daunting. It took a lot of self-reflection and dedicated time to get clear on what I wanted to create and how I wanted to grow, along with moving through pain without allowing great suffering. To move mutually through this separation process with love, with care, with respect and consideration, and come out on the other side as a stronger person who could (and did) find engaging, connected, empowering love with my wife-to-be was one of the clearest “Major Life Challenge with a Life Enhancing Reward on the other side” experiences for me.

My Motto?

“Live With Passion!” is a huge one for me, infused from a great inspiration/role model in my journey, Tony Robbins. Such an important reminder, as passion is the spark that keeps our “joy for life” and “drive to grow” flame lit.

“Make it lovely.” was a simple yet potent suggestion from George Kosmitis, a yoga teacher whose class I’ve frequented. In all aspects of life, the easy, the fun, the challenging, the painful … find a way, or allow a way, to make it lovely.

Also, The Five Reiki Precepts:

Just for today, do not anger

Just for today, do not worry

Honor your parents, teachers, and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to all living beings

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Tony Robbins was quite influential in my personal and professional journey. His teachings towards addressing the ultimate Why(s) in one’s life, getting clear and determined in an integrated physical/mental/emotional way, and taking massive action with creating realities from goals have been so powerful for me, revolutionizing my life in many ways. I love his joy, I love his strength, and I love the connection he makes and grows with others.

My parents did a really good job raising me, I have to thank them, I want to thank them, and I do look up to them - in teaching me to be a good and kind person, to use my smarts and common sense.

Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres are incredible public figures, role models, global influencers and inspirational powerhouses. The platforms they have created to bring joy, inspiration, giving, charity, knowledge and awareness, empowerment into people’s lives all around the world are gifts to society. I hope to have a ripple effect that’s even a fraction of a fraction of what they have accomplished and still continue to accomplish.

Gary Vaynerchuk speaks the truth, speaks it loud and straightforward, and I love his no BS, Carpe Diem, leave the excuses behind approach to life. Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle in their writings, speaking, and teachings have also inspired me greatly.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Oh, this question is my favorite.

Cape Town, South Africa; Ubud, Bali; New Orleans, Louisiana; I’d say Italy as a whole (specifically Rome, Florence, and Lucca); Berlin, Germany; Grand Canyon, Arizona; Maui, Hawaii; Antigua. I’m also a fan of NYC and Los Angeles, have split my timing living between them the past 15 years.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My Lapis Lazuli Master Reiki Crystal and my Reiki table, my Unwind aromatherapy spray, my Boston Red Sox shot glass, my Carson Wentz Jersey / signed Zach Ertz mini-helmet and my lucky Eagles and Red Sox hats, my perfectly sized super durable and light carry-on luggage, my owl mugs, my 52” TV on its turntable, my Casper mattress, my maroon hoodie, and massage roller balls. For food: Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burgers, Miyoko’s Kitchen’s Mozzarella and Parmela Creamery’s Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Ramen Hood’s Spicy Broth, Magpie’s Soft Serve (all vegan!).

My Current Passions?

Traveling the world, fantasy football, playing volleyball, sports as a whole (as a player or spectator/fan), board games/game nights, poker, organizing group gatherings, films and improv, cooking, pot luck parties, finding the best vegan restaurants around town, weekend morning chicory coffee and beignets, long immersive meditation, massages and float tanks, snuggling up and watching This Is Us and movies with my partner, hosting Reiki Sound Baths, belly rubs with my cat Guster.